Tuesday, September 30, 2008

R. Nagarajan

"PanIIT conferences are meeting places for the alumni of IITs. They are held every other year in India, alternating with the US. In 2008, given the context of Golden Jubilee celebrations of IIT Madras, the PanIIT meeting is being held on the IIT Madras campus in Chennai from December 19 to 21. This will be the first PanIIT meet to be held on the campus of an IIT. For that reason, campus administration and residents have been extremely supportive to the organisers of PanIIT 2008. In particular, Prof Ananth has been insistent from day one that the meet should be held on campus so that it provides a fulfilling experience for the alumni."

Dr R. Nagarajan, Professor, Dept of Chemical Engg, IIT Madras, Chennai (http://www.iitm.ac.in/), and Co-Chair, Programme Committee, PanIIT 2008 Global Conference (, http://www.paniit2008.org/)

September 30, 1.15 pm

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Dr. Nagarajan

Co-Chair, Programme Committee, PanIIT 2008 Global Conference

Dr. Nagarajan is currently Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at IIT Madras. He obtained his B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering in 1981 from IIT Madras, and a Ph.D. in the same field from Yale University (New Haven, CT, USA) in 1986. From 1986 - 1988, he served as Research Faculty in the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV; during this tenure, he served as coordinator for research projects funded by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Navy. From 1988 – 2003, Dr. Nagarajan was a Senior Technical Staff Member with IBM Storage Systems’ Development Laboratory in San Jose, CA, where he oversaw elimination of ozone-depleting chemicals from IBM’s manufacturing operations, and directed many ground-breaking efforts in the areas of chemical integration & micro-contamination control for hard disk drives.

Dr. Nagarajan returned to Chennai in 2003, and served as G.S. Laddha Visiting Professor at A.C. College of Technology for one semester, prior to taking up his position as Professor at IIT Madras in February 2004. In addition to his teaching and research endeavors, which are focused on nano-technology and process-intensification, Prof. Nagarajan is involved with several innovation-related activities at IIT Madras. He is the Principal Coordinator for L-RAMP (Lemelson Recognition & Mentoring Program)—an initiative (funded by The Lemelson Foundation, Portland, OR, USA) to identify grass-roots innovators, and provide them all necessary incubation support (financial, technical, networking, business planning, etc.) to enable them to take their innovation to the market. He is also the Faculty Coordinator for the Center for Innovation, an alumni-funded facility to encourage innovative thinking among IIT Madras students.

Dr. Nagarajan is currently co-chairing the programme committee of the much awaited annual IIT Global conference, PanIIT 2008 which is slated to be held at IIT Madras between 19th Dec – 21st Dec 2008.


• PAN IIT is a not-for-profit global organization registered in India, USA & UK.
• The founder members include distinguished alumnus such as Rajat Gupta, Gururaj ‘Desh’ Deshpande, N. R Narayanamurthy, Nandan Nilekani, Ashank Desai, Pradeep Gupta et al.
• PAN IIT represents over 80,000 Alumni of the Seven IITs
• Over 400 Distinguished Alumni, the crème de la crème, play a guiding role in PAN IIT’s Projects and initiatives
• PAN IIT works in close cooperation with the seven IITs. In its Executive Council, it has two representatives from each of the IIT which provides a strong link to the IIT Administration.
• Past Global meets of PAN IIT were held at New Delhi (2004), Washington DC (2005), Mumbai (2006) and Santa Clara, U.S.A (2007)
• PAN IIT is forging a strong link with the Ministry of Human Resources and is playing a vital role in formulations of Technical, Vocational and Research related policies of the Government.
• PAN IIT has a systematic approach towards fulfilling its Nation Building objectives and is presently pursuing the following projects:

‘IITians for ITIs' is initiated by a group of IIT alumni to drive sustainable excellence in the technical/vocational training in India by creating institutions similar to the IITs but focused on vocational education and highly skilled workers, thereby creating excellence model for 5000 ITIs to emulate. (http://paniit.teamfor-iti.org)
‘Indo-US collaboration for Engineering Education’(IUCEE) seeks to create an Engineering Faculty institute for fostering Curriculum collaboration, R & D, Quality Accreditation and Entrepreneurship Education thus creating support network for 100,000 Engineering Faculty across India & US.

