Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Utsav Seth

October 4, 1 pm (?)

Utsav Seth, CEO, Foresight Smart Ventures

September 2008 appointments

September 2008

1 -
2 - *Muthu Logan - 11.30 am; *V.R. Srinivasan - 3 pm
4 - *Iqbal Gandham - 2.30 pm
5 - *Dinesh Victor - 10 am; *P.S. Saminathan - 11.15 am; *Ramesh Ramani - 1 pm; *Ved Jain - 4 pm
6 -
7 - *A.V. Rajaganeshamurthy - 1.15 pm
8 - Everonn - 4 pm (?)
9 - *P. Kishore - 9 am *Thangam Meganathan - 1 pm
10 - *K.P. Balaraj - 1 pm; *Sabine Hertveldt - 4 pm (ph)
11 - *N. Anantha Padmanaban - 1 pm
12 - *Sandeep Mehta - 12 noon
13 -
14 -
15 -
16 - *Shailesh H. Mehta - 1 pm; *KPMG-IFRS - 7 pm; *Kamal Gupta - 7 pm
17 -
18 - *Anu Parthasarathy - 1 pm
19 - *Sudhir Kapadia - 11.30 am; *P. Anandan - 1 pm
20 -
21 - *Photographic Society of Madras - 7.30 pm (Accord)
22 - *R. Kannan - 3 pm
23 - *Martin Strand - 12.30 pm
24 -
25 - *Shankar Jaganathan - 3.15 pm; *N. Muthuraman - 4 pm
26 - *B. Yerram Raju - 3 pm
27 - *IACC - 8 am
28 -
29 - *M. S. Neelakantan – 5 pm (hockey columnist)
30 - *Srinivas Kandula - 9 am; *Nagarajan - 1.15 pm
(* means 'met/'spoke')

R. Nagarajan

"PanIIT conferences are meeting places for the alumni of IITs. They are held every other year in India, alternating with the US. In 2008, given the context of Golden Jubilee celebrations of IIT Madras, the PanIIT meeting is being held on the IIT Madras campus in Chennai from December 19 to 21. This will be the first PanIIT meet to be held on the campus of an IIT. For that reason, campus administration and residents have been extremely supportive to the organisers of PanIIT 2008. In particular, Prof Ananth has been insistent from day one that the meet should be held on campus so that it provides a fulfilling experience for the alumni."

Dr R. Nagarajan, Professor, Dept of Chemical Engg, IIT Madras, Chennai (http://www.iitm.ac.in/), and Co-Chair, Programme Committee, PanIIT 2008 Global Conference (, http://www.paniit2008.org/)

September 30, 1.15 pm

Videos coming up soon...

M. S. Neelakantan

M. S. Neelakantan, Hockey columnist

September 29, 5 pm

R. Nagarajan - Videos

Rural technology initiatives

As a collective entity PanIIT is among the top 5 in the world

We expect 5000 people to be on campus during PanIIT 2008

An outline of the research track in PanIIT 2008

Outcomes from previous PanIITs

I'm a reluctant IITian who likes writing

Mixed signals from the way media portrays IITs

Have IITians paid back very little to the society

Two views on whether IITs should be media savvy

Reasons why research in India lags behind

Superstars among the plenary speakers in PanIIT 2008

Entertainment line-up at PanIIT 2008 begins with a Kalakshetra presentation

Registration details for PanIIT 2008 Global Conference in IIT Madras

IIT Madras connection strong in Silicon Valley

Srinivas Kandula

Dr Srinivas Kandula, Global Head-HR, iGATE

September 30, 9 am

Videos coming up soon...

One more sample!

Srinivas Kandula

Downsizing is a symptom of mismanagement

Strategy is a commodity whereas execution is an art

Why do managers focus on strategy at the cost of execution

Most analytical explanations end up as alibis for non-performance

Competitive culture vs collaborative culture

Who is a good leader

How the media should present leadership

Common man knows which is the right company

Build positive psychological capital in employees

Cribbing is directly proportional to negative energy in the company

Four principles of execution excellence

Employee bonding comes from a common cause, not group activities

Good communication does not mean good performance

Pay attention to those dumb people who create real wealth but don't communicate smartly

