Friday, November 7, 2008

Durjoy Patranabish

Tomorrow, sales and marketing will not be about advertising and product marketing but will revolve around customer-to-customer marketing, where analytics will play a major role.

Durjoy Patranabish, Head, C-Lab India
November 7, 3 pm


Murali said...


RedPill Solutions – Company Profile

RedPill is a Singapore-based specialist customer management services firm set up 8 years ago in the year 2000 by a group of experienced marketing and consulting professionals.

RedPill is Asia’s first specialist focused on customer strategy - committed to bringing the best customer management practices to clients. The purpose is to add value to a client’s business by improving the customer-centricity and customer value of their business.

RedPill has always tried to operate in a differentiated niche – by providing a unique service that combines the best of strategy consultants (like McKinsey, Bain and BCG), applied technologists (like IBM and Accenture) and marketing services providers (like WPP and Nielsen) as one ‘integrated customer management solution’ for clients. The company believes that it is in the intersection of these 3 hitherto discreet service provider models that the key to unlocking true customer value and centricity for businesses lies.

RedPill has a suite of services in 3 business areas, each focused on a different aspect of customer management strategy

* Our Strategy services deliver “Ideas” that increase the return on customer through innovative thinking
* Our Analytics services deliver customer “Insights” that transform customer data into $ for clients and satisfaction for customers
* Our Mobility services focus on “Interactions” enabling clients to incorporate C2C strategies into their business models

Our ideas and strategies have stood the test of time. In fact, our clients have repeatedly pointed out 3 major reasons why they have hired and re-hired us:

* Ahead of time thinking – we are always pushing the envelope of customer management and helping clients generate forward looking innovations
* Logic + magic thinking – we combine analysis and imagination in equal measure
* Rapid results – we are technology and technique agnostic and concentrate on the quickest most effective way to generate business results. We focus on the R not the I of RoI.
RedPill Solutions Pte Ltd, an IT consulting co in the domain of customer management services. The co is Singapore based and recently started its Indian operations from Chennai. Their innovation centre c-lab, is based out of chennai and the global r&d will be centralised from here.
Adfactors PR

Murali said...

Durjoy is an expert in setting up and running offshore KPOs, having managed the outsourcing operations for CapitalOne in India and Philippines. CapitalOne is widely considered the gold standard of Analytics globally.

Career Highlights

- 11 years experience in Outsourcing Strategy & Implementation, and Program Management in Financial services
- Previously managing Asia outsourcing operations for CapitalOne US Cards
- Associated with companies such as – CapitalOne, Cambridge Technology Partners, Wipro, Reuters, and Tata Consultancy Services
- MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow