Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sandeep Mehta - Videos

Housing should be made affordable

How small size has become a must now

The West Bengal example of real estate development

Rentals in Chennai cheaper than in other major cities

What difference NRIs can bring in

Real estate industry is in the top rung, globally

Current slowdown is temporary

Today there is no dependence on FDIs

Banks have to be aggressive...

On expansion and funding

Demand for commercial space continues in Chennai

Options before developers of malls that are unoccupied

Housing at Rs 20-40 lakh 10-15 km away

This is the best time to buy

Developers going through a low-sales phase

Those with good balance sheets will get funding

On OMR there will be a rush after infrastructure is in place

Developments in Sriperumbudur and GST Road

Does MRTS make a difference to real estate

About 10 per cent demand for city products

Our focus has been residential development

Hotel projects coming up

Customers are different now

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