Remembering my teacher who made me continue studies

Free will vs Destiny

Finest methods of inventory management get applied to managing people

One signal of a problem is when everybody accepts anything

Integrated approach to managing people

Competency framework should enable self-actualisation

Monday, September 29, 2008

Saminathan - Videos

Sami on becoming an entrepreneur

Business model

Does background help

Memorable experience

Toughest issues

Dealing with tough issues

Differentiator from competition

Handling change

Change created in the marketplace

Staying connected with customers

Saroja, a trendsetter film

What customers value the most

Financial performance aspect that needs improvement

Corporate values

Entrepreneurial spirit

Time stamp for each decision

Strategic direction and innovation

Corporate values and social responsibility

Financial performance

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Raghu Rai - Videos

Message for the young photographers

Capture in camera the youthful energy

The game the big media plays

Life and nature are unending

Projects in progress

Saturday, September 27, 2008

IACC - September

Growth in the gaming industry
Women are initiating investments
Service exports need a more favourable visa regime...
Real estate correction likely in January
Plans for expansion
Next week we'll be announcing...
Great opportunity for Indian companies to invest i...
Where to invest
S.B. Prabhakar Rao

Kamal Gupta

Can India be isolated

Accounting is like scorekeeping

Derivative accounting

Role of the regulator

Monitoring in other countries

India has to play a role in IFRS formulation

We have competent Indian firms


Differences in terminology

Movement towards better corporate governance

Impact on accounting education and testing

Judiciary and convergence

Will the universities keep pace with convergence

Mutual recognition and reciprocity

Chitra Nagappan

Chitra Nagappan, Investor, Chennai
September 27, 2008, 10 am

M. Mahadevan

M. Mahadevan, Director, Oriental Cuisines Pvt. Ltd (Brand name: Hot Breads)
September 27, 2008, 10 am (Taj Conn - Indo-American Chamber of Commerce meeting)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Yerram Raju

"Livelihood creation, and not mere wage employment opportunities, will be the driver for employment."

Yerram Raju, Regional Director, PRMIA, Hyderabad (http://prmia.org/)

January 29, over lunch
September 26, 2008, 4 pm

Shailesh Mehta - Videos

What GurukulOnline does

Our work for ICSI

CFP course for accounting professionals

Physical vs virtual classroom

Audio-based training to tackle bandwidth issue

What should Indian investors now do

eLearning is student-centric

Distance learning institutions should adopt eLearning

On giving eLearning content to TV channels

eLearning is student-centric

We have students from abroad

Growth in the number of students taking up eLearning

Benefits of online MBA

Future is loaded in favour of eLearning

Investment course we'll be launching shortly

Thursday, September 25, 2008

N. Muthuraman - May 09

Working with Atyati, which offers automation solutions to microfinance

How is the funding scene now

IPO market will take 18 to 24 months to return

Lure of bank deposits continues

Gold jewellery as an investment option is a lose-lose proposition

Need for over-the-counter market for smaller enterprises

How to make OTC more popular

Difference that technology adoption brought into capital markets

This round of NPA cycle in banks will be different from the previous cycles

The case of Subhiksha

Merger and acquisition market not active these days

Aspiring entrepreneurs may not prefer to take over an existing concern

A portal to connect buyers and sellers of businesses

Sensex vs Real economy

Financial media can talk about the broader index, rather than focus on Sensex

Commodity as an asset class

Losses on forex contracts -- an example

Finance for non-finance people -- a webinar

Comparative strengths of CAs, MBAs, CFAs in financial expertise

How do I study the company results

Disclosures are voluminous, so analysts have to interpret the same for common investors

If other income forms a large part of a company's profit, it is a worrying sign

Analysis of segmental results disclosed by banks

Treasury operations in companies

Dip in volumes has adversely impacted brokerages

Views on wealth management in India

Sandeep Mehta - Videos

Housing should be made affordable

How small size has become a must now

The West Bengal example of real estate development

Rentals in Chennai cheaper than in other major cities

What difference NRIs can bring in

Real estate industry is in the top rung, globally

Current slowdown is temporary

Today there is no dependence on FDIs

Banks have to be aggressive...

On expansion and funding

Demand for commercial space continues in Chennai

Options before developers of malls that are unoccupied

Housing at Rs 20-40 lakh 10-15 km away

This is the best time to buy

Developers going through a low-sales phase

Those with good balance sheets will get funding

On OMR there will be a rush after infrastructure is in place

Developments in Sriperumbudur and GST Road

Does MRTS make a difference to real estate

About 10 per cent demand for city products

Our focus has been residential development

Hotel projects coming up

Customers are different now

Shankar Jaganathan

Shankar Jaganathan, Author, 'Corporate Disclosures: The Origin of Financial and Business Reporting 1553-2007 AD' (Routledge, 2009)

September 25, 3.15 pm

Shankar Jaganathan - Videos

A book born out of teaching engineers in Indian Institute of Science

Lessons from the history of corporate reporting

Have companies ever lost out because of disclosures

Indian companies report, the best global companies communicate

Wienerberger, the epitome of balanced communication

Do we need a new group of specialists to demystify corporate reporting

Tracing corporate origins to 1553 AD

Level of corporate disclosures has significantly increased over the years

What caused the financial failures we now see

Anglo-Saxon model vs Scandinavian model

IFRS convergence, a progress in the right direction

Two factors behind the birth of accounting standards

My favourite section in the book - The Fourth Battle for Credibility

Do we need a new group of specialists to demystify corporate reporting

Can corporates be instruments of social change - my next book

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Martin Strand & Mukul Bhatia