Parikrma aims to transform lives of under-served children in one generation by following a 360° support to child – providing Nutrition, Family care & healthcare in addition to Education. Thus, it takes care of a child from street all the way to the job-street, making the urban poor compete on Equal terms in the society.
What happens when e-nabled corporate professionals, on a 1 Year Employer sponsored sabbatical, ‘Reach 4 India’ across its 5500 taluks, with only one agenda:- Implement self-sustainable Nation building models (including PANIIT Projects) that make corporate India go rural & local -for creating jobs & markets...
‘Stimulating Education & Enhancing Development’ has a 3-pronged approach to stimulate economic development – Basic literacy using partner NGOs, Basic education for parents in subjects like Finance, Healthcare and Opportunity college for skill training of young adults, all supported by e-learning.

• PAN IIT is a young and vibrant organization with a passion to provide a forum for the IIT Alumni to give back to the society
• PAN IIT is keen to scale-up and make a quantum jump in its ability to undertake transformational projects and therefore has chosen the Theme “Inspire, Innovate and Transform” for the 2008 Global Conference scheduled during 19-21 December at Chennai

• PAN IIT has ambitious plans to

• Assist in Research and Technology initiatives in Nation Building
• Foster Entrepreneurship
• Help facing the challenges and leverage the opportunities in India’s infrastructure
• Enhancing the Quality and Accessibility in Education
• Act as a catalyst in innovating the role of bureaucracy to the Nation’s advantage
• Inspire and Engage more IIT Alumni in the Transformation of Rural India

About the PanIIT-2008 Global Conference

PanIIT-2008 is a global event, beginning with a Distinguished Alumni meet at Hyderabad on the 14th March, followed by a series of events reaching out to the IIT Alumni in key cities in India and abroad, culminating in a mega event that will take place at IIT-Madras during 19-21 December, in which 3000+ IIT Alumni from across the globe are expected to participate.

PanIIT-2008 will be a journey beyond the culminating event at Chennai, to build India as an innovator and change agent in the world. The three day event will bring together Alumni from the seven IITs comprising policy makers, leading academicians, thought leaders, industry captains and more from across the world to discuss and debate ideas, issues and find solutions to create a better India for tomorrow.

IITs are always in the forefront of transformation of the country through technology education and research. India has reached a stage where the next phase of growth can come from innovation. IITs and IITans can catalyze innovation leading to a Transformation in the Indian society. With a view to reflect this, PanIIT-2008 Global Conference has adopted the Theme:

Revolving around this Theme, the event will have the following six tracks:

• Research & Technology initiatives in Nation-building
• Entrepreneurship
• Vision & Leadership in Rural Transformation
• Challenges & Opportunities in India’s Infrastructure
• Enhancing Quality & Accessibility in Education
• Innovate or Stagnate: India’s road ahead

PanIIT-2008 is chaired by distinguished alumnus B Santhanam, Managing Director of Saint-Gobain Glass India and is shaped by several eminent leaders from the industry including:

Raju Venkatraman, Joint Managing Director, Firstsource Solutions Limited
K. K Raman, President, DLF Homes
Sarath Naru, Managing Director, APIDC
K Ananth Krishnan, Vice President & CTO, Tata Consultancy Services.
Chand Das, CEO, ITC Limited , Stationery Business

Illustrative List of Speakers for the PanIIT-2008 Global Conference:

Ratan Tata
Carlos Ghosn
L N Mittal
Al Gore
RK Pachauri
JK Rowling

Who will attend the PanIIT-2008 Global Conference?

The 3 day Conference will be attended by:

• 3000 plus IIT Alumni from all seven IITs
• 5000 plus IIT-M students and over 500 leading research scholars
• Over 100 distinguished industry leaders as Speakers
• Leading academicians
• Policy makers
• Leading venture capitalists, private equity and financial institutions
• Leading industrialists, CEOs, Directors & Strategists

Media Coverage:

• This event will be widely advertised in all leading metros like Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and in key cities in USA & Europe.
• The PanIIT-2006 Global Conference had several leading medias like NDTV, CNBC and Times covering the event and also providing sufficient air time.
• Senator Hillary Clinton, former Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Bill Gates, Arun Sarin (CEO, Vodafone) and Shashi Tharoor were some of the keynote speakers who addressed the Pan-IIT Global Alumni Conferences
• The journey of PanIIT-2008 will continue beyond the three day event to identify proposals that will inspire the IIT to innovate and transform India
• PAN IIT is committed to spearhead several projects on national skill building, policy review, technological education and innovation that will arise out of the PanIIT-2008 Global Conference.

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