Friday, August 8, 2008

Vinay Maheshwari

"We are here for the environment. To protect the environment. A win-win situation for everybody, because the benefit goes to the user, at the ground level, and to the world at a macro level. Currently, we look at waste only from the management angle. We have to go beyond waste management, to the reuse phase, so that recyclable waste gets back into the life system."
Vinay Maheshwari, Director, Neel Metal Fanalca Pvt Ltd
August 8, 1 pm


Murali said...


Mr. Vinay Maheshwari is Director of Neel Metal Fanalca Projects & Infrastructure Pvt.Ltd. and Chief Executive Officer of Neel Metal Products Ltd. He is a 1975 graduate in Engineering and has worked in various automotive manufacturers like – Escorts, LML and Precision Engineering Industries like UT Group, VXL Technologies. He has set up several green field projects for the group including Joint Ventures with Korean and Japanese partners.

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Murali said...

Neel Metal Fanalca Environment Management Pvt. Ltd. (NMF) is a Joint Venture between Neel Metal Products Ltd. (NMPL), India and Fanalca S.A., Colombia.

Fanalca S.A., has more than 15 years experience in Waste & Garbage collection Road Sweeping, Lawn Mowing and Landfill management. The company which began the environment management activities in the 1990’s has set many standards and trends in Latin America.

Today Fanalca operates in many Latin American Countries, collecting more than 2700 MT of solid waste every day. Fanalca’s efforts are also supported by its collaboration with a French company, Veolia, universally recognized as the leader in waste management, water resource solutions & public health.

Neel Metal Fanalca operates in 4 important zones in the City of Chennai, namely, Adyar, Pulianthope, Ice House and Kodambakkam and provides the following services related to waste management:

Collection from Door to Door to transfer stations and to landfill
Transportation of waste from transfer stations to landfill
Segregation & recycling of the waste
Landfill management
Managing the waste (Composting / Electricity Production etc.)

Neel Metal Fanalca is particularly keen on promoting source segregation of waste in all the zones it operates, as it firmly believes that waste segregation is the way forward to a cleaner, greener environment. Source Segregation involves separation of garbage from the source (right from the households where it is generated) into Bio-degradable which includes kitchen and garden waste, paper etc. and Non-Degradable waste including glass, plastic, wood, Rubber etc. People by and large re-use waste material like newspaper, bottles, empty cans and bins, old clothes etc. However a lot of other materials like broken glass, plastics, package material etc are not re-used and thrown in the dustbin or streets without being segregated. These materials during the course of time deteriorates into hazardous waste harming our health and the environment.

Source Segregation is not being implemented properly by households and commercial establishments. At least, 15% of waste collected can be converted into recyclable material, provided it is segregated properly and not thrown in the municipal dust bin or on the streets.

Neel Metal Fanalca has been extensively conducting a lot of awareness campaigns on source segregation for the benefit of the public. These include campaigns in schools and colleges, Rallies on source segregation, Film screenings in slums, Meetings in large Residential apartments, Street corner campaigns, Door-to-Door leaflet distribution in all zones, Orientation meetings for its workers, Meetings with representatives of commercial establishments and NGOs, Self Help Groups etc.

These awareness campaigns have been successful and the public has been enthusiastically participating and responding to such programs. But these campaigns will be successful only if the Public implement what they have learnt and understood. Cleanliness starts from the house. Each citizen should ensure that the solid waste generated from his/her house is segregated, stored and disposed of as per the guidelines provided to protect the environment.

Neel Metal Fanalca wants every Chennaite to join hands in making the city truly ‘Namma Singara Chennai’ and in the process leave behind a better world for our future generation, to live.