Tuesday, August 26, 2008

G. Shankaran Nair

"When you have a generic problem definition, it should be possible to cross-validate it across many domains. A wholistic system thinking is better than fragmented thinking, which is too common in organisations these days. For example, customer service is seen as a separate piece. No, it is the entire organisation. Which is what we emphasise to Servion clients. Customer service apparatus is like the woodwork for the house, something that is usually an afterthought, at a time when the home buyer has perhaps run out of funds and ideas. Similarly, companies spend a lot of time and effort in setting up manufacturing capability, marketing capability, building the brand and forming the sales team. They start thinking about service the first time a customer calls to complain."

G. Shankaran Nair, President – Corporate Strategy, Servion (www.servion.com)
August 26, 1 pm

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Murali said...


Dear sir,

"Good morning, you're speaking to Priyanka, how may I help you?"

If this was all Call Centre executives had to do, to ensure happy and satisfied customers, retaining customers would have been easy, and business margins would have shot up. Reality unfortunately, is very different. 33% of loyal customers are lost because of poor customer satisfaction. This battle is lost at the moment of truth, during interaction. Any industry is a victim of the same.

In a scenario where millions of dollars are spent on brand building, the Customer Interaction Management (CIM) industry emerges promising, by asking organizations to put their money where their mouth is. There are only two ways a customer experiences an organization / brand – either by using the product / service or by contacting the organization. Today, customer interaction contributes largely to the brand experience. A popular research on consumer behavior states that 92% of customers form their opinion about a brand in just one interaction. So, when millions of dollars are spent on brand building through advertising, and direct marketing, why is not even a third of that amount being spent on customer interaction? India witnesses 6 billion interaction per day, which is statistically the population of India + China + and couple of countries in APAC.

I am writing to you on behalf of Servion Global Solutions Ltd, a specialist in Customer Interaction Management (CIM) and a fast growing company with global clientele of more than 400 customers in 41 countries with over 1000 installations. Servion operates in a market estimated to grow to $2.6 billion by 2008 (Source: Datamonitor).

Servion takes a consulting led approach to optimize customer interaction for its clients. It provides end-to-end services, from consulting to application development, system integration, project management and application maintenance. As pioneers in the domain, Servion has globally monitored and enabled over 500 million interactions per day.

Mr. G. Shankaran Nair, President – Corporate Strategy, a thought leader in the Contact Optimization domain brings to Servion a unique blend of entrepreneurial capability, professional management training and skills. He can share his thoughts on the following topics
Bridging the gap between customer expectation and customer experience
Contact Optimization
Customer interaction as the main tenet of brand strategy
Walk the brand talk
Service as the only differentiator in the overcrowded and highly competitive market
Contact Centre industry – business trends
Customer delight - the business approach vs. the technology approach

In line with Servion's core belief, Mr. Nair emphasizes on 'customer centricity' as the core of any management practice and would be delighted to share his thoughts on this niche and important domain. Should you be interested in taking this forward, please contact me at sindhu.rajasekharan@ipan.com or my colleague Usri Sen at usri.sen@ipan.com or call us at 28207005 / 28202548.

For further information on Servion, please call us or visit at www.servion.com

Looking forward to your response.

Thanks and Regards
Sindhu Rajasekharan
+ 91- 9841931320

"The best way to hold your customer is to constantly figure out how to give them more for less" -- Jack Welch
Shankaran Nair was the youngest Area Sales Manager (Tamil Nadu) in Goodlass Nerolac Paints
Limited, where he was responsible for the third largest revenue-generating branch for the
organization. He joined Gum India Limited in 1985 where he played an entrepreneurial role. This
was a start-up company that achieved market leadership status very rapidly. Shankaran played
multiple roles - headed sales and marketing for the organization and eventually functioned as
Executive Director with responsibility for top and bottom line. He managed business and marketing
under extremely turbulent conditions.
In 1999, Shankaran moved to eShakti. This is an online store, a start-up that services Non Resident
Indians in the United States. He played a significant role in setting up the US operations for the
organization. Shankaran played multiple roles again - supply chain management, managing
alliances, setting up a distribution channel, and customer support. He also set up eShakti's customer
support division, which gave the company the cutting edge to win over its competition. The group
today includes India Plaza.com and Sulekha.com.
Shankaran Nair joined Serviont Global Solutions in 2003. He has been instrumental in setting up the
Business Development practice at Serviont for the Asia Pacific region.
Shankaran Nair brings a unique blend of entrepreneurial capability and professional management
training and skills. He has played a key role in the re-organization and restructuring of the approach
to business planning at Serviont. He holds a bachelor's degree in economics from Loyola College,
Chennai and a master's in management (marketing) from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM),
Bangalore, India.
President Corporate Strategy, Serviont Global Solutions Limited
Senior Vice President, Serviont Global Solutions Limited
Vice President, eShakti
Executive Director, Gum India Limited
Area Sales Manager, Tamil Nadu, Goodlass Nerolac Paints Limited