Sunday, August 31, 2008

August 2008 appointments

1 - *Mangala Chandran - 11 am; *S. Vaitheeswaran - 1 pm
2 - *Chitti Babu - 3 pm
3 - *Kuselan - 3.30 pm
4 -
5 -
6 - *Anurima Roy - 5 pm; *S. Prasanna - 8.30 pm
7 - *P.S. Saminathan - 12.30 pm; *S. Iyyappan - 3 pm; Shailesh Deshmukh -5 pm (?)
8 - Ramanathan - 12 noon (?); *Vinay Maheshwari & *Soraya Caro - 1 pm; *Sam Cherian & Richard Joseph - 5 pm
9 -
10 - *Madan Utsav - 6.30 pm
11 - *Tuan Ngoc Huynh - 1 pm; *Sushilkumar Eashwaran - 5.30 pm
12 - *K. Nagarajan - 8.30 am; *Hemang Pandit - 1 pm
13 - *Hitesh Oberoi - 1 pm; Anand Anandkumar (?) - 3 pm
14 - OFF
15 - Lalit Khaitan (?) - 1 pm (resch Aug 26 ph)
16 - *Murugavel Janakiraman - 6.45 pm (ph)
17 - *K. Balasubramanian - 10 pm
18 - OFF
19 - *Senthil Kumar - 1pm; Manoj Mehta (?) - 3.30 pm
20 - *Mohan Ram - 11.30 am; Ram Mohan (?) - 2 pm
21 - OFF
22 - OFF
23 - OFF
24 - *Shailja Dutt - 12.30 pm
25 - Sajan Pillai - 1 pm (?); *Siddharth S. Kumar -3.30 pm
26 - *Lalit Khaitan - 10 am (ph); *Rohit Biddappa - 11 am; *G. Shankaran Nair - 1 pm; *Vaishali James - 1 pm; *S. Sridhar - 5.30 pm
27 - *Vinay Goel and Sanjay Jain - 12.30 pm (ph); *Rajagopalan - 1 pm
28 - *V. Kumar - 4 pm; Calsoft - 7.30 pm (Taj Cor) (?)
29 - *Sheker & Arunan - 4 pm
30 -
31 -

(* means 'met/'spoke')

R. Subramanian

August 30, 8 am (Taj Conn - IACC-Fourth Breakfast Meeting)

R. Subramanian, Managing Director, Subhiksha Trading Services Ltd

Subramanian - Videos

Vijay Subbaiah & Shalu Vijay

August 30, 10.20 am (Taj Conn)
Vijay Subbaiah, Vice President - International & Domestic Marketing, & Shalu Vijay, Vice President - Manufacturing, Se Blues Diamond Jewlry (

Vijay and Shalu - Videos

Rajesh B. Shankar

August 30, 10.15 am (Taj Conn)

Rajesh B. Shankar, Director - Sales, Clasic (
Care for the elderly

Kumar - Videos

4Ps that I follow

Accounting for CLV

Changing customer behaviour

CLV is not just one metric

Cover design of the book

Customer Referral Value

Difference to bottomlines

First purchase value and CLV

Forthcoming work

How I got into marketing

Imperatives for big businesses going global

Lifetime awards

Loyalty programmes

Marketing in airlines

My vision for India

Takeaways for SMEs

Technology in customer interaction

The leaders listen

The next book

True friends, butterflies...

What Indian banks need to do

Wheel of fortune

Work being done for banks

Work for the automobile industry

Friday, August 29, 2008

Rajagopalan - Videos


Cloud resources and SAAS

Deployment numbers

Grid computing

Is Open Source user friendly

Making interoperability possible

Open Source - advantages and challenges

Open Source promotion

Products for mobile phones

Progress of C-DAC

Security considerations

Work for other countries

Sheker & Arunan

"Bay Talkitec has been heard by millions of people, across the country, through our voice response systems in the railways, telecom, airlines and so on. Now, with our new technologies on the video delivery platform, we also hope to be seen by millions of people, accessing their favourite songs, sending video greetings and messages."

