Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rita Chakravarti

Analytics, as an industry, has a great potential, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, which is developing fast. Banks, insurance companies, telecom companies - if they don't invest in analytics, they will perish, due to sheer competition. Risk management is becoming of utmost importance, and this demands a data-driven approach, which depends on analytics.

Rita Chakravarti, Head of Analytics, RedPill (
December 4, 9.15 am

Rita Chakravarti

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Rita has over 25 years of experience in academia, market research, insurance actuarial services and banking, Rita is highly respected in the banking industry and is considered as the 'Guru' of Analytics. Rita was head of Citbank's analytics practice in Asia-Pacific for 7 years. She started practicing analytics way before "Analytics" became the Industry buzz word.

Career Highlights:

· 21 years of experience in Consumer Banking Analytics (Risk & Marketing), Retail & Industrial Analytics, Actuarial Valuation for Retirement Benefits and Training

· Previously, Head of Citibank Risk Analytics for Asia-Pacific

· Associated with companies such as – Citibank, IMRB International, MCCA (currently Watson & Wyatt India)

· PhD in Multivariate Analysis from University of Pittsburgh, USA
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