Monday, December 1, 2008

Raj Majumder

In the world of investment, genuine expertise is difficult to come by for the retail investor. And even if you did get access to such expertise, the inherent institutional conflicts of interest would render it of limited use. This is because financial institutions have begun to look at themselves as 'sales force on hire'.
Raj Majumder, CEO, iMetanoia Financial Services (
December 1, 1 pm

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Murali said...

Raj Majumder is the Founder of iMetanoia, a turn of the millennium financial services firm focused on the individual investor. Raj is an MBA from The University of Chicago and received his Bachelor of Science from Boston University.

Before starting iMetanoia, Raj headed the Infosys Business Development division – US Mid-West. Previously, Raj has worked with Goldman Sachs in Europe, Accenture and AT Kearney in India and Singapore. His work has focused on capital efficiency, growth and entry strategies and in these roles he has advised the boards of some of the leading organizations in the world. He brings with him strong international experience and cross-industry perspective having lived and worked in Europe, Asia and the US.

Raj is an Old Lawrencian, Kauffman Fellows finalist for Class 12 and a graduate of the 31st Venture Capital Institute. He is currently an economic columnist for the Financial Express and has published papers on business strategy and valuation. He has the distinction of having his papers critiqued by the Harvard Business Review and presenting a paper at the World Economic Forum-India.

Raj serves on the Boston University Plenary Committee for Chicago and the Dean’s Marketing Advisory Group at The Chicago GSB. Raj is a member of TiE and has represented The Chicago GSB at the Silicon Valley TiECon.
iMetanoia Financial Services is a turn of the millennium firm focused on the individual investor. iMetanoia is founded on the belief that investments can be demystified and made simple so that a larger group of people can approach it with ease and confidence. The firm blends freeware and subscription services to bring together Institutional Content Made Main Street Ready, End-to-End Transactions Capability and World-class Investor Education. It is in the process of incorporating a brokerage engine to both participate in the growing transactions business and to fully leverage its platform technologies that codify institutional best practices for the individual investor.

Metanoia is a Greek word that stands for a paradigm shift of the mind and captures the essence of the changes in investing that the firm hopes to be a driving part of.

iMetanoia offers products which cater to the retail investors. It recognizes that no two investment goals are exactly alike and that is why the firm focuses its resources – people, technology and capital – on tailoring strategies to address the individual needs. These elements work to ensure that the recommendations reflect the best information available and adhere to its members’ best interests.

Empirical evidence has shown that expertise is overrated. Genuine expertise is hard to come by, especially for the individual investor. The firm aims to empower the retail investors to make sound financial decisions on their own.

The various financial solutions offered by iMetanoia are:

* iMPriceDiscoveryTM
o Price Discovery is how stock prices are arrived at. Quantitative, fundamental analysis based approach in departure to the current chart driven approach. Investors no longer have to rely on tips or hunches but make calls on the business specifics of the stock.

* iMPortfolio’TM
o Helps investors structure, optimize and manage their portfolio. Most services make stock recommendations while what matters is the portfolio view. Given a large part of out performance is driven by portfolio make-up, this is a large gap. Optimizing portfolio brings in a balance between risk and return through tools that bring the focus back on the portfolio.

* iMPlayBookTM
o Value added stock strategy recommendations that talk to specific investment goals. For investors who would like to bring in the strategic element to their investments. iMetanoia focuses is on unique investment ideas that bring out out-performance.

* iMPocketBookTM
o Pocket-Book is an online wallet, which uses a sources and uses of funds approach to balance current expenses with future needs. Integrated advise, tracking and management of income, through benchmark data.

* iMFirstPrinciplesTM
o First-Principles is a world-class investment education, especially crafted for the Individual Investor. It helps investors learn the product attributes and foundation of valuation, from some of the leading entities in the world.

* iMHootnHollerTM
o iMHootnHoller is a investor community which reaches out to the fellowship to get ideas, validate approach and build relations.

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