Monday, December 29, 2008

Ranjith Ramakrishnan

We are on the cusp of a technology shift, in the IT industry, with the growing use of cloud computing, an area that our company is investing in.

Ranjith Ramakrishnan, Co-Founder & CTO, Cumulux (

December 29, 1 pm

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Murali said...

Cloud Computing is a transformative phenomenon that is disrupting the way Enterprises develop, deploy and manage software applications. Cloud Computing enables Enterprises to dramatically reduce the Total Cost of Ownership, drive faster time to market and build elastically scalable applications by focusing on the business logic rather than on infrastructure.

Cloud Computing Platforms like Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2, Salesforce's, Google App Engine etc are fast emerging to enable Enterprises to realize rapid results. Enterprises that are early adopters of this paradigm include GE, Pitney Bowes, McDonalds, NY Times etc.

CUMULUX provides products and services to enterprises to enable successful Business adoption of Cloud Computing. Cumulux services include CIO Advisory services, Architectural Consulting, Development services etc.