Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December 2008 appointments


1 - *Raj Majumder - 1 pm
2- Upinder Zutshi - 1 pm (?); Munisamy Gopinath - (?)
3 - Manish Sharma - 11 am (?); Geoff Magee - 1 pm; Valarie Pinto - 3.30 pm; BMR-MCCI Executive Briefing on Transfer Pricing - 6 pm
4 - *Rita Chakravarti - 9.15 am; *Nagaraja Prakasham - 3.30 pm (?)
5 - *J. Sethuraman – 1 pm
6 - *Rajiv Krishnan - 1 pm
7 -
8 - *Vijayalakshmi- 1 pm
9 -
10 - *G. Sundaram - 12.30 pm
11 - *C. Venkat Subramanyam, *Priya Mohan - 1 pm
12 - *Chandran Sankaranarayanan - 1 pm; *Bharathan Prahalad, *P. S. Saranathan - 4.30 pm
13 - *A.K.G. Nair, *Rashmi Vasu - 1 pm
14 - *N. M. Habibullah, H. Noor Mohamed - 9.15 am;
15 - Great Lakes Entrepreneurship Conference (?); *Ram Krishnaswamy (Rambo) - 5.30 pm
16 - *S. Periyaswamy - 3 pm
17 - *Kanoo Sahajwala - 2.30 pm
18 - K. Thiagarajan - 1 pm (?); *Sam Easaw - 1 pm
19 - Naren Gupta - 1 pm (?); *P. N. Veda Narayanan - 4.30 pm
20 - *Jaishree Gopal - 9.15 am; *Samir Kelekar and *Sanjay Jadhav - 11 am; *Anand - 1 pm; *G. Ranga Prabu - 4 pm
21 -
22 -
23 - *Srini Nageshwar - 3 pm
24 - *R. Shekar - 10 am; *Kanniks Kannikeswaran - 6 pm
25 - *Mathrubootham A - 1 pm
26 -
27 - *Siva Nathan - 4 pm
28 -
29 - *Ranjith Ramakrishnan - 1 pm
30 - Sathish Rajagopalan - 1 pm; C. Devarajan - 4 pm
31 -
(* means 'met/'spoke')

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

C. Devarajan

Service to humanity is the most important thought I have right now. My father used to say, 'Limit your comforts and be a role model.' Through our group of institutions, we are trying to achieve inclusive growth and also create development for those associated with our work. What we aspire for is that our organisation lives on beyond hundred years.
C. Devarajan, Executive Director, URC Constructions P Ltd (
December 30, 4 pm

C. Devarajan - Videos

Inclusive growth is necessary

Challenges we faced in nurturing our campus

Communication skill a major hurdle for rural students

Our organisational values

Inculcating dignity of labour

Lessons that students from city colleges can learn by visiting rural campuses

The child has ample opportunity for growth in villages

Positives that rural people bring into cities

We want to be known as an Erode-based company

A reunion to rejuvenate the village through a temple project

Wish agricultural graduates created model farms

Successful people look for opportunities to give back to their villages

Media can be a bridge between the rural and urban India

Rural India will not be affected by the current economic meltdown

Indian IT industry must now focus on the domestic institutional demand

Is village life rightly projected by movies

Satish Rajagopalan

We see the market growing in India, despite the global meltdown. However, there will be re-sizing and re-formulating of the offerings. For example, there may be a reduction of the pulp/fruit content in the beverage. Also, manufacturers may consider having packs at lower SKU sizes.

Satish Rajagopalan, Head - Sales and Marketing, Galla Foods Pvt Ltd (

December 30, 1 pm

Satish Rajagopalan - Videos

Impact of slowdown on food-processing industry

Challenges in the Indian market

On the company and the recent diversification

Does India have a good demand for organic products

Are there sugar-free products for diabetics

Advantages of fruit beverages compared to colas

How we are targeting the young consumer through Facebook (Sreelakshmi Menon, Sr Marketing Manager)

Per capita fruit beverage consumption in India vs other countries

Unhealthy practices in agri-biz

Regulatory mechanism for food marketing

On imported packaged food items

Quality measures and best practices in manufacture

Direct procurement from farmers, and transfer to them of farm methods

How information flow results in better price for the farmers

Plans for the future

On spreading geographically

Remembering my school, Chinmaya Vidyalaya in Rajapalayam

Collaborative innovation needs the right partners

Farmers can be very innovative

Waste-disposal methods

We have numerous varieties of mangoes but in small quantities

Retaining the identity of a variety in a product

How corporates can assist agriculture

Monday, December 29, 2008

R. Shekar - Videos

On the origin of Shekarsan

Any company is like a 'wet towel'

