Friday, November 21, 2008

P. Nagarajan - Videos

Facilitating e-learning for varied learners

Industry has to knock the doors of universities

Remembering my teacher who helps failed students

You can measure performance by the trajectory

We have specific stakeholders in the company to conserve energy

Overview of Softsmith's services - PIP, People, Intellect, Product

The new age learning will be remote, through webinars

How has been the attendance in the webinars

Who are participating in the webinars

We want to give intellect free from India

Where is registration for webinar coming from

How can colleges benefit from webinars

We plan to offer webinars in Tamil and Hindi (Tamil)

How has my village grown over the years (Tamil)

Students participate from different time zones

An example of 'A problem a week' webinar for corporates

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