Monday, November 24, 2008

Rakesh Misra

While it is gratifying that the book has been a commercial success, personally I am happy that many readers find deja vu moments in the pages of 'The eMedha Paradigm'. Going forward, I intend spending about six months to write my next book...
Rakesh Misra, author of 'The eMedha Paradigm'
November 17, 1 pm (Resch. to Nov 24, 1 pm)

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Murali said...


One-off articles, official emails tending towards a short-story length and few autobiographical blogs. Beyond these incidental writing indulgences, Rakesh Misra (RM to his friends and foes alike!) has been busy with software consulting, project management and entrepreneurial ventures during last 16 years.

In due course, Rakesh plans to finish a novel trilogy and few other books that have been occupying his mind-space as well as critical hard-disk space for zillion years now! If money ever becomes a non-issue, Rakesh will like to become a full-time writer and part-time teacher J

Having spent quite a few gypsy years across both sides of Atlantic, Rakesh is now settled in Noida. You can get to know more about him through his website as well as his LinkedIN and Facebook profiles.

Kalpana realizes too late that she is the scapegoat designate in a billion dollar corporate battle. Anonymous emails, bodyshopping czars of the sub-continent and survival of two mega-corps at stake!

If this wasn't chaotic enough, Kalpana gets involved in a mid-air crash and experiences an unbelievable meeting with Kamayani, who is Secretary-of-Earthly-Affairs for almighty God.

Almighty God?

Is Kalpana’s life on earth over? Is it really the sea of tranquility that she is sitting by or is it her after-life hallucination? And, why the hell is Kamayani so insistent of this eMedha thing?

Join Kalpana in this interesting cyber odyssey that has few billion dollars of corporate relationships at stake. Next few hours will not only take you through a page-turner story, but will also introduce you to eMedha, a simple idea that has evolved into a realistic paradigm for cyber professionals across the globe. Though author has used cyber world as canvas for this story, eMedha is adaptable for any walk of life as a humane and heuristic roadmap.

Take this momentous journey to understand how projects from any walk of life (life being the biggest one of them all!) can be turned around into success stories!
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