Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vinay Goel and Sanjay Jain

"We are launching Google mapmaker..."

August 27, 12.30 (ph)

Vinay Goel, Country Head of Products, and Sanjay Jain, Product Manager, Google India


Murali said...

To discuss the launch new product that has been developed in India.

Discussion Points:
- Launch of Google’s new product into the Indian market
- Google India Engineering Center
- Google Global Product Strategy
- Google’s focus on Product innovation

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Murali said...

Now you can Map Your World with Google

Google Map Maker launched in India

BANGALORE, India (August 27, 2008) - Google today announced the launch of Google Map Maker™ ( in India. A global product conceived and developed by the Indian engineering team, Google Map Maker allows users to add or edit features, such as roads, businesses, parks, schools, apartment buildings, localities and more. With Google Map Maker tools, users can add detailed information about these locations and this user- created geographical content is updated and made visible immediately to all other users.

Understanding that people know their neighborhoods best, Google Map Maker empowers this user- expertise to improve the breadth and depth of available mapping data. The product also introduces peer moderation allowing users to review the data their peers have entered to ensure map quality and accuracy.

“Google Map Maker solves an inherent need especially for countries such as ours where maps data is sparse. This product embodies our passion to empower people everywhere, to share knowledge of the places they know best by creating maps,” says Dr. Lalitesh Katragadda, Software Engineer & Creator of Google Map Maker.

“This is a great achievement for our engineering team. India is a challenging market – but one that has inspired us to really focus on creating technology that addresses real issues around local content and usability" said Dr. Prasad Ram, Head of Google R&D. "This launch is the reinforcement of our commitment to bring more useful information to people around the world and especially in hyper-growth countries like India where maps are changing on a daily basis given the rapid pace of infrastructure development," he added.

This mapping product is particularly relevant for a country like India, with its vast territory, varying geographies, and language and cultural diversity. For example, Google Map Maker can help bolster commerce by enabling people to map local businesses from their regions. Similarly, NGOs can benefit from it by effectively mapping challenging belts in the rural and sub-urban areas.

Other than India, Google Map Maker is available in 57 countries in Asia, the Island Nations, and the Caribbean.

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Murali said...


Vinay Goel

Country Head of Products

Google India

Vinay Goel is the Country Head of Products for Google India. In this role, he is responsible for Google's product strategy and delivery functions in India. Over the past year, he has successfully grown Google's India business across all product categories including Search, Social Networking and Mobile.

Vinay brings with him 19 years of experience with technology companies. Prior to Google, Vinay was the Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Webroot Software, a privately held internet security company. He has also served as VP of Business Development at Sega of America and headed worldwide Field and Channel Marketing at Check Point Software.

Vinay has a bachelor's degree in computer science from UC Berkeley and a Management degree from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.
Sanjay is the Product Manager for Google Map Maker. He has worked on Google Map Maker since its inception. He is also the Product Manager for Google mapping operations. Sanjay joined Google India in Oct 2004, as a Software Engineer. He has worked on Maps and related products for the last 3 years.

Prior to joining Google Sanjay was a founder employee at Praja, (later acquired by TIBCO) in the roles of Principle Software Engineer, and Senior Architect. He was also the founder of RDC (renamed - IndiaWorld Communications). At the start of his career, Sanjay built CPU simulators at Sun Microsystems.

Sanjay holds an M.S. in Computer Science, from the University of California, Los Angeles and a B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering, from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai.

Outside of work, Sanjay is the President of the IIT Bombay Alumni Association, Bangalore Chapter, and serves on the board of directors of the IIT Bombay Alumni Association.
Lalitesh Katragadda

Creator, Google Map Maker

Google India

Lalitesh works in Google engineering and his interests lie in the areas of geo data, machine vision and machine learning. At Google, Lalitesh co-founded Google India and was its founding Joint Center Head for two years. He has both started and co-founded several projects at Google including Google Transliteration, Google Finance, and several of its internal systems. He is currently working on Google Map Maker which he created to help organize deep geo data globally.

Prior to joining Google, Lalitesh briefly served on the faculty of Carnegie Mellon and went on to found a robotics start-up which was acquired by Google. Lalitesh has presented papers for and chaired several conferences in Space Robotics, and is responsible for initiating and leading the CMU Lunar Rover program until 1997.

