Saturday, January 31, 2009

January 2009 appointments

January 2009

1 - *Bobby and Jyothi Menon – The Angel of God - 11.30 am
2 - *Roshni Chetan - 1 pm
3 - TI (?)
4 -
5 - *Mani Bhaumik - 1 pm; *Bharat Agarwalla - 3.30 pm
6 - *Chennai Live 104.8 FM - 9 am; *Srikanth Iyer - 3.30 pm
7 -
8 - *S. Kannan - 1 pm; *S. Srinivasan - 3.30 pm
9 - *Lawrence P. Frank and Narendar V. Rao - 1 pm
10 - *K. Srinivasamurthy - 12 noon; *Rajareega - 1 pm
11 - OFF
12 - OFF *Raj (Arokiasamy) - 11 am; *Haridwaramangalam A. K. Palanivel - 1.30 pm
13 - OFF
14 - OFF
15 - OFF *Thiruvaiyaru trip
16 - *Book launch The Angel of God, *G. P. Chandra Kumar, *Rohit Gupta - 8 pm (GRT)
17 - *Tara Thiagarajan - 11am; *C. M. Somasundaram - 1 pm; *Indian Oil Corporation Officers - 5 pm
18 -
19 - K. J. Joseph - 3 pm (?); *V. A. George - 3 pm; *Kumar Pritamdas Gera - 4.30 pm
20 -
21 - *Rajat Banerji - 11 am; *Hastha Krishnan - 1 pm; *Samiulla Baig - 5 pm
22 - *Uma Karthikeyan - 1 pm; *A. N. Raman - 4 pm
23 - *Abdul Majeed - 1 pm; *Vijay Govindarajan - 4 pm (Taj Conn)
24 - *V. R. Chandramouli - 11 am; *Ashok Bala Rajanan - 1 pm
25 -
26 - Ravi K. Mehrotra - 10 am (?)
27 - *D. Bharani, *K. V. Rajkumar, *R. Ranganathan - 1 pm
28 -
29 -
30 - *Charles Nicholl - 9.15 am; Karan Berry - 1 pm
31 –
(* means 'met/'spoke')

S. Saravanan - Videos

Workshop on biodiesel

Trends in the use of biodiesel

Economics of biodiesel, crude rice bran oil

Is any modification of engine required for using biodiesel

Research facilities available in my Department

Obstacles in the commercialisation of biodiesel

S. Saravanan

S. Saravanan, Department Of Automobile Engineering, Coordinator-Biofuel Research Cell, Sri Venkateswara College Of Engineering, Sriperumpudur, Chennai
January 31, 1 pm

K. Palaninathan - Videos

Thirty years ago ...

Plus points in The Hindu

How we learnt computers

Working in a team

Unforgettable incidents

Friday, January 30, 2009

Karan Berry

"My philosophy can be captured in three lines: Devil is in the details. Walk the talk. And lead by example."
Karan Berry, General Manager, Courtyard by Marriott, Chennai
January 30, 1 pm

Riya Banik

Riya Banik, Marketing Communication Manager, Courtyard by Marriott, Chennai
January 30, 1 pm
On regional differences

Charles Nicholl

Charles Nicholl, Author of 'The Lodger: Shakespeare on Silver Street'
January 30, 9.15 am
"A writer on the road looking at interesting sights hundreds of years ago..."

Thursday, January 29, 2009

V.R. Chandramouli - Videos

Challenges at every level in the stem cell industry

Common myths about stem cell business

On laws governing stem cell research and enterprise

Stem cells, the third pillar, after surgery and pharma

Economics of stem cell banking

Private vs Public banking

Can there be compensation in public banking

What can be the likely changes in the US approach

Ways to increase stem cell availability

Do we have the expertise in the medical profession to adopt stem cell therapy

On menstrual blood as the alternative source

Obtaining stem cells from liposuction

Stem cell education in India

Gut-feel in decision making

Hesitation among staff is an early warning sign of problem

Effective use of natural light can help reduce energy costs

On the company and its operations

Role of stem cells (in Tamil)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

R. Ranganathan

R. Ranganathan, President, Poison Free Producers Association, Mayiladuthurai, Tamil Nadu
January 27, 1 pm

K. V. Rajkumar

K. V. Rajkumar, Sugarcane farmer, Polur, Thiruvannamalai District, Tamil Nadu
January 27, 1 pm

D. Bharani

D. Bharani, Sugarcane farmer, Kothangudi, Komal Post, Mayiladuthurai Taluk, Tamil Nadu
January 27, 1 pm

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ashok Bala Rajanan

"People take any action in order to get pleasure or to avoid pain. It is important to convert what is painful into what benefit you get so that you are focused towards pleasure. For example, going to the dentist reminds people of pain. But if you can concentrate on the relief that you will get after the treatment, then going to the dentist is no more a painful business; it could even be pleasurable."