Sheker & Arunan, Director & Co-founder, Bay Talkitec

August 29, 4 pm

Sheker and Arunan - Videos

G. Shankaran Nair - Videos

Are there differential standards for Indian customers

Contact management

Customer centricity in the public sector


Excessive focus on ROI

Four verticals in Servion

Is there an impact of slowdown

Performance last year

Promise of the Indian market

Three drivers of CIM

Vision of Custommerce

Voice of the customer

Voice of the customer

What is CIM

What makes an entrepreneur

Vaishali - Videos

Key skill is articulation

On a recent award won by Servion

Thursday, August 28, 2008

V. Kumar

"Marketing does not get its due respect in the boardroom. One reason for this is the lack of accountability, with no direct link between spending and profitability. The challenge we face is to get data at the customer level, on how much profit they are contributing. And more importantly, chasing profitable customers, rather than the loyal ones. And, the customers who exhibit the highest future potential, instead of past contributions. Making companies move from product-centric to customer-centric involves adopting an interaction orientation where CLV (customer lifetime value) is maximised."

Dr V. Kumar (VK), Richard and Susan Lenny Distinguished Chair Professor of Marketing, and Executive Director, Center for Excellence in Brand & Customer Management, J. Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University, US

August 28, 4 pm

Kumar - Videos

Rohit - Videos

About the company

Balanced Scorecard

Convergence of electronics and mechanical

Impact of slowdown

Manufacturing doesn't get attention

NRB, a success story

On ship-building

Pressures on the IT services model

PTC in India

R&D centre in Pune

Study mechanical engineering

What is PLM

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Siddharth - Videos

Banking on word of mouse

Both push and pull advertising

Brand depth

Brand front


Brands are surely not in danger


Challenges we face

Competing products on display


Exhibition platform

Going beyond contextual advertising

Growth of Internet advertising in India

Leveraging Ram and Ria

Realities of the Internet

Response from ad agencies

Technologies behind Buzzar.TV

The mobile jump

Think beyond 30-second spot

Why did it take so long...

M.R. Rajagopalan

"We are working at the promotion of Open Source, in education and Government. MOUs have been signed with the Governments of Chattisgarh, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. We are looking at a 3-year timeline to promote BOSS (Bharat Operating System Solutions), an Indian operating system supporting 22 Indian languages, and assisting in migrating from other platforms."
M.R. Rajagopalan, Director, C-DAC, Chennai (
August 27, 1.00 pm

Rajagopalan - Videos

Vinay Goel and Sanjay Jain

"We are launching Google mapmaker..."

August 27, 12.30 (ph)

Vinay Goel, Country Head of Products, and Sanjay Jain, Product Manager, Google India

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

S. Sridhar

"Disposing of 'distress inventory' by airline companies without diluting the brand image as well as revenue is a big challenge. Distress inventory, as you may know, refers to seats remaining unsold at the time of flight departure. On an average, 60000 seats are unsold per day, in India, as against total capacity of 200000 seats. That is, a whopping 30 per cent, as against the global average of 15 to 20 per cent. We, in, help airlines to distribute this inventory to flexible traveller at a price lower than the published price, and thus earn revenue."

S. Sridhar, COO and Co-founder,
August 26, 5.30 pm

Shailja Dutt - Videos

A book in progress

Entrepreneurship is not encouraged

History of Stellar Search

Measures to help women entrepreneurs

Take up new challenges

TV does not project the right image of women

War for talent

Why I chose this line of work

Women in entrepreneurship

G. Shankaran Nair

"When you have a generic problem definition, it should be possible to cross-validate it across many domains. A wholistic system thinking is better than fragmented thinking, which is too common in organisations these days. For example, customer service is seen as a separate piece. No, it is the entire organisation. Which is what we emphasise to Servion clients. Customer service apparatus is like the woodwork for the house, something that is usually an afterthought, at a time when the home buyer has perhaps run out of funds and ideas. Similarly, companies spend a lot of time and effort in setting up manufacturing capability, marketing capability, building the brand and forming the sales team. They start thinking about service the first time a customer calls to complain."

