Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lalit Khaitan

"Over the last 10 years Radico has grown to be the second largest in the country by volumes. We have been able to create many 'millionaire' brands. The Magic Moments Vodka, launched in the semi-premium segment about 2 years ago, has crossed 650,000 cases, and is hopefully headed to cross the 1 million mark this year. In the semi-premium segment, we have a 75 per cent share, in the country. We have also put in the market 6 varieties of flavour, such as 'lemon grass and ginger' (perhaps, the first in the world) chocolate, and green apple. Brand ambassador for this Vodka is Hrithik Roshan, the youth icon. Growth of vodka sales in India is at 30 per cent p.a. compared to 10 per cent for the total liquor industry. Similarly the Masterstroke Whisky, a product of the 50:50 JV with Diageo, is doing well in the first year. In the next 15 months Radico is launching two more brands in the premium range, in the brown spirit (whisky, brandy and rum) segment. One of these will be launched in the current financial year."

Lalit Khaitan, CMD, Radico Khaitan Ltd
August 15, 1 pm (resch. August 26, 10 am ph)

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A veteran of the Indian liquor industry (over 45 years), Dr. Khaitan oversees the entire business of Radico Khaitan. He has been instrumental in improving quality standards and seeking and achieving customer satisfaction, leading to substantial growth in sales and revenues, and increased market shares. In the process, he has succeeded in transforming Radico Khaitan from a small, behind-the-scenes player to a Rs 995 crore company, the most profitable in its sector, and a sought-after partner by leading international liquor brands seeking to enter the Indian market. His unique management style has helped maintain Radico as an open, ethical and transparent organisation.

Dr. Khaitan has been widely recognised for his contribution to the liquor industry. He has been associated with a number of developmental projects, has represented India with several international delegations, and is involved in social & educational activities across India. He is currently:

Chairman, U.P. Committee of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Member, Managing Committee, ASSOCHAM
Radico Khaitan limited one of the oldest and largest liquor manufacturer enjoys a pre-eminent position in the domestic liquor industry with a turnover of Rs 1335 crore in the year 2006-07. Radico Khaitan, formerly known as Rampur Distilleries, was established in 1943. It was initially engaged in the manufacturing of ENA (Extra Neutralised Alcohol) and other spirits for leading liquor companies. After mastering the art of blending and production of spirits Radico Khaitan decided to launch and market its own brands. Today with a production capacity of 60 million litres p. a and with the recent addition of the grain distillery which has taken the capacity upto 90 million lit p.a it is one of the largest distilleries in the country.

Radico Khaitan’s brand portfolio comprises of the finest products and brands that cater to every taste preference and offer superior value in every segment and price category the company competes in. The group is represented in almost every liquor and price category, starting from the popular segment and going up to premium offerings.

Radico’s philosophy has been unending stress on quality it practices stringent control over quality; hence the chances of contamination are almost negligible. Samples of all batches are preserved for over a period of six months to two years and at a later date, evaluations are done in order to cross check whether the product has been able to live up to the standards. In fact, quality is practiced as a religion at Radico.

Radico’s International Link:

In a significant move aimed at catapulting the Indian liquor industry to international standards, Radico Khaitan, announced its international division - Radico International. Some of the brands to be handled by Radico International include wines from Ernest & Julio Gallo, like, Gallo of Sonoma County, Turning Leaf, Wine Cellars. The Gallo portfolio also includes Andre and Carlo Rossi.


Diageo:Radico JV
Diageo, the world’s leading premium Drinks Company with iconic brands such as Johnnie Walker and Smirnoff in its portfolio, and Radico Khaitan Ltd, the second largest drinks company in India have reached formed a 50:50 joint venture Diageo Radico Distilleries Pvt Ltd to exploit the large and developing Indian made foreign liquor (IMFL) segment. The JV has recently launched a brand Masterstroke De Luxe Whisky in the Semi-Premium whisky segment.
Spirit of Marketing

Radico has achieved success in the Indian market by arriving at the perfect blend of the right product for the right customer with innovation and packaging nation-wide distribution network that covers 95% of retail points, clubs and bars in the country backed by effective advertising, popular events and promotions. Radico Khaitan Ltd has across the country 35 strategic bottling units & 2 bottling units overseas.

The Brands:

Millionaire Club brands- 8 PM Whisky, Old Admiral VSOP Brandy & Contessa Rum.

8 PM Whisky
Radico’s flagship brand 8 PM whisky is one of the finest whiskies in the regular segment. It is a whisky blended with scotch and enjoys a perfect balance of strength and smoothness. 8 PM is the first brand in the liquor industry to have entered the Limca book of records by crossing the one million cases mark in the first year of its operation.

Contessa Rum:

Another leading brand Contessa Rum enjoys a 25% market share in the defence segment and has won the prestigious gold medal at the Monde Collection in Brussels for its overall quality.It is in the regular segment.

Whytehall whisky:

Recently Radico has taken over the entire stake of Bacardi International Limited in Whytehall India limited and today owns the Whytehall brands.

Old Admiral Brandy:

In order to increase the brand portfolio, the company has launched Old Admiral VSOP Brandy. The brand has received overwhelming response from the trade channel, consumers and has grown exponentially, defying the industry trends.It has been launched in the regular segment.

Old Admiral Whiksy:
Old Admiral Whisky is an extension of the brand Old Admiral Brandy VSOP brand. With the launch of Old Admiral Whisky the consumers now have the opportunity to experience superior quality whisky with ingredients that offer better taste, flavour and smoothness.

Old Admiral Rum:

Old Admiral Rum carries the Old Admiral flagship further. In a very small span of time, Old Admiral has become very popular in south India.

8 PM Royale Whisky:

It has been launched in the upper regular segment. 8 PM Royale is made with international quality spirit and imported scotch with matured malt spirits. The taste is due to long years of mellowing down in wooden casks, in meticulously guarded environs.

8 PM Bermuda Rum:

8 PM Bermuda Rum is an extension of its flagship whisky brand 8 PM into the rum segment. The brand is known for consistency of Quality and would deliver value to the consumer through top class blend and packaging thus reflecting the core proposition of the 8 PM brand. Aged in wooden casks and perfected the 8PM Bermuda Rum delivers the classic Caribbean experience in every leisurely sip. It has recently won the silver medal at the prestigious Monde selection award.

8 PM Bermuda White Rum:
Radico has made a notable entry into the white Rum segment with the launch of 8 PM Bermuda White Rum.

Magic Moments Gin:

Magic Moments Gin is Extra dry Gin with a theme to celebrate “Magic moments of Life”. It is available in Plain, Lemon and Orange flavours.

Magic Moments Vodka:

The new Vodka from the Radico cask is made from the finest, natural grain extracts -- an International quality grain vodka that makes you enjoy the spirit of every evening and lets you create your magic. The brand message of Magic Moments Vodka is 'Create Your Magic'

Country liquor & Regional brands:

The company also has Country liquor brands like Masti & Jhoom available in the UP market. The brand portfolio of Radico has also been increasing with the regional brands like Radico Gold, Contessa Deluxe Whisky, which have met with great response and are growing.

Acquired Brands:

Radico Khaitan has acquired brands Whitefield whisky and Black cat Rum, which have seen their sales doubling ever since their acquisition.

Recently Radico Khaitan Ltd & Brihans Maharashtra have entered into an agreement for acquisition of key brands of Brihan’s like Brihans Napoleon Brandy, Brihans Premium Whisky, Brihans Grape Brandy, Tropicana White Rum, Calcutta Dry Gin, Lord Nelson Rum, Red Russian Vodka etc by Radico.
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