Saturday, November 29, 2008

R. Narasimhan

The simplest and the most effective measure of performance of an employee is the level of happiness of his/her boss. As long as the boss is happy, you can rest assured that your performance is okay. However, you need to be true to yourself, in the process. Easy to say, but tough to follow. The same guideline works with customers, too.
Dr R. Narasimhan, Founder Director of SMOT (
November 29, 1 pm

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Dr. Narasimhan is a wonderful combination of academic excellence enjoying the privilege of being the alumni of two of the premier institutes of the country of international recognition with a post doctoral fellowship to his credit, yet believes in constant updating and in quest of knowledge, a teacher par excellence with a niche for establishing and building centres of learning of international affiliation, enjoying hard core experience in best business practices with meaningful and measurable contribution for a leading IT Co, one who knows the meaning and derivative of top line and bottom line and the importance of man management from choosing the right person for the right job and keep him / her motivated to get the best out of him / her for the good of the organization as well as all those who are connected with it to reward well at the appropriate time.

Dr. R. Narasimhan, formerly Deputy Dean, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, a product of Roorkee University (now IIT, Roorkee) in Applied Mathematics (1980), he moved to IIT, Madras for his PhD (1985) in Computational Mechanics. Starting his career in Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Chennai paving the way for 16 years of illustrious teaching career, he is the one who later laid the foundation for the Computer Applications Department that went on to become one of the best equipped and managed centers of excellence in the country and accredited with grade A for maximum allowed five years by the National Accreditation Board of AICTE.

In pursuit of knowledge and excellence as he is, he joined Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) for a post doctoral fellowship (1990) and returned to Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering and headed the Department for 7 years with distinction.

Invitation came from the emerging new sector of the Indian industry – the knowledge industry – in the form of Manager, Knowledge Management initiative, a two year stint yielding monumental gains to the employer – HCL Technologies – being part of the Software Engineering Process Group, a steering group that was responsible HCLT getting the prestigious CMM Level 5 accreditation.

The passion for teaching, his first love, brought him back to the world of academics, proving the first law of corporate success – when there is a profit there is always a corresponding loss elsewhere -once again. On invitation, he collaborated with Prof. Bala V Balachandran, a distinguished Professor from Kellogg, to establish institutions of international presence as head of a company by name American Systems Education and Technology. During this period, he traveled widely across various countries and a technology school was established in Kingston, Jamaica. He played a critical role in starting and successfully running Great Lakes Institute of Management, a management school at Chennai - of which he was until recently the Deputy Dean.

Dr. Narasimhan is currently the Founder Director of SMOT, the Business School of Excellence which he founded with a vision to offer fitment based industry relevant world class business education.
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