Saturday, October 18, 2008

M. Shankaran - Videos

Origin of BIM and the momentum created in the first year

Plans for the Silver Jubilee celebration in Jan 2009

Our new courses for analytics and business analysis

How have placements been at BIM over the years

Our biggest strength is the alumni

We have been operating on break-even model

Minimum cut-off has been going up

Profile of students in BIM

One-year 'personal growth lab'

Do we need an MBA programme designed for those with work experience

Age is not an input for selection process

Lifecycle of an MBA graduate has two major shifts

You can reduce stress by aligning profession with passion

Guidance for CAT aspirants

Companies should tighten belts during the current economic crisis

Is there scope for creativity in a B-school campus

Demanding students keep faculty on toes

How can the industry-academia interaction happen

Wearing a mask doesn't help during the interview

Making students learn is the greatest challenge

Companies have to clarify what they mean by employability

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