September 23, 12.30 pm

Martin Strand, CEO, Citec Engineering Oy Ab, and

Mukul Bhatia, MD, Citec Engineering India

Martin Strand, and Mukul Bhatia - Videos

Martin Strand, and Mukul Bhatia - Videos

Secret of Finnish success

Growth rates

We have not directly worked with any Indian customers

Who are Citec India's customers

How big is Citec India in the global pie

Environmental impact assessment work

Who's been the oldest customer for Citec

Any PPP projects

The split between engineering and information services

There are synergies among our verticals

Our focus is on engineering services

Potential for nuclear power biz

Citec Academy for training engineers

On the growth of the company over the years

On talent crunch

Revenue projections

Difference between Finnish and Indian cultures (in Finnish)

Comparison between Swedish and Finnish cultures (in Swedish)

Energy saving solutions

On deals

M&A scene in Finland

Finnish companies in India, and vice versa

Monday, September 22, 2008

R. Kannan

"Assessing workforce is important at various stages, such as when they come on board, when they work, and when they exit. Such assessments can unlock value, both for the companies and the individuals."

R. Kannan, Founder, Assesspeople

September 22, 3 pm

R. Kannan - Videos

Sunder Gurusamy

On Australia as a popular higher-education destination

Sunder Gurusamy, Baasu Consultants P Ltd

Poochi Venkat

On macro-photography and its industrial application

Poochi Venkat

Mohd Khalid Khan

On his award-winning photo

Mohd Khalid Khan, Photo Journalist, Dainik Jagran, Bareilly (www.jagran.com)

Venu Gopal Nair

Corporate websites are underutilised

Venu Gopal Nair, Founder, Brand Portrait, Chennai

Takashi Banno

On Nikon's India business

Takashi Banno, Service Manager, Nikon India P Ltd, Gurgaon (www.nikon.co.in)

B.S. Suman Aggarwal

On the company's bio-energy plans

B.S. Suman Aggarwal, MD, Samara Bio-Energy P Ltd, Chennai (www.samara.co.in)

Photographic Society of Madras

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thangam - Videos

A perspective on placement

Adding value is the major challenge

Adjunct teachers drawn from the industry

Do corporates take educational institutions lightly

Every third year students are different

Free residential programmes to improve soft skills

How do we help students from Tamil medium

Impact of slowdown on placement

Industry interaction needed when framing syllabus

Look at education as a service industry

Nokia, Mando asking us for a certificate course

Plus and minus of the young generation

Rural vs urban students

School level English going down

Three things that children look for when entering

We have a lady teacher who has served in the army

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ganesh - Videos - More

How can Tamil be popularised

How we won the cooperation of workers

Ideal school

ISABS-Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Sciences

Role of electronic media in enlivening Tamil

Secrets of a project's success

We are first taught that our language is inferior

We make better secretaries and babus rather than the leader

We should begin by speaking in Tamil

Why should bus tickets be in English

P. Anandan

"The best question to start with is 'why I am a researcher and why I believe in it so passionately.' I want intellectual freedom and it satisfies my intellectual curiosity."

Dr P. Anandan, MD, MSR India

September 19, 1 pm

P. Anandan - Videos

P. Anandan - Videos

How transparency leads to credibility in academia

Why am I a researcher

What does Microsoft Research do

Who makes a good researcher

Essential traits of a researcher

Self-imposed deadlines help the researcher

Metrics in research

There's a lot of misunderstanding about patents

Patenting is a strategic business decision

TechVista is free for students

Wish the media gave more coverage to researchers

What draws me to African drumming

Temembering the teacher who developed my math skill

Do the young make good researchers

Today's kids know a lot more

On MSR's collaboration with academia

Primary benefit of TechVista

Quantity of research in India far below potential

Sources of talent for Microsoft Research

Wannabe researchers should look beyond financial rewards

Where India is second to none in research

How the Government can promote research

Can research potential be identified early on

Any impact of the global financial crisis on MSR

Trends in research

We collaborate with science research

Exciting things happening in Microsoft Research

How to motivate a researcher

I have four kinds of days...