Lalitesh holds a Ph.D. from CMU in Robotics and a M.S. from the CMU school of Computer Science along with an M.S. from Stanford University's Design Division, and a M.S in Aerospace from Iowa State. His B-Tech was from IIT-Bombay in Aeronautical Engg.
Dr. Prasad Bhaarat Ram,

Head R&D, Google India

Dr. Prasad Bhaarat Ram heads the Google R&D center in Bangalore, India. Prasad leads the development of technologies that will help bring the next billion users online.

Prasad started his career as a research scientist at Xerox PARC. Prior to joining Google, he was Chief Technology Officer at Yahoo! India Research and Development in Bangalore.

In 2006 Prasad led a team of 1500 parents to create PSBB Learning Leadership Academy – a Kindergarten to Std.12 school. Prasad also works with NGOs such as SEWA, PRS, and RTI-India to bring the benefits of Internet technologies to their operations.

Prasad has a B.Tech. in Computer Science from IIT-Bombay and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).
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Murali said...

Sound bites from the phone interaction with Vinay Goel - Country Head of Products and Sanjay Jain Product Manager at Google India on August 27, 2008


What did it involve in building it?

We needed to build something for which users give us data
We needed to ensure that it was scalable, allowing many builders
We needed to ensure that there was a trust system in place as well as address technical challenges like scalability, trust and user interaction
One of the pain points we needed address not there in developed countries was the lack of content in local markets
How different is the product from Google Maps?
Maps are a visual while map maker is user generated and can be edited.
Has Google sent anyone to map a place?
No. Mapping is done by the users.
Are maps available in the US?
Not yet available in the developed countries; we are focusing on the developing countries that need the data. We have released the product in 57 countries.
What is the revenue model?
These maps will later contribute to Google maps.
Is this a seeder for Maps?
It is a seeder for users to get relevant information
Will the product be available in vernacular languages?
You can type in any language and in multiple languages. The user face is English.
Will other languages show on the maps?
Yes it will.
Has Google been asked to take down data (reference to Google maps and statements by Mr. Kalam)?
We work with the government. All the images on maps are third party information that already exists; we are licensing the product to users.
Has the product launched in China?
How important is the Indian market to Google?
India is a strategic market for the following reasons:
It has a good talent pool.
Large opportunity center for Google
Scope to grow and capture the users and advertisers.
Where is Google present in India?
We have 4 offices located in India – Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai. We not disclose our headcount.
What has Google planned for the Vernacular space?
All our consumer facing applications are localized for the Indian market – Orkut, serch, news; are all available in local languages.
How good are the Vernacular offerings doing?
It is growing. It is small, but growing.
Are new products vernacular?
All our products are available in local languages. It is our commitment to provide local information in local languages.
How much of the vernacular applications are used by the government?
We help Government in their initiatives to go into various parts of India with our localized products and local language.
What are your plans in bringing out a product especially for the Indian market?
All our products are localized for India. For instance Orkut is rated the no 1 website in India by a third party. 14% -15% of web traffic are on Orkut. We have added in security features in compliance to the culture of India – Women do not like there scraps made public. We have enhanced that feature. Products like Local Search, Scrap on Mobile, YouTube, SMS on mobile and News are all localized for the Indian market.
Gmail has been reporting some problems?
India faces bandwidth issues. We have provided the users with an option of switching to HTML when we sense the connection is slow and is experiencing latency issues.
Are maps available on Mobile?
Yes they are. It you have GPRS there is a pointer on the map that indicates where you are. It you don’t then we can send you information based on your cell id information.
Is Google coming out with a phone?
No, Google has announced a platform – Android.
What mobile platform will be more popular?
We have created this platform for developers.
What is the revenue from India?
We are unable to share that information with you.
Don’t you think that Google’s touch point with the common man is minimal?
Just as the mobile market has grown, we see that the web market grow not just from a PC perspective but also from a mobile perspective.
How many people are satisfied with the first search results from Google?
Our goal is to be the first listing. Our quality metrics is continuously improving.
Google alerts are disappointing?
You should be more specific with the key words for Search…
Karenza Robson

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When i Google launching "Google Wave in India"

I am trying to get and Invite for the last 3 Months and i still dint get one...

Vinay and Sanjay Plz can i get one Invite..

How everyone else is getting...!!