Sunday, November 30, 2008

November 2008 appointments

1 - Shihan Hussaini - 1 pm (?); *T.S. Subramanian - 4 pm
2 - *Pavan Bakeri - 1 pm (?)
3 - *N. Paramasivam - 11.30 am; *V. Soundararajan - 12.30 pm
4 - *David Nallathambi, R. Shantaram, P.V.R. Murthy - 12 noon
5 - *Kannan and Tapan - 1 pm
6 - *S. Sundar Rajan - 1 pm; *Sonali Lalvani - 3 pm
7 - *G.S.K. Velu - 9.15 am; *A.R.P. Raman - 11.30 am; *A. Krishnan - 1 pm; *Durjoy Patranabish - 3 pm
8 - *M. Senthil - 1 pm
9 - *V. Kannan - 12.30 pm
10 - *Abhishek Somany - 11 am
11 - *Ramesh Nair - 12.30 pm; *Muhamad Yavar Dhala - 6 pm
12 - *Jagan Nathan Vaman - 1 pm
13 - Anand Anandkumar - 1 pm (?)
14 - *V.F. John Yesudhas - 1 pm
15 -*SIP Prodigy 2008- 9 am
16 - *Ananth Narasimhan - 12.30 pm; *November Fest - 8 pm
17 - Rakesh Misra - 1 pm (Resch. Nov 24)
18 - V. M. Kumar - 1 pm (?); *Ram Subramani - 1 pm
19 - *Haragopal - 9.15 am; *Shekar Nair - 12.30; Radio City (?)
20 - A. Nagesh - 1 pm (Resch. Nov 22); Sudhakar Ram (?)
21 - *Sage MSE Lecture - 6.30 pm; *D.K. Srivastava - 8.30 pm
22 - *Stephen Barr, *Vivek Mehra - 9.15 am; *A. Nagesh- 1.30 pm
23 - *H.K. Lakshman Rao - 12 noon
24 - *Rakesh Misra - 1 pm; *V.R. Srinivasan - 7 pm
25 - *CEO Dialogue on Turkey - 7.30 pm
26 - ICAI (?)
27 - *Uma Balakrishnan - 9.15 am; *Ramachandran Narayanaswamy - 1 pm; Nimesh Shah - 3.30 pm (?)
28 - Vijayalakshmi - 1 pm (?); *ICAI Regional Conference - 7 pm
29 - Meet Success First Hand - 8 am (?); *R. Narasimhan - 1 pm; *Robert P. Garnett - 1 pm
30 - Indian Maritime University VC - 12.30 pm (?)

(* means 'met/'spoke')

Saturday, November 29, 2008

R. Narasimhan

The simplest and the most effective measure of performance of an employee is the level of happiness of his/her boss. As long as the boss is happy, you can rest assured that your performance is okay. However, you need to be true to yourself, in the process. Easy to say, but tough to follow. The same guideline works with customers, too.
Dr R. Narasimhan, Founder Director of SMOT (
November 29, 1 pm

Robert P. Garnett

Robert P. Garnett, Board Member & IFRIC Chair, International Accounting Standards Board, UK

November 29, 1 pm

Robert P. Garnett - Videos

Opening snatch…

Successes that IFRS is witnessing

Easy to blame accounting

Repairing and fixing the current economic crisis

Do we need a new set of regulations for banks

Excessive greed was at play

To maintain growth they needed high returns, which led them to take bigger risks

This crisis is a once-in-a-lifetime experience

Where the comparison with the 1930s ends

On engineers in the financial world

North American banks and European banks were following different accounting norms

Views about rating agencies

Studying how we can reduce the complexity of norms on financial instruments

Accounting Standards are becoming complex, annual reports are getting longer

India has to start the IFRS transition early

We can ease the pain in IFRS transition

A common set of principles, but with a different application, for private companies

Professional judgment gets used in the interpretation of standards

Importance of using simple English in the accounting standards

Remembering my teacher

There is still a shortage of professional accountants

Key benefit of global accounting standards

Good financial reporting rests on four legs

Students should understand the principles of standards

One should always be aware of the outlying possibilities

Dominant CEOs may dominate the CFOs

On the concept of Black Swan

Accountants are very good team players

Don’t look at emails for 60 minutes at the start of the day -- a tip for retaining competitive edge

Is stability an objective of financial reporting

Relevance of cost management

Three broad skills that B-school graduates should have

Friday, November 28, 2008

T. Thavamani and M.A. Zaffar Hussain Meera

T. Thavamani, Thavamani & Associates, Chartered Accountants, and M.A. Zaffar Hussain Meera, Madurai
November 28, 10 pm
Importance of arts in profession

How we started performing folk arts

Approach village arts with devotion

P. Rajendra Kumar

P. Rajendra Kumar, Chairman, SIRC of ICAI

November 28, 10 pm

A song....

