Saturday, February 21, 2009

Balaji Ganesh - Videos

Building complete compensation system for a client - one of the exciting ongoing HR projects

Enabling HR managers to move away from administrative tasks towards strategic work

Global presence

Payroll needs in India are complex, but other HR practices are no different from global needs

Downzing strategies of companies are varied, and when recovery happens there will be a mad rush for talent

Instead of laying off people, there can be restructuring of compensation

Are there measures that Government can take to help companies retain manpower

Is training, re-training, or extending training a solution

Does the IT industry have the vulnerability to mis-report headcount

What HR-related information and metrics can flow to investors apart from the present disclosures

Can effectiveness of training be measured

HR is usually the last in ERP implementation

It is a flawed approach to treat people as commodities, even if skills are commoditised

Today customers go beyond T-and-M model and demand outcome-based pricing

Shortage used to be at the middle and higher levels

Are HR talents portable across industries

On the interoperability of managers

Managers should be able to zoom in and zoom out, and they should remember that indecision is wrong

How does a manager communicate his vision to his people -- the battle-tank analogy

Communication issues arise only due to lack of trust

Way towards participatory management

Contribution vs achievement

Keeping a young workforce around is a good reorientation for managers

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