Thursday, October 9, 2008

Giridhar Bail

This is the time to tighten your belt and also retain what you have. Planning is the key to see the road ahead. Do not make any panic sales. If surplus is available, you can invest in bad times to reap the benefits in good times.

Giridhar Bail, GSB Financial Solutions
October 9, 1 pm

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Murali said...


GSB Financial Solutions launches "Finnplann - the master wealth check up"
Finnplann available currently in English, Tamil, Kannada and Hindi

The Chennai based GSB Financial Solutions Pvt Ltd, a specialist financial solutions provider, has come up with a first of its kind product , "Finnplann – the master wealth check up" that manages and plans your finances. The easy-to-use financial planning tool, makes use of cash concepts to deliver a simple and readable understanding of one's financial status. Finnplann is a planning tool, whereas others are largely historical accounting tools.

The uniqueness of the product is that, there is a planning element in Finnplann that enables one to see the effects of financial decisions on the cash flow – helping one make an informed choice instead of just following the advice given by portfolio managers.

Finnplann software facilitates a deep understanding of ones finances and helps you determine whether the money is working for you. It also tells you how to derive maximum benefit by using the information available and by projecting values every year for ten years. Variables such as inflation, asset appreciation impact of EMI's, loan prepayment based on individual perception are factored into the package

Finnplann is a highly useful product for banks, corporates, micro credit financial institutions, and individuals providing financial services, to profile their clients' needs such as insurance policies, mutual funds, loans, credit cards, shares etc.

Product Features and Advantages:
Finnplann is a software, that can be used by anyone with basic computer knowledge and an internet connection.
ü Easy to use
ü Multilingual – English, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada.
ü Net Wealth Statement – Assess your financial position .
ü Cash Flow Statement and Road map- Makes your money work for you
ü Projected Balance sheet – Shows assets and liabilities for 10 years
ü Ratios: Ideal Ratios/Ratio Reports- Highlights imbalances in investments/savings
ü Transparent – You can see where the money is going
ü Calculations – Data generated with plenty of validation

Finnplann has been introduced for the first time in India. Mr. Giridhar Bail, Director, G S B, said "the product is constructed simply on a single page data entry format and is currently available in 3 languages - Tamil, Hindi , Kannada and will be expanded to cover all major Indian and foreign languages. This product will revolutionize and more importantly empower a large section of our society. Mr. Bail added that the market potential is huge, since it can be used by individuals, scheduled banks, other government bodies and corporates effectively.

With inflation climbing steeply, this financial product is viewed as the need of the hour. The concept has been well appreciated in the market during the trial period. The market potential is truly global. However in the Indian context we have around 26 public sector banks, 21 private sector banks, around 7500 cooperative banks, 23 micro finance companies and numerous corporates, who can implement this software effectively.

The product has been created with an investment of Rs.150 lakhs. Depending on market acceptance the sales projections can vary upwards from Rs 300 lakhs per annum. Finnplann is priced moderately. For
Institutions it would be sold as "Software as a Service " (SaaS) i.e. based on the number of users. For 5000 users, it would cost them approx Rs.400/- per user of which Rs.200/- is license fee per user per year. The cost per user reduces with increase in utilization.

About G S B Financial Solutions:
G S B Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd specializes in providing specific financial solutions. It is headed by Mr. Giridhar Bail , a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years of standing in the field. The Company has a team of dedicated professionals heading the various divisions. The company has been formed for the purpose of developing software to provide financial solutions and marketing the same, both in India and abroad. The company's mission is to make available financial tools to help individuals and institutions, make the best use of available resources. Future software tools would include accounting from banking outputs, income tax, IT return filing and utilities to enhance decision making.

For further details please contact :
Ms. Reshma Rao, GSB Financial Solutions Mobile 98410 41827, Ms. Swetha, Prism PR Mobile: 96000 70116