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S. Iyyappan

"Taking multiple data sources into consideration, a rough estimate of the number of mentally challenged 'children' (in the chronological age group of 0 to 30, but with a far less mental age) in Tamil Nadu can be close to 80,000. In recent years, we find that the number of abandoned mentally challenged children has been on the rise, perhaps due to the rising costs in maintaining them. Any solution to a problem of this magnitude requires the support of all of us."
S. Iyyappan, Founder & Managing Trustee, Sri Arunodayam (
August 7, 3 pm


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Name - S. Iyyappan

Age - 27 years

Date of Birth - 31.05.1981

Native Place - Thiruvarur District

Educational Qualification - Higher Secondary Schooling in Thiruvarur

Diploma in Multi Rehabilitation from MITHRA
Bsc in Psychology Graduated from University of Madras
Post Graduate Diploma in Social Initiative and management form CSIM, Chennai.
Currently undergoing MA in Public Administration in Madras University.

Vision: - To ensure that no mentally challenged children is left abandoned, unwanted, uncared and unattended in the streets and public places in Tamil nadu.

The Man Behind

Sri Arunodayam is the brain child of Sri.Iyyappan.

He was born and brought up in Edaiyur, a small village in Thiruvarur district, situated in Tamil Nadu, South India.

Iyyappan elder brother, Vazimugam was a child, afflicted with Downs Syndrome. When Vazimugam, was 13 years old, he suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away. This personal loss made Iyyappan think, feel and understand the great need to work for mentally challenged children. Iyyappan decided that his education would be associated with his plans to serve the society.

After completing his schooling in his native village, he relocated to Chennai in the year 1999 to pursue higher studies. Once in Chennai, he underwent a 2 year Diploma course in Multi Rehabilitation Work (MRW). This course was conducted by Mithra, Chennai and is recognized by Rehabilitation Council of India. While on this course, Iyyappan has traveled and worked extensively in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, three states in South India. He worked with disabled children, interacted with their families, conducted and participated in camps, awareness programs, street plays, survey and Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA)

Up to the year 2003, Iyyappan worked in different Institutions as a Special Educator for two years and for six months as a Community Rehabilitation Worker. The experiences gained while working with many Social Welfare Institutions equipped him with the necessary skills.

The drive to serve the society better enabled Iyyappan to pursue and achieve a graduate degree in Psychology while he was working as a special educator. A Post Graduate Diploma in Social Initiative and Management helped him hone his skills.


All along, Iyyappan was able to sense the disparity in the society for the welfare of mentally challenged destitute and spastic children. There are many institutions to cater to the needs of mentally challenged children but there are only a few for the destitute mentally challenged, who are often ignored. This was the motivating factor that led to the birth of Sri Arunodayam.

Sri Arunodayam was registered as a charitable trust in the year 2002. It was officially deemed to be operational from August 15th 2003. Sri Arunodayam started off modestly with only one child at rented premises in Kolathur, Chennai. Now there are sixty inmates.

Sri Arunodayam is a haven for the mentally challenged and spastic children who have been abandoned by their parents and ignored by the society. The children are provided a family environment. Each child is Important and made to feel so.

Sri Arunodayam nurses lofty Visions of providing the Best possible support for abandoned children, Community Based Rehabilitation, propagating awareness about mental retardation, initiating a Day Care Centre and a Medical Trust.

Contact Details –

S. Iyyappan

Founder & Managing Trustee

Sri Arunodayam

35, Sivananda Nagar,


Chennai. 99

26511450, 26510778


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