Thursday, September 4, 2008

Iqbal Gandham

"If you don't take a chance, you don't stand a chance. Looking at whatever I have done so far, it has been all about pushing the boundaries, taking chances, and managing risks. Nivio falls into those three phrases, very succinctly. Online desktop, and cloud computing are now being mooted all the large players from Google to Microsoft to Citrix. I'd say Nivio is positioned in a sweet spot between all three of them."

Iqbal Gandham, Chief Business Strategist, Nivio (

September 4, 2.30 pm

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Murali said...


Iqbal Gandham has been involved in the Internet, before the advent of familiar names such as Hotmail, Yahoo, and even Netscape.

In '94 fresh out of university, with a Master's in Spacecraft Engineering he put his talent to good use, by joining a 5 man dotcom in the UK. This startup went onto list on AIM, and currently employs over 100 people. During '96-'97, ISP's were in vogue, Iqbal came on board, and 10 months later helped win the covetedʼ ISP of the yearʼ awards. Lifetime Internet access, was the next Startup in '98, which as part of the management team, he successfully exited via Ofex.

The UK had limited opportunities at this time, and hence he packed his bags and founded Net4India in 1999 with a friend, who had some spare cash. Net4india, spawned brands such as Net4domains and Phonewala, the former being the largest webhosting and domain registration business in India, and the latter being one of the largest VoIP players in the market in India. 300+ employees, 11 cities, and a great team. Most people would have stayed and watched it prepare for a listing on BSE, not Iqbal, in 2004 he was off once again, feeling the time was right to launch ipClouds, a VoIP startup in the UK. Skype however had other plans.

Not one to quit, Iqbal became one of the core team at Nivio, an online desktop, here he does what he does best, think, solve and mentor.

Iqbal's passion for the Internet has led him to be involved in several online communities & Internet Startups in India and the UK. In addition he writes his own blog covering startups, and is an editor on others, such as e-hub.
About Nivio:

Nivio World's first Windows based online desktop launched in 2006 gives easy access to store datas with an expandable storage capacity of 4GB. Since the broadband connectivity is increasing the software developers are expected to deliver their products through internet. The service allows global access to a personal virtual desktop from any internet connected device providing the users with complete freedom. Nivio will also provide a rich variety of services on demand to its subscribers which will include rental of software applications, access to a rich library of educational content and expandable storage to keep all your pictures, music and data. Website:
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