G. Shankaran Nair, President – Corporate Strategy, Servion (
August 26, 1 pm

Shankaran - Videos

Vaishali James

August 26, 1 pm

Vaishali James, DGM-Marketing, Servion Global Solutions, Chennai

Vaishali - Videos

Rohit Biddappa

"Indian manufacturing can rule the world. This is possible by focussing on innovation, by not being complacent, and by taking a professional and holistic approach to product development for a global market. We already have examples, such as Tata Nano, Indian shipbuilding, and engineering services. PTC is an enabler for companies that have the global vision, to facilitate more efficient product development and processes. The recent announcment we made with Kirloskar Bros Ltd (KBL) is a case in point, where a combination of PTC technology and KBL innovation resulted in the successful siphon design at the Narmada Sarovar Dam project which led to an efficient pumping of water to farmers in the parched areas of Kutch. This innovation won a US patent for KBL."
Rohit Biddappa, Marketing manager, Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC)
August 26, 11 am

Rohit - Videos

Lalit Khaitan

"Over the last 10 years Radico has grown to be the second largest in the country by volumes. We have been able to create many 'millionaire' brands. The Magic Moments Vodka, launched in the semi-premium segment about 2 years ago, has crossed 650,000 cases, and is hopefully headed to cross the 1 million mark this year. In the semi-premium segment, we have a 75 per cent share, in the country. We have also put in the market 6 varieties of flavour, such as 'lemon grass and ginger' (perhaps, the first in the world) chocolate, and green apple. Brand ambassador for this Vodka is Hrithik Roshan, the youth icon. Growth of vodka sales in India is at 30 per cent p.a. compared to 10 per cent for the total liquor industry. Similarly the Masterstroke Whisky, a product of the 50:50 JV with Diageo, is doing well in the first year. In the next 15 months Radico is launching two more brands in the premium range, in the brown spirit (whisky, brandy and rum) segment. One of these will be launched in the current financial year."

Lalit Khaitan, CMD, Radico Khaitan Ltd
August 15, 1 pm (resch. August 26, 10 am ph)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Siddharth S. Kumar

"Here comes everybody! What does a brand when there is a great fragmentation of viewership, disintermediation and democratisation. Practically, anybody can be a brand, equipped with the Internet, social networking and so on. Which is where we come in to work with the existing brands and help them deal with the realities of the Internet."
Siddharth S. Kumar, Promoter of Buzzar TV (

August 25, 3.30 pm

Siddharth - Videos

Senthil Kumar - DeRisk - Videos

IT's role in engineering

Key spend is on engineering, not IT

On the switchover from being a captive

Sources of engineering efficiencies

The India business

Sajan Pillai

August 25, 1 pm (?)

Sajan Pillai, CEO, UST Global

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Shailja Dutt

"I often draw inspiration from Lance Armstrong who used to say, 'Pain is temporary, but quitting is for ever.' As a business, there are a lot of challenges. So with being a working mother. Whenever I have faced crises in both my professional and personal life, this quote helps me come back on track. Many CEOs seem to think similarly, and find a way out of the pain by not quitting. However, the same cannot be said of the current generation."
Shailja Dutt, Founder and Managing Director, Stellar Search and Selection

August 24, 12.30 pm

Shailja - Videos

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

K. Balasubramanian

Dr K. Balasubramanian, UK Materials Tech Research Institute (EU-UK), Pera Innovation Park, UK
August 17, 10 pm (Mangalore Express)

Bala on the Europe advantage

Mohan Ram

"Speech is heading for exciting times due to the proliferation of mobile phones and the ability to handle local languages. Most of the telecom operators realise that city-based subscriber base is plateauing, and that they have to reach the rural market. The only option is to automate using speech to reach the needs of the masses. For instance, we have developed 'Local Vocal Search' - a first in the world - which combines GIS and speech-based search."
Mohan Ram, MD, Lattice Bridge Infotech
August 20, 11:30 am
YouTube: Mohan Ram

Mohan Ram - Videos

Mohan Ram - Videos

Business outside India

Creative school

Friendly neighbourhood search

Growth sustained

IIT Research Park

On the IT slowdown

Voice biometrics

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Senthil Kumar

"The current slowdown that the Indian IT industry faces is more in the financial services segment. We, as a company into engineering and IT services for 'discrete manufacturing industries' (e.g. machine building, material handling, pump/motor manufacturing), find that the demand has in fact grown during the last 2 years. Our focus is on the mid-market, which is just beginning to outsource."

