Friday, January 9, 2009

Lawrence P. Frank - Videos

People seem to have a great sense of ownership of the country

Conflicts don't go away, they get managed

Obama will be much more a reformer than anybody we've seen for a long time

Obama's upbringing has given him the ability to understand the problems of America

Has the electorate in the US changed, has technology helped

What will be new is the possible use of technology to involve people in policy-making

There are no socialists in America, though Government will be managing the market more

Regulatory system will not undermine capitalism, but support it

Americans are willing to go back to more regulation

Policies will focus on creating jobs

How far are universities affected by the economic crisis

Will recession force people to go to universities for higher education

Online education is still a small proportion

Observations about Indian students

A misconception about Africa is that it is rich in natural resources

Africa can go in the direction of Asian countries

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