Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Satish Rajagopalan

We see the market growing in India, despite the global meltdown. However, there will be re-sizing and re-formulating of the offerings. For example, there may be a reduction of the pulp/fruit content in the beverage. Also, manufacturers may consider having packs at lower SKU sizes.

Satish Rajagopalan, Head - Sales and Marketing, Galla Foods Pvt Ltd (http://www.gallafoods.com/)

December 30, 1 pm

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Murali said...


Galla Foods launched Galla Thick Mango nectar, a fruit beverage targeting the mango loving consumers in India. The first brand for the domestic market from Galla Foods is a part of the Rs.1400 crores Amara Raja Group.Galla Thick Mango nectar’s unique formulation brings a wholesome, healthy taste of the most luscious mangoes with the highest fruit pulp content of 25% in the category, as compared to <25% offered by other nectar brands and even lesser fruit content of <10% for the fruit drink category.The fruit pulp has been the preferred choice of the best brands in Europe and Japan since the last 3 years. It is produced in-house at the state of the art Galla Foods aseptic processing plant and uses the choicest of mangoes from Chittoor and Ratnagiri districts, the renowned mango belts of India. Right from the selection of mangoes to the final product in the bottle, every single step goes through the rigorous Galla Foods quality control to ensure only the best reaches the consumers. It’s not just the fruit pulp that makes Galla Thick Mango unique. The Galla Thick Mango bottle (in 200 and 400 ml pack sizes), has been specially designed too. It’s wide mouth not just allows for easy flow but also enhances the taste experience of the full bodied nectar. Sporting unusual and attractive royal purple, bright green and yellow colours, it is sure to match the aesthetic aspirations of the Gen Y too

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