Sunday, August 10, 2008

Anand Anandkumar

August 13, 3 pm (?) - Resch. to Nov 13, 1 pm (?)

Anand Anandkumar, VP and Founding Managing Director, Magma Design Automation India

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Dr. Anand Anandkumar got his MS and PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering from George Washington University, Washington DC. He is a veteran of the Semiconductor Industry with more than 18 years of experience, specializing in Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Software products. In his current position as VP and Founding Managing Director of Magma Design Automation India, Anand is responsible for driving key facets of Operations, R&D, Product Engineering, Business development and links into Government/Academia. The India operation of Magma which Anandkumar founded in 2003 is spread across Mumbai, Noida and Bangalore, and is Magma’s largest subsidiary with roughly 25% of the worldwide headcount. Currently Dr. Anandkumar heads the India and China operations of Magma Design Automation.

His expertise area covers not only EDA, IC design, Design services, Applications Engineering, but also in founding global footprints for Multi National Companies. Priori to joining Magma, Anandkumar founded SpinCircuit which was later acquired by Cadence Design Systems. In his early career years, he held senior Engineering and Management positions at Hughes and Cadence Design Systems. Anandkumar is the founding member and ex-Vice Chairman of the India Semiconductor Association which is an apex body driving the specialized needs of the semiconductor industry in India. An honors student all through the academic years, Anand is a member of the prestigious Eta-Kappa-Nu and Tau-Beta-Pi Engineering honors societies and holds 2 patents in the Satellite Communication field.

Anandkumar has 7 years of teaching experience in the US. His hobbies include music which he performs on a semi-professional basis.
Magma's software for designing integrated circuits (ICs) is used to create complex, high-performance chips required in cellular telephones, electronic games, Wi-Fi, MP3 players, DVD/digital video, networking, automotive electronics and other electronic applications. Magma's EDA software for IC implementation, analysis, physical verification, circuit simulation and characterization is recognized as embodying the best in semiconductor technology, enabling the world's top chip companies to "Design Ahead of the Curve"™ while reducing design time and costs. . Magma established its first facility in India in 2003 and now has offices in Bangalore, Noida and Mumbai. Over 25 percent of Magma’s worldwide employees are located in India and operations there include R&D, Product Engineering, Product Specialists, field applications engineering, sales and University programs. With these offices, Magma provides its local customers with world-class support and leverages the growing pool of engineering talent to develop its next-generation chip design software .Magma is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., with offices around the world. Magma's stock trades on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol LAVA. Visit Magma Design Automation on the Web at
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