Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shailesh H. Mehta

"eLearning is the answer to many challenges facing education in the country. A few years down the line when eLearning adoption is on a mass scale, you will find that quality education people are hungry for will be a thing of the past. Because what eLeanring enables is the use of technology to provide quality education to masses at an affordable cost, which otherwise is a contradiction in terms."

Shailesh H. Mehta, CEO, GurukulOnline Learning Solutions

September 16, 1 pm

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Murali said...


Mr. Shailesh Mehta is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of GurukulOnline Learning Solutions (GOLS), the pioneer and innovator in the e learning realm. He has been a quintessential entrepreneur who recognized the scope for e learning in India and the large business opportunity it holds in the global market. Under his dynamic leadership, GurukulOnline, which he founded in 2001, has emerged as a leader in the e learning space offering specialized solutions to corporate houses, educational institutions and government. ?

In a short span of over 7 years, Mr. Mehta and his team have managed to revolutionize the concept of e learning in our country by offering India?s first virtual classroom from Centra USA, with 300 media rich, highly interactive IT courses and the world?s leading virtual campus. With a mission to provide exclusive educational experience on the web through continuous innovation, this elearning evangelist wants GOLS to be the global leader in providing technologically superior and user friendly e learning solutions.?

Mr. Mehta is a serial entrepreneur in the classical sense.? He traverses industries like stock market, manufacturing and high tech like Information Technology with aplomb.? The entrepreneur streak in Mr. Mehta can be traced back to his youth days when he set up a stock broking firm, along with two others, which soon figured in the top five brokerage firms in the IPO business. His penchant for challenges and a never-say-die attitude turned a loss making company like Duflon Polymers into a successful enterprise and is today the world?s dominant producer of products required by pump and instrumentation industry. Industry stalwarts credit him to be the driving force in positioning DuFlon? Polymers Pvt Ltd as the world's largest manufacture of Teflon? Butterfly Valve and Lined Disc under his ascendancy. ?

A first class commerce and law graduate from Mumbai University and an alumnus of Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mr. Mehta is an efficient communicator. He has voiced his concerns regarding the elearning industry in various forums including NASSCOM. He is also actively involved in stimulating talent pool through GOLS in India.
ICSI Courses: GOLS tied-up with Institute of Company Secretaries (ICSI), a constitutional body, regulating the profession of Company Secretaries in India. The course is an initiative taken by GOLS and ICSI, to bestow additional source of learning through e-learning to the students, and the existing distance education programs.

School Of Insurance: An eLearning portal The School of Insurance is powered by GOLS, which offers IRDA-accredited, Life and Non-Life Insurance online courses for the benefit of insurance agents seeking an IRDA certification.

IRM: GOLS tied-up with Retail Association of India (RAI), to offer Retail Management Training courses in India. Retail education and training for a Certified

Smartel™: Smartel™ is a site set up by GOLS, offering courses covering different functional areas of BPO. Smartel™ enables ITES-BPO industry to test, train, and recruit across India through the medium of the Internet.

Amity: Amity is the leading education group of India in private business school. GOLS has tie-up with Amity to offer online degree and diploma programmes in Business Management.

TravelVarsity.com: Travelvarsity.com is a premium offering from GurukulOnline Learning Solutions™, the leaders in enterprise eLearning, in association with Kuoni Travels, the world's leading tour operator.

PetroVarsity: GOLS has tied-up with Indian School of Petroleum- a premier institute imparting training in Oil & Gas industry.

Institute Of eSecurity: GOLS with Appin Knowledge Solutions offer online programs / courses that cover the essentials of e-security. Appin conducts workshops and training programmes and also offer custom made courses.

Event Management Varsity: Eventmanagementvarsity.com is a joint venture between GurukulOnline Learning Solutions™, India's premier eLearning company, and National Institute of Event Management (NIEM), Asia's first and Premier Event Managemnet Institute (Fact Recoded in Limca Book of Records) imparting training and education in the field of events.

BankingVarsity.com: Bankingvarsity.com is a premium offering from GurukulOnline Learning Solutions™ (GOLS), leaders in enterprise eLearning. At www.bankingvarsity.com, offers a range of courses for a wide cross-section of the banking community. Various operational aspects of banking are covered in these courses.

BIIOnline: Bio-informatics Institute of India (BII) is among the nation’s top distance learning centers. GOLS has tie-up with BII to offer online courses in Bio-informatics and Healthcare Management.

eLearningVarsity: eLearning Varsity, a premier offering from GurukulOnline Learning Solutions. eLearning Varsity has been specifically created to provide quality education in Technical Writing and Instructional Designing.

InsuranceVarsity: GOLS introduced www.insurancevarsity.com, which shall offer a series of products including courses and Mock tests to help aspiring and existing Insurance professionals succeed as Insurance professionals.

Careercounseling.in: An eLearning Portal that will offer online counseling to students and professionals. Esteemed counselors will use this site as a platform to conduct virtual counseling sessions with candidates.
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