Senthil Kumar, Vice President & Partner BWIR

August 19, 1 pm

Senthil Kumar - Videos

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Murugavel Janakiraman

Q: Is ClickJobs for sale? To Reliance, as rumoured?
A: "Reliance was looking at ClickJobs, but that was 4-5 months ago..."
Q: What are your plans for ClickJobs?
A: "We are looking for strategic partners to invest. There may be a business restructuring to make it ClickJobs a separate entity. Currently it is at the fourth place in the market."
Murugavel Janakiraman, Chief Executive Officer of ConsimInfo Private Limited (formerly known as BharatMatrimony Group)
August 16, 2008, 6.45 pm (over phone)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ram Mohan

August 20, 4.30 pm (?)

Ram Mohan, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Afilias

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hitesh Oberoi

"We are looking at newer segments. Such as, campus hiring. Right now, campus hiring has scope for greater efficiencies, resulting in a better fit and more choice both for candidates and recruiters. As the Indian market matures, it will get segmented. And we at Naukri would like to offer different products for different segments."

Hitesh Oberoi, COO and Director, Info Edge (,,

August 13, 1 pm

Hitesh - Videos

Hitesh - Videos

Attrition at Naukri

Demand for expats

Great time to be an entrepreneur

HR Party!


IT cos moving up the value chain

Naukri's growth

Overseas foray

Quadrangle and its growth

Remembering my school

Returning Indians in the job market

The global dynamics

The job divide in the country

There is a slowdown in certain sectors

We need an overhaul

Sushil - Videos

A myth about desalination

As good as mineral water

Benefits of faster project execution

Current and upcoming projects

Economics of desalination

Effluent treatment work

Global goals

On the capabilities

The largest desalination plant

What won us the big order

Tuan - Videos

Diversification is key

India vs China

On currency movements

On Vietnam's economy (in Vietnamese)

PE investment

Rupee vs Dollar

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hemang Pandit

"The best of times are yet to come. We just need to keep working towards excellence. The key is to remain focused on what we want to achieve. Primarily think long-term and execute in a short-term manner, meaning the cumulative result of all the short-term goals should lead to the larger long-term goal. Expecting the long-term goal to happen in the short-term can lead to anxiety."

Hemang Pandit, Managing Director, Ganesha Speaks
August 12, 1 pm

Hemang - Videos

Hemang - Videos

Astrology in matrimony

Astrology industry is unorganised

Global following for astrology

Guidance for education

How astrology can be used for increasing productivity

Medical astrology

How astrology can benefit the market players

Stock market predictions

Two challenges in the industry

We focus on logical forecasting

K. Nagarajan

"Remaking gold jewels after using the same for only a short period is a common practice, but often wasteful. For example, you may get a new jewellery item instead of losing out on remaking 10 items. Contrary to popular belief, what was a fashionable pattern years ago returns as a new trend again. Therefore, desist from remaking old jewellery too early on, especially if the item had involved intricate workmanship."
K. Nagarajan, a traditional jeweller, Coimbatore
August 12, 8.30 am

Nagarajan - Videos

K. Nagarajan - Videos

Buying capacity has been on the rise

Can we invest in gold now

Diversify your investments

Gold vs diamond, platinum

Identifying the right seller

Old vs new generation

Safety is our responsibility

What form of gold to buy

Where to buy gold

Younger generation wants variety

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sushilkumar Eashwaran

"We are working on cutting down the project execution (including installation and commissioning) time. For instance, projects that normally take two years to complete are now finished in 6-7 months. This is made possible by an integrated desalination assembly/production infrastructure that pre-assembles in Chennai the entire plant prior to shipment, thereby reducing the site interface time."
Sushilkumar Eashwaran, Technical Director, Shivsu Canadian Clear Waters Technology Pvt Ltd, Chennai
August 11, 5.30 pm

Sushil - Videos

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Madan - Videos









Madan - Videos






Vinay - Videos

Bus rapid transport system


Going beyond waste management to green power

On manpower issues

Work in Chennai

Soraya - Videos

Business development plans

Colombia for accent-free Spanish (in Spanish)

Education of citizens is key

Women in Colombia vs Women in India

Madan Utsav

August 10, 6.30 pm

Anand Anandkumar

August 13, 3 pm (?) - Resch. to Nov 13, 1 pm (?)

