Sunday, September 7, 2008

A.V. Rajaganeshamurthy

"It is amazing how the ancient Tamil poets could express the deepest truths in just a few words. For example, 'Yaadum Oore Yaavarum Kelir,' 'Anbe sivam,' or 'Aram seyya virumbu' capture very essential maxims in an easy-to-remember manner. Today's generation can benefit from the insights of Thiruvalluvar, such as in, 'En enba enai ezhuthu enba ivvirandum kan enba vaazhum uyirkku' (Kural 392), which means, 'Science and literature are the two eyes of any civilisation.'"
A.V. Rajaganeshamurthy, Sr Manager (Engineering), IOC, Chennai
September 7, 1.15 pm

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Murali said...


Education: Had the pluses of both the city and the village (Malluppatti, in Dharmapuri District)during school.

Enjoyed swimming in the well, ploughing, and grazing the cattle.

First Plus 2 batch in Don Bosco, Egmore.

Participated in Tamil elocution, and English essay interschool competitions.

Entered IIT, Delhi after Plus 1.
(1979, Civil Engg)

A striking memory of those days: Running in the pre-dawn hours in the ground opposite to the hostels, in the winter, with shorts and t-shirt.

Participated in a triathlon (15 lengths in standard-size swimming pool, 5 km running, and 15 km cycling).

[What sets an IIT-ian apart is the tempo that is built into the curriculum.]

1984 - 3 mths - Alacrity - as trainee

1986 - till now - IOC

* Aviation dept, Hyderabad, Mangalore, Bangalore - where I learnt handling labour.
* IS (information systems), Mumbai - Leading the team that developed the first client-server system for IOC, a payroll package (1997), the second all-India module then, after the billing module. Also developed the first web-based system (EIS - Executive Information System)
* IS (Heading the department in Orissa, implemented SAP for IOC)
* Engineering Dept, Chennai - Replaced aged portions of pipelines linking CPCL and Chennai Port (to ensure safety for citizens, and also ensure steady supply through the lifelines of fuel), put up facilities at various Tamil Nadu locations to ensure supply to the market