Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Valarie Pinto

Valarie Pinto, COO, Perfect Relations

December 3, 3.30 pm

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Murali said...

Valerie joined Perfect Relations in 1997 as an image executive and has since grown the Western Region operations to the mammoth size it is today. This growth came from result oriented image management initiatives and the inculcation of a culture of communications excellence with the Mumbai team. Today as the Chief Operating Officer for the Perfect Relations group, based in Mumbai, Valerie provides cutting edge leadership at a pan India level but still keeps enough time to be on the field, servicing clients and making the science of image management work and deliver results.

Valerie’s strengths as a public relations professional derives from the success of various challenging assignments she has handled – that range from financial communication for mergers & acquisitions to managing & coordinating events that include celebrities and corporate stalwarts.

Before joining Perfect Relations, Valerie worked with UTV, one of India’s leading TV programme software development & production organisations where she was responsible for Internal Communications as well as Public Relations. She has also worked with Universal Public Relations where she managed clients like Graviera, and the Arvind Mills - Lee Youth project among others.

Valerie is known for her dynamism and dedication to work. A champion national level athlete, Valerie was also a Mumbai University topper in Economics and later did her post-graduation from Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai.