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Shekar Nair

The SME or SMB market potential is very big in India because the emerging business are scaling geographically as they continue to grow their revenues and customer base. This makes the emerging business to be distributed enterprises, where branch offices are connected with the regional offices which in turn are linked to the HQ. They need solutions that can help them connect, secure and manage the connectivity, data and applications in a really cost-effective manner, rather than have several point-solutions or racks of equipment in every branch location. It is here that Elina has a product offering tailored specifically to meet the business needs of cost-conscious distributed enterprises.

Shekar Nair, CEO,
Elina Networks
November 19, 12.30 pm


Murali said...


AnandRathi Financial Solutions choose Elina’s networking suite

Press Release

Bangalore 02,November 2008

Networking Solutions player Elina Networks today deployed the Industry’s most comprehensive suite of Network Solutions to AnandRathi Financial Solutions, a leading full-service securities firm. Elina’s unified muti-service architecture -- ENPAQ Business Gateway solution -- will be responsible for all data network connectivity providing routing, firewall, security, link failover, LAN segregation and virtual private network (VPN) functionality to connect the customer’s key applications.

AnandRathi Financial Solutions is one of India’s fastest growing full-service securities firm with a presence in more than 350 locations in India and abroad. AnandRathi will use the ENPAQ Business Gateways to connect all its remote business locations via VSAT/LL with failover on VPN-over-broadband to provide connectivity, thereby creating a networked environment for its business critical applications. Using the solution at each remote branch location, AnandRathi will be able to guarantee seamless networking services to more than 4500 staff at all times.

Commenting on Elina’s association with AnandRathi, Chief Technology Officer of Elina Networks, Mr. Vivek Shenoy said, “One of the key reasons why Anand Rathi selected Elina Networks was our complete remote management service offered by ENPAQ Business Gateways. Using its distributed management architecture, our services allow total control and central administration of the gateways for all operations, including software and feature upgrades.”

“Our Business Gateways are custom-built to reduce complexity in branch operations. They include unified networking, security, and monitoring functionality on a completely remotely manageable platform. By unifying branch services, customers like AnandRathi can improve network reliability and significantly reduce branch operating costs, while responding more quickly to problems and performing upgrades,” Mr. Shenoy elaborated.

According to the Chief Technology Officer of Anand Rathi Group, Mr. Bhavesh Shah, "Elina has simplified network deployment and management for AnandRathi. We are excited about the virtualized application support, critical security, and the management framework at Elina. We can now deploy our business critical applications and networking functions on a single off-the-shelf PC/Server, dramatically reducing costs and support personnel"

“The use of ENPAQ in our branches will better our distributed management and monitoring framework, all from a central site. Integrating third party applications in the Elina framework means that AnandRathi can now control both critical applications and networking centrally, using Elina's distributed management framework," Mr. Shah added.

About Elina Networks:

Elina Networks, founded in May 2005, is pioneering the effort in developing products and services tailored for distributed businesses. Elina Networks' innovative solutions provide a balance of security, performance, availability, and management. It delivers a network infrastructure on which distributed enterprises can transact their businesses, keeping pace with advances in technology and applications. Elina’s products are engineered to offer optimum performance and enhanced functionality for its customers.

ENPAQ Platform enables you to leverage your limited IT resources effectively to get the most out of your IT Investments. It also delivers visibility and administrative control with VirtualPresence, a unique web-based network management tool. Delivered as software solution, ENPAQ provides a managed service environment that you can administer in ways that meet your specific business security, connectivity, and network management needs.

ENPAQ & VirtualPresence together delivers a rich set of features with the focus on security and management, but with a wide range of general networking features as well, including, advanced routing, load balancing and traffic management functionality. In addition it serves as a platform for hosting and managing applications through its life cycle. It also automates critical asset management functions across the company by continuously enforcing defined policies, such as inventory scanning and software usage tracking.

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About Anand Rathi Financial Services:

AnandRathi (Anand Rathi), set up in 1994, is one of India’s fastest growing full-service securities firm with a presence in more than 350 locations across India and has offices in Dubai & Bangkok. AR provides wealth management services, investment banking, brokerage & distribution services in the areas of equities, commodities, mutual funds and insurance. The group caters to the financial needs of diversified group of clients, which include the well-reputed Corporate Groups, Institutions, Foreign Investors, Individuals as well as wealthy families and was ranked among South Asia’s top 5 wealth managers for the ultra-rich in the AsiaMoney 2006 poll.

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Murali said...

Shekar is Chief Executive Officer of Elina Networks. Shekar brings over 20 years of experience in the IT industry.

Most recently, Shekar was part of the Asia-Pacific Sales leadership team at NetApp and was responsible for its OEM business. Prior to this Shekar was the General

Manager of NetApp India Operations. Shekar co-founded Allegro Networks in California, USA and was responsible for product operations. Shekar was part of the inception team at Xylan and was instrumental in its successful IPO in 1996. Shekar started and ran Xylan's operation in India and later worked at Alcatel as Managing Director of the India operations through its acquisition of Xylan.Previously, Shekar held various individual, team lead and management roles in software development. Shekar has also been an Enterpeneur in Residence at Thomas Weisel Venture partners.

Shekar has 2 USA patents in data communications and networking and holds a bachelor of science degree in Computer Engineering from NIT Trichy, India and masters in Computer Science from California State University Northridge, USA.