Thursday, September 29, 2011

D. Sathish Babu

Opportunities are plenty. What is needed is a positive mind. Obstacles will be there but you can overcome them as long as you don't accept defeats as final. Try, try, and try. You can succeed. Perseverance will see you through. This is how we have grown. Nothing can be achieved without sacrifice. Even small, small sacrifices can give you greater happiness. For instance, when building the business, it becomes inevitable to miss a few family functions and other social occasions.

D. Sathish Babu, Founder, UniverCell (
October 10, 1 pm

September 29, 2011, 9.30 pm (Hyatt)

UniverCell's plans to be a retail chain across the country

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Organization Profile

From selling vacuum cleaners as a door to door salesman owning a business selling mobile telephone sets is quite an impressive advance for a young man.D.Sathish Babu not only made that transition a decade ago, but he has firmly established himself as arguably the foremost multi location vendor of mobile telephones of all sizes and brands in India within a decade of launching himself in business.

The tag- line of the company he runs reads Univercell, the Mobile Expert . Anybody who has every shopped for a mobile phone in this part of the world known this is no empty boast

Sathish Babu, a mathematics graduate, began his career as a sales executive with Eureka Forbes where he steadily rose to the post of regional sales manager during nine year tenure. He left the company in 1997 to start his own business venture, bitten by the bug to be “my own boss”.

It was still the early days of the Indian Mobile phone retailing. The industry was highly fragmented and disorganized. Mobile handsets were expensive, the grey market dominated and there were few showrooms around to showcase mobile products

Sathish Babu entered this scene selling postpaid mobile connections as a Skycell teleshop. He soon decided he would provide a nice ambience in which his customers would be able to choose the cellphone instruments they liked in comfort and served well by intelligent, courteous, efficient salespersons.

Using his savings and some capital from the family, Sathish started UniverCell in 2000 in Chennai. Since then, Sathish and Univercell have spun a success story to be the largest mobile phone retailer and among the better known brands in India. Judicious investment in technology and people has seen to that. Statistics are available to show that one out of every handsets sold in the market is from Univercell. Its customer base stands at a vast 5 million, with 100,000 people buying its handsets every month.

From a single store with 32 employees in 2000, Univercell has grown to 170 stores with over 1350 employees across southern India. The company continues to be recognized as the top retailer by all major mobile manufactures and enjoys the best of concessions and incentives. It expects to open 300 stores across India by 2009 and seems will poised to achieve its ambitious target.

Sathish Babu has promoted the brand through every available mass media tool of advertising. Innovative marketing and a consistent presence across media have been the hallmark of Univercell’s journey as far. Celebrity endorsement is for instance a big part of its advertising campaigns with film actor R.Madhavan as its brand ambassador. With effective advertising campaigns and market a promotion, Sathish Babu has made sure that Univercell is well entrenched in the hearts and minds of the buying public all over India. The presence of large retail outlets, print, television, event promotions, billboards and FM radio broadcast, are constant reminders to customers existing and prospective keeping in line with the focus of aggressive expansion, Univercell has started SIS (Shop in Shop) model stress within Music World of RPG group.

Sathish Babu strives to constantly incorporate innovative retailing concepts into his organization. Trying them out first in TamilNadu, Univercell keeps replicating these ideas in the rest of the country. Training and constant motivation are important elements of the organisation’s culture and Sathish Babu’s young (average age staff 24) are known for their job knowledge, high morale articulation and pleasant demeanour.

Univercell has the distinction of being the first mobile phone retailer to provide a warranty on every purchase, keeping in mind the stiff competition the grey market poses. Recently Univercell launched an exclusive MOBILE THEFT and DAMAGE INSURANCE along with Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd. to cover all risks not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. It was also the first mobile retailer to implement the touch and feel concept, besides offering several exchange offers.

Sathish Babu and Univercell are determined to go places. They are all set of move into the next phase of expansion. With the Indian cellphone market still quite away from reaching saturation, Univercell’s future looks bright.
UniverCell TeleCommunication Pvt Ltd.,