Saturday, August 2, 2008

K.Chitty Babu - Videos

Changing profile of home buyer

Design, delivery, documentation

Feasibility of low-cost housing

Future plans

Is there a slowdown

Living develops around workplaces

Policy is a key driver

Political vs economic considerations

Prices are going to rise

The China advantage

The promise of North Chennai

We don't build and forget

We have revised our prices


Anonymous said...

Akshaya Homes says its known for quality. But sad to say THATS NOT THE CASE. Im a resident of their project KIRPA. Its pathetic to stay there. Leekage which is not recttifed for months together. The staff and management show no concern or care after the projects are handed. Poor workmanship marks the apartments at every nook and corner. IT IS REALLY REALLY SAD. Chitty Babu-CMD/Joseph Director/Ravishankar-CEO all of you please dont call yourself known for quality. Every time we contacgt your office its new staff. People do not stay in your organization so how can we have one point contact and resolve problems? Staff are talking of poor vendor payment and hence delay in sorting things. C'mon guys why should we suffer for allt his? THATS AKSHAYA HOMES IN MY EXPERIENCE

Resident of Kirpa....readers come and check us to know the status!!

Joseph said...

Initially I had seen this blog and decided to ignore it because I didn’t believe in giving so much importance to such baseless allegations. However when a friend of mine brought it up with me later, I decided that it was in the best interest of Akshaya Homes that I objectively defend our reputation.

I would like to first point out that project ‘Kripa’ was handed over in July 2005. Every builder signs a maintenance and repair contract for a period of 12 months beyond which he is not contractually or morally liable to any problem that arises. But if there ever was a complaint, we at Akshaya have always been there to rectify any issue even beyond the contractual period. This is because we believe that our future depends on personal positive customer relations.

We follow stringent measures and record complaints made by clients and also record the date as to when we have rectified the problem. We have records authenticating all issues with the datelines on when a particular problem arose, when it was reported to us and when we sent in our teams to assess and rectify the situation even if the problem was brought to us beyond the maintenance contractual period.

Over the past 15 years we have successfully handed over 129 projects and given our customers over 2000 high end living spaces never making a single compromise on the quality and comfort factors. All our projects are announced only after procuring every single civil and legal approval. Not a single project of ours has ever deviated from the approved plan. And the most important point is that we have always delivered every single project on time a point in context would be Akshaya Homes being the first realtors to handover homes to our customers as promised on the OMR stretch. All this could never have been possible without being able to retain our highly efficient staff and long standing vendors who have always delivered the highest quality products within the stipulated time frame.

Hence I feel that the intent of this anonymous blogger is malicious and was done to create disrepute to Akshaya obviously for ulterior motives.

Joseph I.
Akshaya Homes