Friday, August 8, 2008

Sam Cherian & Richard Joseph

"The cleaning industry in India is at a very nascent stage. There are no standards or guidelines on the procedures and cleaning aids. The scope for developing this area is truly very vast. The major challenge to the growth of the industry is the low level of awareness with regard to the availability of technology of cleaning. Another hurdle is the mindset - the resistance to change. "
Sam Cherian Kumbukattu, Managing Director, and Dr Richard Joseph, Technical Advisor, Schevaran Laboratories, Mysore
August 8, 5 pm

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Schevaran Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. was set up in Mysore, Karnataka State 20 years ago to manufacture cleaners, disinfectants and water-treatment chemicals when there was hardly any substantial scientific or practical system available in India for household or institutional cleaning and sanitation. Schevaran is thus the pioneer in this enterprise in the Indian sub continent.
The former President of India and the then Minister of State for Science and Technology, Mr. K.R. Narayanan, laid the foundation stone of the plant at Mysore on December 18, 1988. The company has its manufacturing facility complete with quality assurance and R&D laboratories at Mysore.staffed with highly qualified and competent technologists and scientists and headed by a senior and experienced scientist. Over the years Schevaran has grown considerably building up a sizeable
market share in the manufacture and sale of around 100 branded world-class chemical formulations applicable for housekeeping, hospital hygiene, pharmaceutical and food industry, water treatment and institutional and industrial maintenance. All formulations are eco-friendly and user-friendly. They undergo stringent quality assurance and safety tests.
As of today Schevaran has a market out reach of 20 states in India, and in south-east Asia and Europe The Company has acquired ISO 9001-2000 certification through the DNV accreditation .Schevaran is a closely held, professionally managed company. Each function is managed by professionally qualified personnel. The management lays great emphasis on Quality assurance, Research & Development as the method for continuous growth and success. Schevaran is in the process of setting up a Science and Technology Innovation Centre (STIC) as an advisory institution to steer R&D and also undertake innovative studies relating to 'green' concepts and food and pharmaceutical industry hygiene practices .

Collaboration with RMC of USA for 'Green Seal' certified and USDA approved products for food industry sanitation:
In October 2006 Schevaran entered into collaboration with Rochester Midland Corporation (RMC) of US to manufacture products for cleaning and hygiene maintenance of Food industries. RMC is world renowned company in this field
with around 100 years of standing. One of the types of RMC's cleaners and disinfectants Schevaran will undertake to manufacture is cleaners and disinfectants which have received prior approval of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for use in food industries. Schevaran will also manufacture and market RMC's 'enviro-care' house keeping products
which have been 'green seal' certified.
The term 'green' is currently employed to indicate any activity or substance that will not adversely impact the environment. This approach includes energy conservation, optimized utilization of water and land resources and more importantly, the production and use of non-polluting, non-toxic, biodegradable and environment-friendly chemicals.

Sick building syndrome and panacea in green procedures:

The concept of sick building concerns both the actual physical building and the entire globe as well. We now know that many things that humans did in the past have had adverse effect on the environment which include our work place, homes and the globe. We have caused pollution with chemicals which are recalcitrant and cause health problems of varying intensity from
simple ill health to more serious conditions such as cancer and cardio vascular diseases. Green procedures are intended to reverse the adverse effects which we have already set in by our previous wrong procedures and chemicals. In the reversal of this trend green procedures and chemicals are recommended to be used.

Green Cleaning and Hygiene Maintenance:

There is an increased awareness on cleanliness and hygiene as conducive to our health. It thus became imperative that the technology of cleaning and the chemicals to be used should be 'green'. Several countries have formulated procedures for certifying consumer goods and several substances including the cleaning chemicals as 'green'. Germany is possibly the first
country to do this, known by the name 'Blue Angel' certification. In Nordic countries it is called 'White Swan" and in the US as 'Green Seal'. In Japan, Korea and India it is 'Ecomark'

The US Green Seal is stringent and it conforms to ISO standards. The category of industrial and institutional cleaners in Green Seal is denoted as 'GS-37'. It has specification on levels of ozone depletion compounds, toxic compounds, carcinogens and teratogens, skin and eye irritation, skin sensitization combustibility, toxicity to aquatic life, aquatic
biodegradability etc. The Indian eco mark is yet to include industrial and institutional cleaner in the list of items for labeling certification.
Schevaran has offered to assist in providing procedures, protocols for developing standards to enable the regulatory authorities to provide ecomark certification to industrial and institutional cleaners and disinfectants.
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