Uttam Prakash Agarwal

Uttam Prakash Agarwal, Vice-President, ICAI (
November 28, 10 pm

Plans for the next year

K. Raghu

K. Raghu, Member Central Council, ICAI (

November 28, 10 pm

E-learning for CAs

Upinder Zutshi

Upinder Zutshi, CEO, Infinite Computer Solutions Ltd

December 2, 1 pm

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ramachandran Narayanaswamy

As enterprises grow, demand for storage will also grow. Enterprise data has doubled in the last 18 months. And enterprises work at squeezing out the last ounce of juice from the stored data. This is where our solutions have relevance. Another exciting area is green technologies, where we ensure that the storages emit lesser heat and hence require lesser power for cooling. Because anything that produces heat is a double whammy.
Ramachandran Narayanaswamy, Vice President and Head of Chennai Operations, MindTree Ltd
November 27, 1 pm

Ramachandran Narayanaswamy - Videos

Opening remarks

Enterprise data has doubled in the last 18 months

From REC, Trichy to Wipro to MindTree

Raw material for software is people's minds

Remembering my teacher

The 95-95-95 Rule encourages people to ask questions, and also connects and aligns everybody

Myths about IT

Computer science is a glamour subject, India needs all-round growth

Induction of new employees

PAL -- Parent, Anchor, Lead -- concept which recognises that a significant portion of education happens at home

What is often lacking is not ability, but confidence and soft-skills

A school in a rural area -- my dream

How can businesses solve India's growth problems

Shramdhan -- the first step, by taking our skills to solve problems, rather than throwing money

Sabbatical that encourages people to go back to society and make a change

Knowledge Community that allows trying out things, and budgeting for failure through incubator

Strong leader surrounds himself with subject-matter experts and empowers them to take key decisions

Energy initiatives of the storage industry

Do you know how much per capita storage is in the world

A four-line vision we'd started with, and after 10 years we are moving to MindTree 2 dot 0

Observations about the downturn, cycles, and the present turbulent times

Business happens, but relationship remains

Uma Balakrishnan

Despite the downturn in the markets, and also generally in the business world, this is the time for enterprises to revisit how they do their operations and hope for the best. Whatever luxury of inefficiencies we might have lived with has to be pruned now.

Uma Balakrishnan, CEO, Axcend

November 27, 9.15 am

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

BMR-MCCI Executive Briefing on Transfer Pricing

BMR-MCCI Executive Briefing on Transfer Pricing
December 3, 6 pm (Chola)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mehmet Gökay Üstün

Mehmet Gökay Üstün, Head Project Director, Investment Support and Promotion Agency, Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry, Ankara (
November 25, 8 pm

Ravi Chaudhry - Videos

Economic outlook

India may be among the top 5 FDI investors in Turkey

GMR presence in Turkey infrastructure

Talks on for oil pipeline through Turkey

Penetrating European market through Turkey

Automotive companies in Turkey

All factions in Iran and Iraq willing to participate in dialogue with Turkey

On the model of providing all marketing and service support from Istanbul

Increased American exports hinge on dollar rate

CEO Dialogue on Turkey

CEO Dialogue on Turkey
November 25, 7.30 pm (Taj Cor)

Munisamy Gopinath

Munisamy (Gopi) Gopinath, Director, Graduate Program in Applied Economics, Professor, Agricultural and Resource Economics, Oregon State University, US

December 2, afternoon (?)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Rakesh Misra - Videos

People find déjà vu moments in the book

Views on slowdown and recession

What should HR do in the current situation

Realism has to dawn among today's employees

Going up the learning curve is key

Remembering my teacher

On the decision to start writing full time

My next book… and a central character

A new metric is 'how many EMIs can I meet'

Real democracy is necessary for fostering innovation

Realities of IT employee's life

Response of younger generation to the eMedha philosophy

Applying the eMedha philosophy

Why do so many IT projects fail

Author reading the book (a snatch)

Two key parameters in any project

How the book captures real-life situations

Rakesh Misra

While it is gratifying that the book has been a commercial success, personally I am happy that many readers find deja vu moments in the pages of 'The eMedha Paradigm'. Going forward, I intend spending about six months to write my next book...
Rakesh Misra, author of 'The eMedha Paradigm'
November 17, 1 pm (Resch. to Nov 24, 1 pm)

60 Seconds Chief in Mentor - November 24, 2008

Mukul Bhatia - Videos

R. Nagarajan

K. Ravi - Videos

Vinay Agarrwal - Videos

Prashanth Palakurthi - Videos

Portraits - November 24, 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008