Four identities at workplace you may have to grow beyond

You can choose what you want to be

The current slowing down may be seen as slimming down

We need Business Commandoes, the Corporate Gladiators

Are we picking up signals of technical bankruptcy

Businesses need to discover how self-sustaining they are

Corporate governance is 'maintenance activity'

A fundamental flaw with CSR

On the business communication effectiveness course for IIT

Coach is like a gardener

Remembering my teacher

Let's stop celebrating cheap victories

Can India produce its due share of CXOs

Bid for the impossible - an anecdote

The 80-20 rule for time management

THR or targeted heart rate explained

Irresponsibility is the number one sin

How 'sweat portfolio' is important

Do students get to interact with the achievers

It's a sacrilege not to respect nature

Functionality vs fashion

On the business communication effectiveness course for IIT

Coach is like a gardener

Remembering my teacher

Let's stop celebrating cheap victories

Can India produce its due share of CXOs

Bid for the impossible - an anecdote

The 80-20 rule for time management

THR or targeted heart rate explained

Irresponsibility is the number one sin

How 'sweat portfolio' is important

Do students get to interact with the achievers

It's a sacrilege not to respect nature

Functionality vs fashion

Whole families sustain themselves at less than Rs 200 a month

Ranjith Ramakrishnan

We are on the cusp of a technology shift, in the IT industry, with the growing use of cloud computing, an area that our company is investing in.

Ranjith Ramakrishnan, Co-Founder & CTO, Cumulux (

December 29, 1 pm

Mathrubootham A

How I started my company

Impact of slowdown on recruitment
Top thought is about financial stability
Work we did for BCCI

Media should address the practical issues of HR

Behavioural and organisational skills of HR keenly wanted

HR-oriented organisations attract people

Role of HR in family-owned businesses

Strong HR function can balance manpower needs

Entrepreneurial skill is the most in demand

Sectors vulnerable to recession

Foreign universities adopt a professional approach to enlist students

What should colleges do to improve the employability of students

Student should effectively use computers for self development

Earn and learn, the best way for students

Hiring from colleges rather than from the market - an example

Diversity is becoming common now and it does help

On hiring expats and returning Indians

Culture shock for Indians going abroad

Today's younger generation has a global mindset

Remembering my teacher

Plans for the future

Mindset is key for time management

Belief comes only when you show results in action

New employee today can see through the organisation

Innovation tip - Read and implement

How to reap job satisfaction

Does the foreign job still hold its lure

What should you consider before leaving a job to become an entrepreneur

Do job portals help

Why online job portals should go to colleges

Kanniks Kannikeswaran - Videos

On Nottusvara Sahityas of Muthuswami Dikshitar

Violence in popular nersary rhymes

Spirit of pluralism and inclusiveness in the compositions

Are these sahityas sung in concerts

Do folk songs survive in their original form

Music reaches to the core of your heart

We need a common repertoire of songs

Our huge database of music knowledge may disappear if we don't pay attention

Classical music should reach the masses

When can there be fusion in music

Technology makes a lot of music available today

Take a long-term view of life and discover what you want to do

Rewards of working together far outweigh the costs of conflict

Remembering my teacher

We are always looking for patterns

Connecting the dots - survival vs possibility modes

Possibilities begin to emerge once we recognise the limiting nature of our thoughts

Sometimes gadgets may know you are tense

Pizza based on adai flour - a recipe I dream of

On the inspiration behind

Neelakanta vamadeva eswara (own composition)

My next project

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mathrubootham A

The most important worries now are two: financial instability and global conflicts. When these are resolved, there will be progress. Currently, almost everybody is worried about the future, and this anxiety is impacting all sectors of the economy.
Mathrubootham A, Managing Director, Human Resources Consultants India Pvt Ltd, Chennai (
December 25, 1 pm

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Kanniks Kannikeswaran

Kanniks Kannikeswaran, Director, American School of Indian Art, US (
December 24, 6 pm