R. Anand

R. Anand, Partner - Global Tax Advisory Services, Ernst & Young P Ltd, Chennai
September 19, 11.30 am

Sudhir Kapadia - Videos

How a taxpayer ends up fighting on two tracks

Swimming, a key thing in my fitness routine

JK applied

Concept of EY university

Tax is very much an agenda item in Boardroom

Tax optimisation rather than tax minimisation

What can make India attractive to foreign investors

Indian tax regime, a perspective

A taxing issue that captive BPOs face

Analysis of recent tax judgments

R. Anand - Videos

On how CA students should approach direct taxes

Extend Advance Ruling for domestic transactions too

We need one composite corporate tax rate

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ganesh - Videos

A refreshing perspective on trade unions

Alacrity, a company with values

Corporates should adopt local language

Fairness, firmness, and integrity yield results

Flaw in oil pricing

Anu Parthasarathy

"Live to work. Work to live. The question is what you want to do? A lot of people work to live. But it should be the other way around. When you live to work, you enjoy what you do."

Anu Parthasarathy, Founder & CEO, Global Executive Talent

September 18, 1 pm

Anu Parthasarathy - Videos

Prospects for investment banking

Investment banking - a case of failure despite best skills

The industry was used to cyclical changes

Intelligent people have a way of insulating themselves

Poor performance is suddenly discovered in a downturn

Big companies are not people-dependent

Can attitude be measured

How management depth is important for startups

Now, it's just not global delivery, but global everything

Leaders are many but mostly invisible

To perform, leaders need time and the right environment

Why the usual parameters may fail in leadership selection

We have not generated enough leaders, why

What family businesses must do

Lessons to learn from the IT industry

How hibernation helps

Symptoms of burnout

Work-life balance, working from home

Are Indian companies ready for foreign CEOs

We don't have diversity at workplaces

Can't you get us a woman leader

What can be done to increase the number of women in top positions

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kamal Gupta

Dr Kamal Gupta, Former Technical Director, ICAI

September 16, 7 pm (Taj Cor)


September 16, 7 pm


IFRS - KPMG - Videos

Ved - Videos

Biggest challenge facing the accounting profession

CA students can wish their principals 'Happy Teachers Day'

CAs getting better paid in India

Coming up with Internal Auditing Standards

How have I fared on my metrics

How research helps

ICAI's interactions with State Governments

Infrastructure additions in progress

Is accounting under pressure during slowdown

Is India calling the shots in global forums

Is one year too short a tenure for President

Largeness of firms helps

Linkages with colleges and schools

Load on CA student is too much


More girls joining the CA course

New facilities for CA students

On per capita income

On the new Companies Bill

On the recent controversy - AS 11 vs Schedule VI

Plans for Diamond Jubilee celebrations

Research potential in accountancy profession

Three-month residential course

What difference the qualification makes to economic status

What makes me tick

When it became necessary to reiterate the first principles

Homz Umrigar - Videos

Exciting things happening in eLearning

Common myths in eLearning

Shailesh H. Mehta

"eLearning is the answer to many challenges facing education in the country. A few years down the line when eLearning adoption is on a mass scale, you will find that quality education people are hungry for will be a thing of the past. Because what eLeanring enables is the use of technology to provide quality education to masses at an affordable cost, which otherwise is a contradiction in terms."

Shailesh H. Mehta, CEO, GurukulOnline Learning Solutions

September 16, 1 pm

Shailesh Mehta - Videos

Homz Umrigar - Videos

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ramesh - Videos

Challenges in customer training

Communication is key

Companies like Infosys should outsource training

Distinction between education and training

Employee training, low in India

Example of independent training company

Grandma wisdom

Impact of slowdown on training

Indian customers

Individual responsibility

Our customers



Pricing models

Ramesh on his grandmother

ROI in training

Skills we look for

The offshore-onsite mix

The training outsourcing market

Trends in training

Verticals in training

We're a training technology process company

Friday, September 12, 2008

Saminathan - Videos

Business model

Change created in the marketplace

Corporate values

Dealing with tough issues

Corporate values and social responsibility

Differentiator from competition

Does background help

Entrepreneurial spirit

Financial performance

Financial performance aspect that needs improvement

Handling change

Memorable experience

Sami on becoming an entrepreneur

Saroja, a trendsetter film

Staying connected with customers

Strategic direction and innovation

Time stamp for each decision

Toughest issues

What customers value the most

Sandeep Mehta

"Housing needs to be made affordable, with the right design, in view of the large unmet demand in the middle-income segment. Spiralling interest rates and high land cost have made it difficult for the average home buyer. Chennai can follow the footsteps of Mumbai, in this regard, and offer apartments with affordable sizes. For example, 90 per cent of new development in Mumbai caters to sizes in the range of 400-1000 sq ft, with all the standard amenities."
Sandeep Mehta, MD, Jain Housing & Constructions Ltd, Chennai (http://www.jainhousing.com/)
September 12, 12 noon
Sandeep Mehta - Videos