Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Utsav Seth

October 4, 1 pm (?)

Utsav Seth, CEO, Foresight Smart Ventures

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Foresight Smart Ventures is spearheaded by Utsav Seth as Managing Director based in London and powered by a highly skilled and professional team of more than 1000 people based in India and China with central offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Chennai & New Delhi. Foresight Smart Ventures is backed by the Foresight group and has aggressive plans and diversified growth initiatives for the group in areas of manufacturing, hospitality & leisure, retail, real estate and green energy.
Pavers Foresight Smart Ventures limited with a corpus of USD 60 million, based out of Mauritius is formed as a 50: 50 joint venture between London based US $ 450 million Foresight Group- a global conglomerate and Pavers Limited- York based USD 150 million footwear Retail Major in UK.

Pavers Foresight Smart Ventures has set up their retail arm, Pavers England Footprint Limited (PEFL) as a joint venture with Forward Group- a leader in the Indian Footwear Industry. Paver England Footprints Limited headed launched their footwear brands across India in association with Reliance Footprint Limited- a subsidiary of India’ largest private sector conglomerate- Reliance Industries Limited.

Profile of Utsav Seth

Utsav Seth has been in the footwear industry for more than 15 years and has been responsible in establishing india’s largest and one of the most successful footwear component company GTFC Ltd with pan India operations.

In 2004, Utsav set-up an international subsidiary of footwear procurement logistics business in United Kingdom which today within a short span of 4 years has global sourcing operations in India, china, turkey & brazil managing global buying for some of the fastest growing manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers in Europe and United Kingdom.

Utsav Seth now based in London is the Chief Executive Officer of Pavers Foresight Smart Ventures; a division of London based Foresight Group and is responsible for worldwide operations spread across Hospitality & Leisure, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Retail and Green Energy.

Utsav is also a Member of the Institute of Directors, London.