H.K. Lakshman Rao

Dr H.K. Lakshman Rao, Management, Statistical & Corporate Consultant, Chennai November 23, 12 noon

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Vivek Mehra - Videos

Is there a role for literary agents in India

What are the takeaways for Sage from the endowment lectures

Serious non-fiction gaining in popularity

Observations about Indian authors

Is there a role for literary agents in India

Topmost issue for Indian publishing is distribution and marketing

A. Nagesh

A. Nagesh, Sr Manager, Institutional Sales & Customer Care, TI Cycles of India, Chennai (
November 22, 1.30 pm

A. Nagesh - Videos

Cycle communities in Chennai

Major problems for cyclists

An example of cycle-renting

Cycle insurance

Why helmet is a must

Vivek Mehra

Vivek Mehra, MD & CEO, Sage India, New Delhi

November 22, 9.15 am

Stephen Barr

Stephen Barr, President Sage International, and MD, Sage London, UK
November 22, 9.15 am

Stephen Barr - Videos

Organisations need distributed wisdom rather than heroic leadership

What is the impact of the economic meltdown on publishing

Business model when making journals available online

Publishing in local languages

Print is a robust way of using a book

A thought from a book I'm currently reading

Perfectionism can be a potentially destructive trait

Observations about the young

Impact of exchange fluctuations on business

Big impediment to innovation is fear

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification

Economic implications of going green

Significance of Sage India in the group

Sage India is hiring and growing

Shifts in the book-reading habits

Indian media highlights issues concerning the publishing industry

Effect of author podcasts and video clips on book sales

Electronic migration of content a major issue for global publishing

On Google's recent deal with publishers

What's the exciting thing coming up soon...

Programmes to support the academia

Friday, November 21, 2008

D.K. Srivastava

D.K. Srivastava, Director, Madras School of Economics, Chennai
At the Sage MSE Lecture (November 21, 2008, 8 pm)

D.K. Srivatsava - Videos

We had pre-empted our options when the Budget was made

What are the options before manufacturers

Prices will come under control within a maximum of 6 months

Policy responses and analytical reviews are not insightful

In India urbanisation will happen in a non-linear way

Sage MSE Lecture - Videos

Dr C. Rangarajan

Stephen Barr

Dr C Rangarajan-1

Dr D.K.Srivastava

Team Sage

P. Nagarajan - Videos

Facilitating e-learning for varied learners

Industry has to knock the doors of universities

Remembering my teacher who helps failed students

You can measure performance by the trajectory

We have specific stakeholders in the company to conserve energy

Overview of Softsmith's services - PIP, People, Intellect, Product

The new age learning will be remote, through webinars

How has been the attendance in the webinars

Who are participating in the webinars

We want to give intellect free from India

Where is registration for webinar coming from

How can colleges benefit from webinars

We plan to offer webinars in Tamil and Hindi (Tamil)

How has my village grown over the years (Tamil)

Students participate from different time zones

An example of 'A problem a week' webinar for corporates

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Shekar G. Nair - Videos

SME market potential in India is huge

Thoughts on the financial crisis

Needs of distributed enterprises

What are the requisites of a right solution

Challenges that SMEs face

Challenges that SMEs Face

Customers across verticals

K.H. Viswanathan - Videos

How big is India in the global RSM Astute

Services offered in the non-attest areas

Controls in Indian businesses have helped in weathering the crisis
Current and recent projects
An acquisition deal and a celebrity tour
Challenges in entertainment tour assignments
Factors to be considered by companies that make global bids
Lack of clarity in laws makes it difficult to do business in India
Examples of ambiguity in taxation
Remembering my teacher who made me think big
Customer is an integral partner in growth
What are good and worrying in the young generation

American HR solutions may not work in India
A case study on reducing man power cast humanely
We have a long way to go in corporate governance
What is relaxation
Role of professionals during the meltdown
We should refocus on zero-base budgeting
Three qualities that make consultants successful

Indianise the international benchmarks
What are the promising sectors

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Andrew Watchman - Videos

Accounting standard setters' response to financial crisis

On compliance with standards

Not a done deal yet in China

Can Chinese standards be described as IFRS

A general view of Indian accounting standards

Advantages of IFRS

What was my role in the UK during IFRS transition

The Big Bang approach in Europe vs gradual convergence

Shekar Nair

The SME or SMB market potential is very big in India because the emerging business are scaling geographically as they continue to grow their revenues and customer base. This makes the emerging business to be distributed enterprises, where branch offices are connected with the regional offices which in turn are linked to the HQ. They need solutions that can help them connect, secure and manage the connectivity, data and applications in a really cost-effective manner, rather than have several point-solutions or racks of equipment in every branch location. It is here that Elina has a product offering tailored specifically to meet the business needs of cost-conscious distributed enterprises.

