Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rohit Biddappa

"Indian manufacturing can rule the world. This is possible by focussing on innovation, by not being complacent, and by taking a professional and holistic approach to product development for a global market. We already have examples, such as Tata Nano, Indian shipbuilding, and engineering services. PTC is an enabler for companies that have the global vision, to facilitate more efficient product development and processes. The recent announcment we made with Kirloskar Bros Ltd (KBL) is a case in point, where a combination of PTC technology and KBL innovation resulted in the successful siphon design at the Narmada Sarovar Dam project which led to an efficient pumping of water to farmers in the parched areas of Kutch. This innovation won a US patent for KBL."
Rohit Biddappa, Marketing manager, Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC)
August 26, 11 am

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Rohit Biddappa manages desktop and enterprise marketing for PTC across India. Rohit holds a Bachelor of Business Management from the University of Mysore and has over 10 years of experience in Corporate and Marketing Communication.
PTC provides leading Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), content management and dynamic publishing software solutions to more than 50,000 companies worldwide. The company was formed in 1985, is publicly traded on NASDAQ (NASDAQ: PMTC) and is the largest software company headquartered in Massachusetts. PTC customers include many of the world's most innovative companies in the manufacturing, publishing, services, government and life sciences industries. PTC is included in the S&P Midcap 400 and Russell 2000 indices. FY 2007 revenue: $942 million (9/30/07)

Current Offerings
PTC Product Development System (PDS) manages interdependencies across all forms of product information, so that everyone in the digital product value chain can easily understand how their inputs impact the overall product. An integral PDS, where all capabilities are linked through a single source of product data is fundamental to achieving optimized product development performance.

The Product Development System is a flexible and scalable configuration of PTC solutions, specifically designed and tested together to give companies the key capabilities necessary for successful product development including:

Arbortext® – is dynamic publishing software that allows companies to create reusable components of content, both text and illustrations, and configure and publish the content for specific audiences to a variety of media types in multiple languages.
CoCreate® - is explicit modelling and data management software that provides companies with a lightweight and flexible approach to designing products.
Mathcad® –is engineering calculation software that combines a powerful computational engine, accessed through conventional math notation, with a full-featured word processor and graphing tools.
Pro/ENGINEER® – is integrated parametric MCAD/CAM/CAE software that companies use to develop detailed, intuitive and realistic digital product models and related deliverables.
ProductView™–is a scalable suite of visualization products that allows companies to visualize all kinds of digital product content without the need for authoring applications.
Windchill® – is content and process management software that helps companies manage and configure complete product development content, and optimize the broad set of product development processes necessary to bring products to market and manage them over the entire lifecycle.

PTC Services are designed to offer a complete range of technology installation, configuration, and migration services.

Consulting Services: offers product development best practices designed to optimize people, processes and technology as well as facilitate widespread acceptance and use of our solutions within our customers’ organizations.

Implementation Services: a wide range of offerings that provide a quick path to technology deployment and adoption, ensuring business objectives are met with minimal disruption to our customers’ organizations.

Training Services: an extensive curriculum of instructor-led courses and computer-based training resources to accelerate adoption of our solutions and realize value across the entire enterprise.

PTC Differentiators
Financial Performance – PTC has over 50,000 customers, a global distribution and support infrastructure, and demonstrated financial success with both revenue and earnings growth in Fiscal 2007 and a significant cash position.
Industry Expertise – PTC offers customers a comprehensive set of industry-specific product development processes that are the culmination of best practices from product development leaders from around the world.
Enterprise-class Performance – PTC powers the most design- and collaboration-intense organizations in the world, from automakers like Toyota to airplane manufacturers like Airbus.
Single Platform – All PTC products can be deployed on a single, integral architecture or integrated with legacy design and/or collaboration solutions, offering customers a truly holistic and flexible solution that is able to serve all constituencies.
Architecture Design – PDS is a Java-based, flexible platform that provides a solid foundation for performance and scalability as well as independence for customer choice of platforms.
Robust Functionality – PTC provides companies with a rich set of robust technology to meet the design, configuration and change management, collaboration, project management and publishing requirements of product development.
Customer Focus – PTC utilizes an extensive range of customer service initiatives designed to help customers optimize their use of PTC solutions to create the most innovative products while improving quality and time-to-market while decreasing errors and cost.
Growth Strategy – PTC is extremely focused and deliberate in plans to expand product offerings and market reach through organic product development, strategic partnerships and acquisitions.
Services – PTC utilizes the PTC Realized Value Platform to provide customers with a flexible, field-tested set of services that are used to deliver efficient, high-quality implementations
Integration – PTC provides a fully open product development system which uses standard protocols (such as Java API’s, EAI middleware, and SOA/Web Services) that eases integration with existing customer environments such as ERP, and supply chain management solutions as well as extracting data from a variety of content management systems for industry leading dynamic publishing.
Accelerate Organic Growth for Enterprise PLM Solutions. PTC will continue to enhance our vertical market solutions with new product capabilities and targeted process consulting services that will address the continual evolution and fast-paced

expansion of the global product development industry. Specific challenges that are currently main focuses include disparate team collaboration, project coordination and data management. Adding specialized capabilities to our traditional vertical markets (aerospace and defense, automotive, electronics and high tech, and industrial products) has already proven to be a winning strategy for revenue growth.

Drive Newly Acquired Solutions into Our Installed Base. Through the acquisition of CoCreate, PTC became the only vendor in the market to offer a full complement of design solutions, allowing customers to select the modeling approach that best suits their application (parametric, explicit, specialized and 2D). The acquisition broadens the PTC Product Development System with plug-and-play CAD capabilities to optimize product development processes using the customer’s preferred modeling technique.

Execute Strategic Partnerships and Acquisition Opportunities. PTC is continually seeking new opportunities to help customers identify and realize more value. The goal of our corporate development activities is to solve customer challenges, while adding profitable growth to our business.
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