G. Ranga Prabu - Videos

Successful experiments in coconut and cardamom cultivation

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Srini Nageshwar

Srini Nageshwar, Director & CEO, DyAnsys Inc., US (
December 23, 3 pm

Saturday, December 20, 2008

G. Ranga Prabu

G. Ranga Prabu, GRP Farms, Kakilsikkaiyanpatti, Uthamapalayam Taluk, Theni Dist, Tamil Nadu
December 20, 4 pm

G. Ranga Prabu - Videos

Successful experiments in coconut and cardamom cultivation

Ongoing trials in grape farming

Factors affecting agriculture

About Indian farmer (R. Yuva Harri Krishna)

Benefits of organic practices (R. Devasena)

Organic farming can contribute to longevity (R. Sri Gayathri Devi)

Gap between theory and practice of agriculture

Balanced development of industry and agriculture is a must

Woes of farmers

Are agriculture issues highlighted in the media

Discussion with IITians - Videos


Sanjay Jadhav
Samir Kelekar
Jaishree Gopal

How to reduce content gap between English and vernacular

Is a switchover from the vernacular to English painful

On entering politics

On entering politics - contd

Does our society value education

Does our society value education - contd

Is there a shortage of role-models

Is entrepreneurship easier now

Is entrepreneurship easier now - contd

The start-up vs established company as a career choice

The start-up vs established company as a career choice - contd

On IITians as employees


Anand, CEO, Kuliza, Bangalore (
December 20, 1 pm

Sanjay Jadhav

Sanjay Jadhav, Director, Golden Arch International Ltd, Noida
December 20, 11 am

Samir Kelekar

Dr Samir Kelekar, MD, Teknotrends Software Pvt Ltd, Bangalore (
December 20, 11 am

Samir Kelekar - Videos

Remembering my teacher

My experience with the Goa Government

How to fight corruption

Jaishree Gopal

It is very important for all Indians to get involved in social reform movement of all kinds, and especially think of caste and gender issues in Hinduism without being defensive or apologetic, with an eye to reform rather than justify the current exclusive practices.
Jaishree Gopal, A contributor to 'Reflections by IITians', Co-founder of Navya Shastra (
December 20, 9.15 am

The future of religious practice

Friday, December 19, 2008

P. N. Veda Narayanan

P. N. Veda Narayanan, IAS (Retd), Former Vigilance and Development Commissioner, Tamil Nadu Govt, Chennai
December 19, 4.30 pm Topics

P.N. Veda Narayanan - Videos

On wealth distribution

Cause of economic downfall

Less aggressive operations, rather than business closures, likely

My association with agriculture

Suggestions for agricultural development

Why not a 'Tatal Farm Plan' for each farmer

Private sector can participate in agricultural growth

The 'Civil Services' option for today's youngsters

Top myths about Civil Services

G. Nammalvar - videos

Merits of Slow Food practices

Generate employment locally

Three phases in my life

Contamination caused by chemical interventions

Agriculture Policy is a must

Ecological farms where students can get agriculture exposure

Training facility for ecological farming

How to grow vegetables at home

I want to write books on organic farming for children

How to promote rural tourism as eco tourism

How I got rid of coffee addiction

S. Periyaswamy - videos

Transplanted trees

Transplanted trees-1

First stage is to select the right trees for transplanting

How much does it cost to transplant a tree

Fresh shoots after the transplantation

Is there a value chain...

Example of a tree not suitable for transplanting

Equipment required for transplantation

Benefits of a green belt

Tips for kitchen gardening

Time to go back to villages

Do farmers get their due share of market price

The trees - January 4, 2009

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sam Easaw

The immediate challenge is to estable the Rentokil brand in India, within 3-5 years. We estimate the size of the market, which is mostly unorganised, in the urban centres, to be $160 million.

Sam Easaw, Managing Director, Rentokil India
December 18, 1 pm

Sam Easaw - Videos

About the company, growth and acquisitions in India

Five service lines, globally

Aiming to establish the brand in India

Project management can be integrated in education

40 per cent of a basketball team's spirit can make an organisation super

Role of team sports in organisations

Focus, the first element in the formula

Current economic crisis and its impact on India

Awareness is key in pest control

Working with Government to tackle mosquitoes, rodents etc.