Ashok Bala Rajanan, Author, 'Mirror Your Mega Success Image' (
January 24, 1 pm

Lalitha Murali

Lalitha Murali, Tarot Reader (Indian cards) and Numerologist, Chennai (
January 24, 1 pm

How I got into Tarot reading

V. R. Chandramouli

"Stem cell therapy is bound to become the third pillar, along with surgery and pharma. With developments happening in all the components of stem cell chain - such as hospitals, research labs, and repositories - it is exciting to work in this challenging area."
V. R. Chandramouli, Managing Director, Cryo-Save (India) Pvt Ltd, Bangalore (
January 24, 11 am

Friday, January 23, 2009

Vijay Govindarajan

Vijay Govindarajan, Professor at Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, Professor in Residence and Chief Innovation Consultant at General Electric (
January 23, 4 pm (Taj Conn)

Abdul Majeed

Abdul Majeed, Partner, Lovelock & Lewes, CAs, Chennai
January 23, 1 pm

M. Krishnamurthi

M. Krishnamurthi, Chief-Corporate Affairs, Vascon Engineers Ltd, Pune (
January 23, 11 am

M. Krishnamurthi - Videos

About the company and expansion beyond Pune

Ethics and eco-awareness in construction to build life-spaces rather than spaces to live

What should customers consider before buying apartments

Traditional construction practices can be integrated with modern methods

Challenges that construction industry currently faces

What is affordable housing

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A.N. Raman - Videos

Ethics content in the profession should of paramount importance

The UK model of regulating the quality of accounting profession

Best practices in the oversight models from around the world

Asian system of professional governance is proving to be inadequate

Like corporate Boards, the Institute council should concentrate on strategy rather than keep busy with administrative problems

New framework called Enterprise Governance in the place of corporate governance which has become a checklist exercise

By and large, Audit Committees are not functioning independently enough to be effective

Cost management, as a process, should be adopted all the time, not merely during slowdown

When applying cost management principles, social considerations become relevant even in developed countries

When applying cost management principles, social considerations become relevant even in developed countries

Proper determination of segmental costs and revenues should be mandated for reporting

Inventory valuation should be brought under Cost Accounting Standards to avert Satyam-type frauds

Principles-based costing standards can be evolved for service sector

Cost audit findings can be reported to Audit Committees and thus act as a check on financial audit

Can shareholders gain further assurance from cost audit report excerpts which may be included in annual report

Regulators have all along under-utilised the cost and management accounting profession

Role of cost and management accountants for value creation and fraud detection

Materials, design, processes can be the areas that offer cost reduction opportunities in manufacturing sector

Building extra design specifications can be a deliberate business strategy

Case studies are documented and shared in the area of quality, but not so much in cost

Cost management in Government

Board of Canada has issued costing standards for Government

US has costing standards for suppliers to the Government

Investor should assess the competence of enterprises, and the returns, segment-wise

On the ICWAI syllabus

Promoting the application of cost accounting principles in SMEs through the Technicians course

CAT course getting attention in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities, through our campaign in schools

Engineering knowledge can help link up business process with the numbers

Nammalwar's advice on waste elimination

The unending pressure on the cost of entry-level products will cease when innovation kicks in

V.A. George - Videos

Lessons from slowdown for businesses

Sacrifice of corporate values in the competitive race to achieve better results

Are we sending the right messages to the younger generation

What should be the responsibility of media

Forthcoming programme in LIBA on Business Ethics

Advice for retail investors

Saving should be the first item of expenditure

Pampered employees are like continually-fed poultry

Auditors' duties

This is the time for introspection

Uma Karthikeyan

"Challenges are what bring in variety and also offer room for continuous development. Right now we are in the process of executing a large order, where even as we burn the midnight oil, there are new learnings along the way. And, personally, I look for enthusiasm at work!"

Uma Karthikeyan, CEO, Pixel Academix (and Director - Business & Operations, Sanraa Media Ltd, Chennai)

January 22, 2009, 1 pm

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hastha Krishnan

"My top thought is about people, people, and people. The challenge is to keep the customer happy constantly."
Hastha Krishnan, CEO, Ma Foi Global Search Services Ltd
January 21, 1 pm

Ravi K. Mehrotra

Ravi K. Mehrotra, Founder and principal shareholder of Foresight Limited and the Foresight Group
January 26, 10 am

Rajat Banerji

Rajat Banerji, Manager – Corporate Communications and Social Responsibility, Amway India Enterprises
January 21, 11 am

