Monday, August 25, 2008

Siddharth S. Kumar

"Here comes everybody! What does a brand when there is a great fragmentation of viewership, disintermediation and democratisation. Practically, anybody can be a brand, equipped with the Internet, social networking and so on. Which is where we come in to work with the existing brands and help them deal with the realities of the Internet."
Siddharth S. Kumar, Promoter of Buzzar TV (

August 25, 3.30 pm

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Murali said...


Mr. Siddharth is a microbiologist turned advertising professional, interested in the synergies of design, branding and technology. He is vocal about putting a human face to technology and strongly believes in aesthetics and artistry.

Mr. Siddharth S Kumar finished his schooling and college from Chennai. He holds a post-graduate degree in Medical Microbiology from IBMS, Taramani, and University of Madras. He founded a biotech company for manufacturing diagnostic kits. He attempted to start a commercial magazine for children when he was 16 years old and has ever since stayed close to media. He has been a freelance cartoonist at Ananda Vikatan close to 9 years.

He joined Lowe as a creative consultant, working with brands like Sportstar, Business Line, Folio, Young World, MK, HLL, Saint Gobain, Coke and the Tea Board of India. He met Christie Fernandez during a client meeting and started chatting up about the future of advertising. After two years at Lintas, he decided to strike out on his own and started a creative hotshop called Chaos, doing work clients such as Lakshmi Vilas Bank, Servion and Satyajyothi films. When he met Christie again, they found they had common interests in the internet- then an emerging force and decided to form PixelKraft - as a media solutions company which would provide advertising services, internet solutions and content creation.
Mr. Christie Fernandez who is 40yrs old, passed his higher secondary school with distinction and took up an apprenticeship in book keeping in Bombay, and then quickly went on to work with a Direct Marketing Firm, marketing imported professional books.

In the year 1989, he came to Chennai, and took up a career in IT Marketing. While selling computers he realized that his interests were in the graphic use of computers, dtp, cad/cam, multimedia & networking. With Multimedia, he realized his calling and setup his own outfit to provide multimedia services in 1996. It was again the early days of multimedia, but managed to service clients like Ashok Leyland, Asianet, Bush Boake Allen, Citibank, Deutsche Babcock, ITC, Standard Chartered Bank etc.

Mr. Christie realized that the future lay in Integrated Marketing Communication Solutions, and teamed up with Siddharth to form Pixelkraft in the year 2003. Christie is interested in world economics, new inventions and gadgets, and in changing the world for the better.

Mr. Christie has been a marketer for over 15 years and believes in rethinking sales & marketing, management, and new media solutions. He is constantly exploring the way brands evolve, converge and diverge and its impact on marketing strategies.
Buzzar.Tv Profile

Buzzar – The new web2.0 Digital Advertising Solution for Brands is here.

Realizing the fact that it’s the Internet Era, where maximum work is happening on the internet, PixelKraft brings to you- The Complete Digital Advertising Solution & Application for Brands, for the first time offers you an Online Advertising Solution, an E–Direct Marketing Solution, and an Exhibition Solution all from one application

With one will have the experience of touching and feeling the product of their choice rather than watch a sad web page with data, just go to the website and find any product of your choice, download it, send it to your friends. With Buzzar.Tv have a whole new experience of products on internet

Following are the products that buzzar provides you:


Buzzar offers advertisers a “BrandFront” – which is a whole new way of advertising online. The “BrandFront” is loaded with features - (Brand description, interactivity, downloads, wikibrands, opinion poll, offers, store locater, e-viewer, brandworlds, e-com etc.,) which delivers an enriched brand experience for the user. Buzzar allows brands to leverage on their existing media assets (TVC's, brochures), and is an ideal complement to print, radio and television - based advertising. What's more, using a comprehensive back-end module, the brand manager can manage brand campaigns and customer-facing marketing collaterals completely.

BrandFront - This is an exhibition space to showcase your brand and interact with the viewer. Currently, over 1000 brands are being exhibited on

“Brandbox” – An interactive rich media banner, that replaces your online banners with an enhanced banner, that lets the viewer interact with your banner and view a brand video, download a brochure, find a store, or answer a query, all within the confines of the banner and the site in which it is displayed. To see an example look at the AirDeccan banner ad:

Buzzar.Tv is a product of PixelKraft, founded in 2003 as a private limited company with Head quarters in Chennai, Pixel Kraft started off offering Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) solutions, with a 360% approach, covering traditional and new media advertising. Pixel Kraft has Multinational clientele – Caterpillar, Saint Gobain, Grundfos Pumps, Honeywell MK Electric, Star TV / Vijay TV. Today. Pixel Kraft is here to create a paradigm shift in the online space, Buzzar which is a creation of PixelKraft is a disruptive invention in the online market.
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Fabian said...

Nice to hear about Siddharth Whom I knew as a microbiologist , still I had a feeling that he is up to do some thing more than microbiology. He is quick and smart for his batch mates and a challenging personality, he was different from others , its a pleasure to have known him in his earlier days.