Shekar Nair, CEO,
Elina Networks
November 19, 12.30 pm

Haragopal Mangipudi

This is the time when it is all about winning in the turns. We need to enable everyone in the food-chain to win in the turns, whichever segment, whichever geography. Their customers, in turn, should be able to make that kind of moves. That alone can bring in success for us. So, there is a greater need for us to stand by our customers during this transition.
Haragopal Mangipudi, Vice President and Business Head, Finacle, Infosys Technologies Ltd, Bangalore (
November 19, 9.15 am

Haragopal Mangipudi - Videos

What's exciting in my work is the ringside view of banking from a technology perspective

Opportunities during the slowdown

How far are we insulated from global meltdown

What changes can we expect in regulation

Are we looking at changes to Finacle...

Here's an opportunity for transformation

Why a contrarian view may help

Banks hold the key if they bring in the efficiencies

Conservatism will continue but focus will be on pricing and service

Top priorities for banks

Yes, we are adding to the Finacle team

A platform should enable faster compliance

Better information visibility improves decision quality

Customer-centricity is the bedrock of a platform

Benefits that a platform brings to banks

Indian banks have quality talent

The grammar-vocabulary analogy

Mobile will the preferred channel for banking customers

Winning in the turns

Expectations of different age-groups

On the scale advantage

All the three options are open

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ram Subramani

The current economic slowdown can slice off about 30-40 per cent of this year's revenues for most of the IT application services companies. However, a good growth area is IT infrastructure management, in which Indian IT companies are doing better than their global counterparts. Companies like Wipro, TCS and HCL are registering double-digit growth of more than 60 per cent in IMS (infrastructure management services). Maples ESM, which focuses mainly on IT IMS, especially in enterprise class servers and networks, stands to gain substantial revenue growth despite the current market conditions.

Ram Subramani, MD and CEO, Maples ESM

November 18, 1 pm

N. Ram Subramani - Videos

Indian IT companies competing with foreign MNCs in IMS -- infrastructure management services

Outsourcing of IMS has picked up, in L1 and L2 out of the four levels

Training in infrastructure management through a variety of programmes

BOT model for IMS, at all four levels -- a recent project for an international company

IMS is an annuity model, unlike application-oriented work which is project-based

Industry collaborative course in University of Madras, as a joint-certification initiative

Syllabus in universities to be revamped, considering industry needs

Qualification required to be a successful IMS professional

IMS job is 24X7, it is high-risk, but there are multiple levels to resolve issues

Remembering my teacher

Work is worship

How to identify the hunger to learn

Begin with the end in the mind -- a thought from a book

Views about the young generation

Deciding to return from the US to India and the employment generation work ever since

Green energy focus in IT

Story behind the word 'Maples' in the company name

Are Indian enterprises adopting IMS

Flip side of setting up in-house EDP centres

Moving towards RIM - remote infrastructure management

Cross-domain skill training for IT companies

Positioned well for mid-size companies

Our IT companies can adopt a consortium approach, rather than competing with one another and bringing price down

Service quality is impacted when price is brought down, and bottom-push happens adversely affecting deliverables

How can rural students build a career (in Tamil)

State-of-the-art facilities for training (Presentation)

Overseas branches

Work in Japan, Europe, in addition to US

Srinivas Kandula - Videos

Downsizing is a symptom of mismanagement

Strategy is a commodity whereas execution is an art

Why do managers focus on strategy at the cost of execution

Most analytical explanations end up as alibis for non-performance

Competitive culture vs collaborative culture

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ananth Narasimhan

In the currently changing business environment, where travel agents face many challenges - the biggest being the recent withdrawal of agency commission by the airlines - what we need to do is to anticipate the forthcoming changes and prepare ourselves for the same.
Ananth Narasimhan, CEO and Co-founder, (
November 16, 2008, 12.30 pm

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ashwin Ravindranath - Videos

An overview of Chennai real estate

Are real estate developers sitting on unsold inventory

Alternative uses for the unoccupied IT space

Residential rentals are significantly lower than what they could be

Why an investor should look at real estate revenue streams rather thanappreciation

On real estate mutual funds and REITs

SIP Prodigy 2008 - Videos

Getting ready

Dinesh Victor gives an overview of the event

Where are the participants coming from

Arrangements for the parents

After the exam, what

Deepak, a franchisee from Bangalore

Prior to the exam

Last lap of preparation


Chief guest has arrived

Invocation song in Tamil

Cheering up

Breathing exercise

Simple massaging drill

One, two, three, four...

Thumbs up.mp4

Another exercise

My two brains work together

Exam begins with a whistle

Seniors at work

Anuradha, Grandmaster Trainer, explaining the exam levels

How the difficulty level increases

Parents waiting