Friday, August 1, 2008

S. Vaitheeswaran

"The innate nature of the IT and ITeS industry is such that the size of the pie is a growing one. While North America has got widely exposed to IT, the same is not true of other regions of the world, such as Europe, Japan, Apac and so on. There is an increasing awareness that one has to stick to the core activities and hive off the non-core ones to players who specialise in those activities. The other advantage in the process is that what is non-core to a company is core to the service provider, and hence there is a lot of scope for value addition in the performance of the non-core activities."

S. Vaitheeswaran, Vice President & SBU Head, Infosys BPO
August 1, 1 pm

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S.Vaitheeswaran (Vaithee) heads the MFG (manufacturing) unit in Infosys BPO. Vaithee and his team are responsible for smooth running of the MFG operations in all client engagements in the company. Besides meeting the SLAs in the engagement the team is also responsible for continuous improvements, increasing productivity and various Quality initiatives in the engagements. Vaithee also heads the Operations Excellence council in the company.

Vaithee comes with 25 years of experience in the areas of Sales and Marketing, Supply chain management, Operations and Global Marketing. He is an Industrial Engineer with a post graduation in Materials Management from The Indian Institute of Materials Management
The High Tech Industry today operates in an environment of challenging financial targets and growing demands for customized, sophisticated products and services. Advancements in materials and technology mean that new and innovative products need to be continuously produced and delivered at world-class efficiency levels.

The Strategic focus of high-tech companies today is therefore the development of effective inter-firm relationships to access the best capabilities globally and collaboratively build products and services. This globalization strategy is now expanding to Demand Supply Chain enablers who manage end-to-end business processes to enable revenue growth and profitability improvement. Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, Record to Report, Call to Close processes enable members of a high-tech ecosystem to predict and translate customer demand to the design, sourcing, manufacturing and distribution of products and services seamlessly, through the Global Delivery Model.

Infosys services semiconductor manufacturers, distributors, EMS, OEM, VAR, SIs across personal and enterprise communication and computing, consumer electronics providing both enterprise BPO and industry-specific services. He can also discuss with you about the various benefits that accrue to their customers and also on the modes of engagement with clients.
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