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

C.M. Somasundaram - Videos

Eminence of Tamil Nadu's Siddha philosophy and astrology

How to learn more about Siddhas

Raasi charts with just thumb impression

What a reading of Ramalinga Raju's horoscope reveals

Positions in horoscope that predict business development

Conviction and jail-term arising from wrong intentions

Is any salvation in sight

How a calamity can affect many people

Will Satyam employees be affected

Astrological analysis of Indian and US economies

Thrift is innate in Indians and that is coming to our rescue now

Strength of India is the belief in God

Fear of God is key to prosperity

Values to be instilled in children

Recite slokas before commencing your daily routine

Wealth amassed through wrong means add to karma baggage

Parents should set the right model

Example of how a foreign insurance company used astrology

People seek the astrologer, not vice versa

Both good and bad are self-invited

How to find if a going concern is being managed well

Greed shows in the charts

How destiny can be conquered

Siddhar songs, a few examples

Chastity plays a key role in horoscope

Meaningless divorce on the increase

Remembering Dr Guruswamy Mudaliar

Employment vs Business

Career and study options change

Value of Indian medicine

Judging the right career choice

Intelligence vs application of the same

Samiulla Baig

Samiulla Baig, Regional Director- South Asia, Edexcel International
January 21, 5 pm

Monday, January 19, 2009

Kumar Pritamdas Gera

Kumar Pritamdas Gera, Managing Director, Gera Developments (P) Ltd.
January 19, 4.30 pm

Kumar Gera - Videos

Is the Government doing enough for real estate

On media reporting of real estate situation

Slowdown is serious, but it does not merit panic reaction

Listed companies account for only 6 per cent of the market

Immediate demands of Credai

In which price bracket is demand the highest

Impact of sops on future projects

Has the industry begun seeing consolidation

Ideal to cater to all segments of the pyramid

Aspirational requirements of consumers

Special Residential Zones, the real solution

Corporate governance issues in the real estate sector

Feasibility of regulation for real estate

Need for housing stats

Do other industry bodies work in tandem with real estate confederation

A point often missed out when computing real estate profit

Developers don't benefit from high real estate prices

Land replenishment more important than ROI

A perspective on land banks

Quick clearances save costs for developers

Tara Thiagarajan - Videos

About Madura Micro Finance and its work

What got me interested in this work

On criticisms that microfinance has been facing

How much of microfinance goes into productive use

Profiling success stories does help

Repayment is linked to family income, not necessarily from micro-enterprise

It is not easy to be an entrepreneur at any level

Examples of how supply chain can link villages and cities

Can rural business centres facilitate micro-enterprises

V. A. George

V. A. George, President & CEO, Thejo Engineering Ltd, Chennai (
January 19, 3 pm

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Indian Oil Corporation Officers - Videos

Government's ad has wrong statements about salary

Three factors behind the oil shortage

Currently, all the officers are demoralised

Can political affiliation help

Our immediate demands to ensure restoration of normalcy

Negotiation can be conducive only if terminations and suspensions are revoked

Significant anomalies in the pay norms

PMO has to intervene

Discrimination against PSU employees

A sample payslip showing an officer's salary

Unprecedented attrition in the middle-level

S. Srinivasan - Videos

Checks and balances in brick-and-mortar companies

Audit professional should understand the client's business

Things that CAs often take for granted

Corporates operate in a corrupt environment

Frauds generally start in a small way

Software companies can follow best practices of the manufacturing sector

Motivations for financial engineering

External and internal audit reports are not studied and acted upon

Intangibleness in service business offers scope for fraud

Inherent inhibition of auditors to know more about software business

Ethical degradation both in the business and profession

How independent are the independent directors

Can independent directors prove he has tried to do his best

Auditors who are unjustifiably removed need a forum

Can independent directors prove he has tried to do his best

Media has to be proactive with regard to corporate governance

Does studying the balance sheet help

Scope for fraud in so-called inorganic growth

Pattern analysis of listed companies can bring up surprises

CAs in employment come under a lot of pressure

Accountants may unknowingly be dealing with fudged documents

How do business leaders keep track of two sets of numbers

Quick penal action will send the right signals to the corporate world

Confession by Raju seems well-orchestrated, considering the SEC angle

High level of taxation on enterprises

What advantages do small audit firms bring to the table

Mock due diligence can bring hidden frauds to light

Do external auditors effectively use the work of internal auditors

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Indian Oil Corporation Officers

M. Sridaran, Chief Finance Manager, Marketing Division, Chennai
Pitamber Tripathy, Manager (Terminal), Marketing Division, Chennai
January 17, 5 pm

Fwd: Ten things people may not know about the Oil ...

