Thursday, January 22, 2009

A.N. Raman - Videos

Ethics content in the profession should of paramount importance

The UK model of regulating the quality of accounting profession

Best practices in the oversight models from around the world

Asian system of professional governance is proving to be inadequate

Like corporate Boards, the Institute council should concentrate on strategy rather than keep busy with administrative problems

New framework called Enterprise Governance in the place of corporate governance which has become a checklist exercise

By and large, Audit Committees are not functioning independently enough to be effective

Cost management, as a process, should be adopted all the time, not merely during slowdown

When applying cost management principles, social considerations become relevant even in developed countries

When applying cost management principles, social considerations become relevant even in developed countries

Proper determination of segmental costs and revenues should be mandated for reporting

Inventory valuation should be brought under Cost Accounting Standards to avert Satyam-type frauds

Principles-based costing standards can be evolved for service sector

Cost audit findings can be reported to Audit Committees and thus act as a check on financial audit

Can shareholders gain further assurance from cost audit report excerpts which may be included in annual report

Regulators have all along under-utilised the cost and management accounting profession

Role of cost and management accountants for value creation and fraud detection

Materials, design, processes can be the areas that offer cost reduction opportunities in manufacturing sector

Building extra design specifications can be a deliberate business strategy

Case studies are documented and shared in the area of quality, but not so much in cost

Cost management in Government

Board of Canada has issued costing standards for Government

US has costing standards for suppliers to the Government

Investor should assess the competence of enterprises, and the returns, segment-wise

On the ICWAI syllabus

Promoting the application of cost accounting principles in SMEs through the Technicians course

CAT course getting attention in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities, through our campaign in schools

Engineering knowledge can help link up business process with the numbers

Nammalwar's advice on waste elimination

The unending pressure on the cost of entry-level products will cease when innovation kicks in

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