Can pest control be effective in parks and public places

Toxicity levels in herbal products can be a matter of concern

How do we evaluate companies for acquisition

The bedbugs worry

Work for Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, China

Pest control can cost Rs 4000 per household per annum

Managing rodent problem in markets

Pests can be a worrying thing for tourists

What care can business traveller take against pests

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kanoo Sahajwala - videos

L'Attitude, the flagship event of Great Lakes

A blessing in disguise to be graduating during slowdown

Obstacles for wannabe entrepreneurs

Takeaways from the one-year programme

Karma Yoga in the curriculum

More responsibility should be taken by everybody rather than cribbing

The lesson from the current crisis is that we can be a better breed of MBAs

Kanoo Sahajwala

Kanoo Sahajwala, PGPM Class 2008-09, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai (

L'Attitude, the flagship event of Great Lakes

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

S. Periyaswamy

S. Periyaswamy, Landscape Designer & Horticulturist, Paradise Garden, Chennai
December 16, 3 pm

Transplanted trees

K. Thiagarajan

K. Thiagarajan, CEO, Maytas Properties
December 18, 1 pm (?)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Ram Krishnaswamy (Rambo)

Ram Krishnaswamy (Rambo), Sydney, Australia, and author of 'Reflections by IITians' (

December 15, 5.30 pm

Sunday, December 14, 2008

H. Noor Mohamed

H. Noor Mohamed, Partner, Olympic Cards Ltd, Chennai (

December 14, 9.15 am

Saturday, December 13, 2008

A.K.G. Nair

India should pitch for leadership in education, given the traditional strengths we have. At the moment, we are not in the leadership place. There is a great potential to showcase our crafts and other skills; sadly these are vanishing elsewhere but fortunately India still has these. And this is relevant in the fashion space, too. We need people who believe in our own strengths and contemporarise the same for today's world.

A.K.G. Nair, Group Director, Pearl Academy of Fashion

December 13, 1 pm

A.K.G. Nair - Videos

About the company and its growth

India can pitch itself as a leader in fashion education

There is greater awareness now (Rashmi Vasu, Student Counsellor Sr Manager-Academics)

The Award of great value

A thought from a book I'm recently reading

Impact of slowdown on fashion industry

Opportunities for private enterprises in education

Bureaucracy is not competent enough to manage academia

Archaic land rules in the cities are not conducive to private education

What attracts me to fashion

There are many myths about fashion in India

Is fashion only for the rich, or for the masses too

What is the value proposition of high-priced brand labels in fashion

Materials and technologies are changing rapidly in the world of fashion

How society reacts to fashion depends upon the regimentation in the culture

Do people in the fashion industry get due credit and acknowledgement

Going beyond clothing, fashion can be holistically applied

Fashion requires high sensitivity and a very good eye for detail

Fit is a matter of understanding the body, its contours, postures, and slopes

What is the future of design education in the country

Pricing of fashion, as a commodity and brand

Media seems to focus on glamour when it comes to fashion

India's rightful place in the future will be in the creative industries

Rashmi Vasu

Rashmi Vasu, Student Counsellor/Sr Manager-Academics, Pearl Academy of Fashion, Chennai

December 13, 1 pm

N. M. Habibullah

N. M. Habibullah, Founder, Olympic Cards Ltd, Chennai
December 13, 9 am

Tips for entrepreneurs

N. M. Habibullah - Videos

A book on 'self-confidence' that changed me

Family expenditure has been sparse, not extravagant

Earnestness should be combined with collaboration and teamwork

Duties of individuals

Any work taken up should be finished

Advice for family businesses

N. M. Habibullah - Videos

Remembering my teacher

A book on 'self-confidence' that changed me

Reading a book on social history of India

Sincerity is what I look for in a new recruit

Time management tips

I have been practising yoga since the age of 15, and I am now 92

Story of 'Runner Parthasarathy' (narrated by Dr G. Sundaram)

Memories of fleeing from Burma to India

It was intuition that guided me to begin business in India

Generally I do not get angry

Investments are in manufacturing wedding cards

Family expenditure has been sparse, not extravagant

My children

Views about the young generation

What is worrying about the young

Why do many bright young people leave India

Views on corruption (Dr G. Sundaram)

Increasing opportunities in India for the young

Earnestness should be combined with collaboration and teamwork

Success in life comes from cooperation

My definition of values (H. Noor Mohamed, son of Habibullah)

Duties of individuals

I resolve conflicts by pacifying the people

What do I do when travelling

Any work taken up should be finished

I watch the stock market

God is everywhere, and there is no need for fighting

Fighting in the name of God is illegal

Let people move about in the world without hurdles

I am a servant

General remarks

Advice for family businesses

Tips for entrepreneurs