Indian Oil Corporation Officers - Videos

C. M. Somasundaram

Dr C. M. Somasundaram, Regd Medical Practitioner (Siddha), C. V. Krishna Book Depot, Chennai
January 17, 1 pm

Friday, January 16, 2009

Rohit Gupta

Is there an impact of slowdown on book publishing

Rohit Gupta, Director Marketing, Pustak Mahal, New Delhi (

G. P. Chandra Kumar

LabourNet, an initiative to support the informal sector workers

G. P. Chandra Kumar, Advisor, LabourNet, Bangalore (

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thiruvaiyaru trip

Thiruvaiyaru trip, January 11-15, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

Haridwaramangalam A. K. Palanivel

Haridwaramangalam A. K. Palanivel, Secretary, Sri Thyagabrahma Mahotsava Sabha, Thyagaraja Aradhana, Tiruvaiyaru (
January 12, 1.30 pm

Haridwaramangalam A.K. Palanivel - Videos

Thyagabrahmam's power is such that every Aradhanai here is special

Even the famous musicians come here to sing and thus recharge themselves

Indha mannai midhichaley power saar (Setting foot on this soil gives you power)

Why we don't advertise this event

Is there support from sponsors for the Thyagaraja Aradhanai

My answer to people who say that the Thyagaraja Aradhanai should be conducted over an extended period

Raj (Arokiasamy)

Raj (Arokiasamy), Master Tailor, Raymond, Thanjavur
January 12, 11 am

Saturday, January 10, 2009

S. Rajareega

S. Rajareega, Rasi Organic Farms, Muthupatti, Kallal (Via), Siruvayal (Post), Sivaganga District, Tamil Nadu
January 10, 1 pm

Friday, January 9, 2009

Ranjith Ramakrishnan - Vidoes

Cloud computing gaining momentum

On the origin of Cumulux

What is cloud computing

What is cloud computing (in Tamil)

Cloud maturity model

The cost vs control considerations

Comfort feel of comfort perception

There's constant friction between IT and business functions

Users outnumber developers in conferences - an example

Applications can be up and running quickly

How will cloud computing affect hardware sales

Are companies moving towards cloud computing

Likely initial applications for cloud computing

When can we say that cloud computing is on prime time

Customer-facing applications demand elasticity

Where is the competitive advantage

Cloud providers are factoring in business continuity

My first start-up back in 1998...

An IT perspective on the economic meltdown

Generally, the CIO is tied down by the CFO

Performance metrics that CIOs watch

Often it is the turnaround time that kills IT projects

Big issues around cloud computing

Lessons from business for running the country

The right attitude for success

What it takes to become an entrepreneur

Quality job is when you can feel proud about your performance

Observations about the young generation

Two choices when building business

Academia has to work with the industry

Lawrence P. Frank and Narendar V. Rao

Dr Lawrence P. Frank, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, and Dr Narendar V. Rao, Department of Accounting, Business Law, and Finance, College of Business and Management,
Northeastern Illinois University

January 9, 1 pm

Lawrence P. Frank - Videos

People seem to have a great sense of ownership of the country

Conflicts don't go away, they get managed

Obama will be much more a reformer than anybody we've seen for a long time

Obama's upbringing has given him the ability to understand the problems of America

Has the electorate in the US changed, has technology helped

What will be new is the possible use of technology to involve people in policy-making

There are no socialists in America, though Government will be managing the market more

Regulatory system will not undermine capitalism, but support it

Americans are willing to go back to more regulation

Policies will focus on creating jobs

How far are universities affected by the economic crisis

Will recession force people to go to universities for higher education

Online education is still a small proportion

Observations about Indian students

A misconception about Africa is that it is rich in natural resources

Africa can go in the direction of Asian countries

K. J. Joseph

K. J. Joseph, Author , 'You too can...'
January 19, 1 pm (?)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

S. Srinivasan

S. Srinivasan, Founder Partner, Sundar Srini & Sridhar, CAs, Chennai
January 8, 3.30 pm

S. Srinivasan - Videos

Jaishree Gopal - Videos

My work, and how I got interested...

Things not scripturally sanctioned got coded into the texts by vested interests

Hinduism has many inclusive aspects, but there are the exclusions too

Does religion play a role in today's life

The future of religious practice

Labels don't cause the problem, but the attitude of superiority does

How inequities get perpetuated in institutions and households

Social consciousness lacking in most organisations

Examples from the history of reform movements

Secularism does not mean absence of religious discussion

Views on Reservation, and managing diversity in IITs

We can develop role models by supporting the gifted children among the socially underprivileged

On gender equality

Women need not give up their careers for the sake of family

Corporates should consciously create diversity

Change necessitates breaking away...

Inclusiveness in politics

Nothing is impossible

Religion should not be race-based