Anand Anandkumar, VP and Founding Managing Director, Magma Design Automation India

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sami - Videos



Discipline lacking in Indian moviemaking

Do one good thing a day

Generally, people hate talent

Hollywood hero vs our hero

Indian films don't have an international audience

Launching soon

Movies should not promote values

Not climaxes but perspectives

Soon launching a devotional channel

Talent has to become more democratic

The new movie experience

Friday, August 8, 2008

Sam Cherian & Richard Joseph

"The cleaning industry in India is at a very nascent stage. There are no standards or guidelines on the procedures and cleaning aids. The scope for developing this area is truly very vast. The major challenge to the growth of the industry is the low level of awareness with regard to the availability of technology of cleaning. Another hurdle is the mindset - the resistance to change. "
Sam Cherian Kumbukattu, Managing Director, and Dr Richard Joseph, Technical Advisor, Schevaran Laboratories, Mysore
August 8, 5 pm

Soraya Caro

"Fanalca is a prominent brand in Colombia and many other countries in Latin America, in the field of waste management, transportation systems, and sewerage management. We want to strengthen economic relations between Colombia and Indian States, by widening the services offered in India. Currently, we are active in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Firstly, we want to expand our operations in Tamil Nadu, and then to other States." Soraya Caro, Director - Business Development, Neel Metal Fanalca
August 8, 1 pm

Vinay Maheshwari

"We are here for the environment. To protect the environment. A win-win situation for everybody, because the benefit goes to the user, at the ground level, and to the world at a macro level. Currently, we look at waste only from the management angle. We have to go beyond waste management, to the reuse phase, so that recyclable waste gets back into the life system."
Vinay Maheshwari, Director, Neel Metal Fanalca Pvt Ltd
August 8, 1 pm

Rajiv K. Vij

Invite open...

Rajiv K. Vij, CEO, Carzonrent (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

S. Iyyappan

"Taking multiple data sources into consideration, a rough estimate of the number of mentally challenged 'children' (in the chronological age group of 0 to 30, but with a far less mental age) in Tamil Nadu can be close to 80,000. In recent years, we find that the number of abandoned mentally challenged children has been on the rise, perhaps due to the rising costs in maintaining them. Any solution to a problem of this magnitude requires the support of all of us."
S. Iyyappan, Founder & Managing Trustee, Sri Arunodayam (
August 7, 3 pm

P.S. Saminathan

"Media and entertainment are converging. Both are moving away from being platforms to being opinion creators - not just opinion reflectors. And, unfortunately, people who don't have stake have more control over these."

P.S. Saminathan, Chairman and Managing Director, Pyramid Saimira Group

August 7, 12.30 pm

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

S. Prasanna

S. Prasanna (CA student)
August 6, 8.30 pm

ATM problem

Manoj Mehta

August 19, 3.30 pm

Manoj Mehta, India Country Manager, SolidWorks Corporation

Anurima Roy

Anurima Roy, Publicity Manager, Hachette Book Publishing India

August 6, 5 pm

New releases from Hachette

Sandeep Dhar

Invite open...

Sandeep Dhar, Managing Director, Sapient

Subash Menon

Invite open...
Subash Menon, Founder Chairman, Managing Director & CEO, Subex

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuan Ngoc Huynh

August 11, 1 pm

Tuan Ngoc Huynh, CIO, Deutsche Bank

Tuan - Videos

Shailesh Deshmukh

Meeting on April 18, 1 pm (?) April 19 likely (?) August 7, 5 pm
Shailesh Deshmukh, Territory Manager, Zebra Technologies (

Monday, August 4, 2008

G. Ramanathan

August 8, 12 noon (?)

G. Ramanathan, Chief Operating Officer, TVS Infotech

Narasingarao Dataram

Invite open...

