Friday, August 15, 2008

Ram Mohan

August 20, 4.30 pm (?)

Ram Mohan, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Afilias

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Corporate Backgrounder

Afilias is a global leader in advanced back office domain name registry services and provides a wide range of advanced capabilities essential to the smooth and efficient operation of any Internet domain name registry.

Afilias launched its registry service in July 2001 with its inaugural product, .INFO– the most successful of the seven new top-level domains (TLDs) selected by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Today, Afilias currently provides registry services for .INFO, .ORG and several country code TLDs (ccTLDs) and Sponsored TLDs (sTLDs), together supporting over eight million domain names.

Global Registry Services

Afilias provides a complete, world-class registry solution for any size top-level domain in any part of the world. This solution combines Afilias’ industry experience with best of breed technology partners to deliver a complete, integrated registry service that manages names “from registration to resolution.” This includes managed DNS services that provide fast, reliable and secure domain resolution worldwide.

Afilias’ registry solutions are flexible, fast and proven:

Complete & Flexible: Afilias’ registry services are customizable and scalable. Afilias has a track record for developing and implementing policies that serve many needs. These range from the innovative Land Rush policies, to our ccTLD and sTLD support, which reflect the policies considerations of many different interests. Afilias’ services can scale to any size domain -- from a ccTLD supporting a few thousand names to a generic TLD (gTLD) supporting millions.

Fast, Reliable, & Secure: Afilias-supported names are some of the fastest working on the Internet today – resolving worldwide within 2 minutes of registration. Afilias’ technology combines state-of-the-art data escrow, back-up and security systems with world-class providers to deliver reliable, secure service.

Proven: Afilias is a pioneer in the development of next-generation registry technology. It was the first to launch a “thick” gTLD registry based on the new Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP). For .INFO, Afilias successfully grew the domain from zero to over 3.5 million names. For .ORG, Afilias conducted the largest transition of a domain name from a legacy provider in the history of the internet and has supported the technical management of the domain since its redelegation to PIR in January 2003.


.INFO: .INFO was the first new and completely unrestricted gTLD launched since .COM. .INFO is also the first truly global domain suffix. With an informational and educational feel, .INFO is the most intuitive place for Internet users to seek information. Over two thirds of .INFO Web sites are active, including over two million live sites. .INFO is also a popular alternative for international audiences, especially in Europe.

.ORG (gTLD): Afilias provides core back-office registry services for .ORG under contract to the Public Interest Registry (PIR); .ORG is the world’s fifth largest top-level domain with over 5 million domain names. Afilias successfully implemented the largest transition of an Internet domain name registry in history when it completed the cutover of registry services for the .ORG registry to its system, on behalf of PIR, in January 2003.

ccTLDs: Afilias provides core back-office registry services for several ccTLDs, including AG (Antigua and Barbuda), BZ (Belize), GI (Gibraltar), HN (Honduras), IN (India), MN (Mongolia), SC (the Seychelles), and VC (St. Vincent and the Grenadines).

Sponsored TLDs: Afilias provides core back-office registry services for several sponsored TLDs (sTLDs) including .aero, managed by SITA SC for the aerospace industry and .mobi, managed by mTLD top-level domain Ltd. for mobile use.

Organizational Structure and Background

Afilias Limited is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with U.S. offices near Philadelphia, PA, sales offices in London, UK, an operations center in Toronto Canada, and operational offices in New Delhi, India. Afilias provides a full range of registry services leveraging proven technology that is fast, reliable and secure. Afilias provides registry services support to the .ORG gTLD (under contract to Public Interest Registry), the .INFO gTLD, and several country code and sponsored TLDs.

For more information about Afilias please visit
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