Saturday, October 18, 2008

P. Nagarajan

Intellect has to reach all people at all levels. What is intellect? A profound feeling and understanding of a concept. For instance, software intellect should encompass what, when, why, how, where, and who, of the domain (about database, say), and that person should have felt or worked on all these, rather than merely repeating what he/she has read. When intellect reaches all people, it brings out the full potential of the person. With today's technology, like webinar, we can transfer intellect to wherever Internet penetration has happened, and it can reach beyond the confines of restricted conference halls and classrooms.

P. Nagarajan, Founder & CEO, Softsmith, Chennai

October 18, 1 pm

P. Nagarajan - Videos

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Murali said...


Nagarajan, the Founder and CEO of Softsmith Infotech, has around 16
years of Industry Experience.

Nagarajan began his career in 1992 in Essar Information Technology (a
division of Essar Group). He worked in diversified software platforms
and geographies. He had been a consultant with Tata Consultancy
Services, Tandem Computers (now HP), US Defense, TRW Experian, SSI
Technologies and Satyam computers.

During his career, he has provided consulting and project management
services to leading organizations and also has assessed organizations
on SEI CMM Certifications. He is known in the industry circles for his
strong leadership qualities, a high understanding of testing
methodology and an efficient mentorship skill. He has rich experience
in the timely execution of highly demanding technology intensive

Nagarajan has a degree in Bachelor of Computer Science & Engineering
from the College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai, India.