Thursday, August 7, 2008

P.S. Saminathan

"Media and entertainment are converging. Both are moving away from being platforms to being opinion creators - not just opinion reflectors. And, unfortunately, people who don't have stake have more control over these."

P.S. Saminathan, Chairman and Managing Director, Pyramid Saimira Group

August 7, 12.30 pm

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Mr. P. S. Saminathan, a graduate in commerce from Loyola College, Chennai, is also a Cost Accountant by qualification. He has worked in an Investment Company in the capacity of Head – Finance, where he has handled appraisal, disbursement, monitoring and recovery. Mr. Saminathan has more than 18 years of domain expertise in techno-commercial ventures, which includes stints at M/s. Value Added Funds Management Ltd., a private equity fund, M/s. Jupiter Trades, a cable TV Multi System Operator in Chennai and M/s. Aquastride, a consultancy organization in the field of bioscience. He is an authority in the filed of Convergence and is a businessman with a vast and varied experience and expertise in the field of communication including Television, Multimedia, Networking arena etc. He is the visionary of the business model of Pyramid Group.
Pyramid Saimira, a holistic Indian multinational entertainment company, operating in 6 countries is one of the world’s fastest growing entertainment group. Its diversified businesses include Exhibition (Theatre), Film and Television Content Production, Distribution, Cine Advertising, Gaming & Animation, Hospitality, Food & Beverage, DTH etc., which has been its impetus behind taking the entertainment industry to the next level.

Pyramid Saimira has thirteen group / associate companies namely, Pyramid Saimira Theatre Ltd., Pyramid Saimira Production International Limited, Pyramid Saimira Theatre Chain Malaysia., Sdn Bhd, Pyramid Saimira Entertainment Limited - Singapore, Pyramid Saimira Entertainment America, Inc., Saimira Realty Private Limited, Pyramid Saimira Production Services Limited, Dimples Cine Advertising Private Limited, Aurona Technologies Limited, , Food & Beverage, Pyramid Saimira Entertainment Ltd, Saimira Access Technologies and Jiangsu Longzhe Pyramid Saimira Co. Ltd., China.

Its group holding Company, Pyramid Saimira Theatre Limited is publicly listed in National Stock Exchange (NSE: PSTL) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE: 532791). In the exhibition sector, it has over 55 multiplexes with approximately 875 screens (as of date) across India, Malaysia, Singapore and North America. Pyramid Saimira Theatre Ltd. recently signed an agreement with Spize TV, a UK-based DTH player, as well as an arts and cultural cooperation agreement with the China Society of Music Research Board (CSRMB) to operate theatres, distribute films and further engage in other entertainment and cultural activities in China. By 2010, the Group plans to operate 175 multiplexes with 2,000 screens in India alone. By its own estimates, Pyramid Saimira ranks as the world’s third largest cinema operator based on its number of seats and admissions with nearly 5,22,969 seats as of March 2008.

Pyramid Saimira Production International Limited (PSPIL), a subsidiary of PSTL, is the content production arm of Saimira Group .With two divisions, – Film and TV Content Production. It has adopted a structured methodology to adhere to timelines and mitigate risk with a comprehensive insurance and a completion guarantee mechanism. All this is done with robust management expertise that expands the bandwidth of operations effortlessly. This represents one of the prime facets of the Group.

Pyramid Saimira, being a volume producer, will bring in scale, high quality canvass and modern production planning & control in the production sector. Apart from commercial ventures, the company will also focus on making literary as well ass niche films.

Pyramid Saimira Entertainment Limited (PSEL), Singapore, a subsidiary of PSTL, is a content distribution company engaged in international content agglomeration through own group and third party acquisition.

Pyramid Saimira Theatre Chain (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, a joint venture with operates theatres/ distributes films / DVD/ Produces Malay films

Pyramid Saimira Entertainment America Inc., USA (PSEA) commenced its operations in October 2007, by acquiring Fun Asia, the largest Asian theatre chain in the U.S.A. Operating 23 screens, 3 banquet halls, 1 magazine and three radio stations in Houston, Dallas and Chicago.

Pyramid Saimira Production Services Limited (PSPSL) is an integrated post-production services arm for film production, TV content production and advertisement production.

Saimira Realty Private Limited is in the process of acquiring properties for integrated entertainment, hospitality services, multiplexes etc.,

Dimples Cine Advertising Private Limited, a recent acquisition is today an inseparable name in Cinema Advertising. Today Dimples Cine is a total cinema solution company offering services for both on-screen advertising as well as off-screen advertising. It has a pan India presence, having branches in 16 cities in India. Be it of communicating brand message to the audiences from far-flung interiors of the country to hip-hop teens from the metros, Dimples Cine understands its client’s needs and delivers accordingly.

Aurona Technologies Ltd., the latest inclusion in the Group’s portfolio is a leading video games and interactive software company engaged in providing development services to game builders, Hollywood studios media companies and corporate enterprises. The division’s capabilities are in game design, game programming and game art.

Food & Beverage: Pyramid Saimira is creating a niche for itself in the F&B segment with 2 food courts and 72 cafeterias in operation with 9 brands to its credit. The latest addition being ‘Brahmins Kitchen’ an initiative to bring traditional Brahmin food in the modern format.

Pyramid Saimira Entertainment Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pyramid Saimira Theatre Ltd (NSE: PSTL; BSE: 532791), has entered into a strategic partnership with UK-based Spize TV, a Direct-to-home platform. Through the partnership, Pyramid Saimira Entertainment Ltd will facilitate content agglomeration and new channels services, on Spize TV.

Pyramid Saimira Group, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the China Society Music Research Board, which is under the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China. The Jiangsu Pyramid Longzhe Group has been formed as a follow up of this MOU. As per the details of the Joint Venture, the Jiangsu Pyramid Longzhe Group will operate theatres, distribute films and engage in other entertainment, arts and cultural activities in China. The new entity plans to launch one screen per day in Mainland China and further generate non-box office revenues also.

Saimira Access Technologies Limited (SAT) focuses on last mile access, including Cable TV/ DTH/ HITS/ Other last mile access including media portal, etc.
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