Narasingarao Dataram, Executive Vice President and Strategic Operations, e4e

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Bo...ring. Amateurish animation. Thin story line. Hollow entertainment. A wasted brand stretch.
Kuselan movie
August 3, 3.30 pm

Zarrare zare re

Saturday, August 2, 2008

K.Chitty Babu - Videos

Changing profile of home buyer

Design, delivery, documentation

Feasibility of low-cost housing

Future plans

Is there a slowdown

Living develops around workplaces

Policy is a key driver

Political vs economic considerations

Prices are going to rise

The China advantage

The promise of North Chennai

We don't build and forget

We have revised our prices

T. Chitty Babu

"Today our earning capacity has grown. There are newer cars, and newer homes. But the state of infrastructure leaves a lot to be desired. Alongside, we also need rules that enforce a better utilisation of the available infrastructure."
T. Chitty Babu, MD, Akshaya Homes P Ltd, Chennai
August 2,

Chitty - Videos

Vaithee - Videos

Change management, a major challenge

Follow your interest, not the herd

On deals

Quick-fix is not a sustainable solution

The changing role of BPOs

Timeliness is key in decision-making

What is transformation

Nair - Videos

How big is the cleaning industry

Interest evinced by private and public sectors

Level of training in the industry

On safety

Personal vs public hygiene

Friday, August 1, 2008

J.P. Nair

August 1, 11 am

J.P. Nair, MD, Virtual Info Systems P Ltd, Mumbai

Nair - Videos

S. Vaitheeswaran

"The innate nature of the IT and ITeS industry is such that the size of the pie is a growing one. While North America has got widely exposed to IT, the same is not true of other regions of the world, such as Europe, Japan, Apac and so on. There is an increasing awareness that one has to stick to the core activities and hive off the non-core ones to players who specialise in those activities. The other advantage in the process is that what is non-core to a company is core to the service provider, and hence there is a lot of scope for value addition in the performance of the non-core activities."

S. Vaitheeswaran, Vice President & SBU Head, Infosys BPO
August 1, 1 pm

Mangala - Videos

Manpower is the biggest problem

Myths about cleanliness

Public toilets and school restrooms

The academia interaction

The focus of 'Clean India Journal'

Mangala Chandran

August 1, 11 am
Mangala Chandran, Editor, Clean India Journal

Mangala - Videos

July 2008 appointments

1 - *Viinod Nair - 4 pm; Rotary Club - President Installation - 7 pm (Taj Connemara) (?)
2 - *Harvinder Singh - 12.45 pm; *Arti Yadav - 1.30 pm; Global Talent Metrics (?); Kjeld Stark (?); *Cabbot Jafee, Ranjan Sinha - 3 pm
3 - *Y. V. Lakshminarayan Pandit - 3 pm
4 - *Sundeep Malhotra - 10.30; *Rangamannar S. Veeravalli - 1 pm; Bala Mahadevan - 4 pm (?); *Shamik Das - 5 pm; *Radhakrishna C - 5 pm
5 -
6 -
7 - K.T. Srinivasan - 1 pm (resch to July 12); *T. Pradeep - 10.30 pm (train)
8 - Away in Tiruchi
9 - Away in Tiruchi
10 - *K. Vaitheeswaran - 2 pm; *T. T. Srinivasaraghavan - 3 pm; Jean-Paul Thill, Brian M. Ambrose - 7 pm (Taj Connemara) (?)
*11 - Akshaya Gaur - 1 pm
12 - *Rajesh Subramaniam - 11 am; *K.T. Srinivasan - 2.30 pm; *Suresh Padmanabhan - 4 pm
13 -
*14 - Srikanth - 12.30; *10th Polestar Award - 7.15 pm
*15 - Cherry Rance, Senthil Kumar - 1 pm
16 - *Varun Manian - 1 pm; Etihad Airways - 3 pm; *S. JaganniVasan - 4.30 pm
17 - *S. Gopal - 1 pm
18 - *T. Sivakumar (ph) - 11.30 am; *Sangita Joshi - 1.15 pm; *Gerald Prabhu - 3.30 pm
19 -
20 -
21 -
22 - *N. Ravichandran, Nakshatra Roy - 1 pm
23 - *Sukumar - 1 pm
24 -
25 - Chitti Babu - 3 pm (?)
26 -
27 - OFF
28 - OFF Naveen Rao - 1 pm (?)
29 - *Madhusudan V. Atre - 1 pm
30 -
31 -

(* means 'met/'spoke')