Thursday, July 3, 2008

Y. V. Lakshminarayan Pandit

"The top concerns facing the IT and other sectors are attrition and retention. And the main solution is to select the right people and then do everything to retain them after selection."

Y. V. Lakshminarayan Pandit, Managing Director of SHL (India) Pvt Ltd

July 3, 3 pm
Pandit on SHL India

Pandit on OPQ

Pandit on the level of awareness

Pandit on impact of tests on attrition

Pandit on the need for right comparison

Pandit on the 'shelf life' of assessments

Pandit on what is not captured in tests

Pandit on who to blame for attrition (music in the background)

Pandit on UCR (music in the background)

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Y.V.LAKSHMINARAYAN PANDIT is the Managing Director of SHL (India) Pvt. Ltd. since Jan 2005.

He has extensive experience Sales, Marketing, General Management and International Business in leading multinational and Indian companies both in India and overseas.

He was Head of the Personal Products Division (Pond’s) with Unilever group in India; Regional Director (Asia Pacific) for Arvind Mills based in Hong Kong and Chief Operating Officer with Tata Teleservices in Karnataka and Maharashtra.

He has a Masters in Physics from Bangalore University and an M B A from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.
SHL is the world leader in the science of psychometrics in the workplace. SHL employs over 250 psychologists including many leading industry figures. Over 5,500 clients use SHL tools and techniques. SHL operates through 60 offices in over 40 countries and in 30 languages – that puts SHL way ahead of all any competitor.

SHL products and services meet real commercial needs and deliver tangible value by using the latest technology to deliver them. SHL products have become industry standards – OPQ has been in use since 1984 and continues to be one of the world leading occupational personality questionnaires in use today.

SHL believes in helping organizations to give equal opportunities to all, to be fair to their staff and leave a positive legacy in the lives of working people.

Objective Assessment

A powerful way of ensuring the best candidates are selected is by assessing their ability using a variety of objective assessment tools.

Key benefits of objective assessment:
Improves the efficiency of a hiring process
- Identifying the most unsuitable candidates early on in the hiring process means that less time and money is spent on them
- Formally identifying and measuring the competencies required for a job, in order to get a closer fit, permits the hiring manager to be more efficient and productive
Permits more informed recruitment decisions to be made by providing additional information about a candidate
- It’s proven to work better than the interview alone meaning less emphasis is placed on the skill of the interviewer (who may not be a recruitment specialist).
- Provides objective information permitting objective and defensible decisions to be made
Enables you to look beyond just hard skills
- Enables an individual’s potential to be gauged rather than just skills that have been acquired retrospectively
- Provides information concerning the way in which someone goes about their daily job which can be just as important as hard skills
Provides for beyond the candidate selection
- Equips the line manager and HR with lots of information about the candidate in terms of their likely strengths and weaknesses. This means that when they become an employee they can be managed more effectively
- Is seen by candidates as a fair and open way of recruiting people which can look good for the company, especially if the process is managed online
Key benefits of SHL assessment tools:
SHL ability assessment tools are tried and tested in over 40 countries in more than 5,500 organizations
SHL assessments are available for all levels of work, from Directors and senior managers to semi-skilled workers
SHL assessments are designed purely for the world of work, targeted at business needs
SHL assessments are designed with the line manager in mind, providing practical, non-jargon orientated reports so that at-a-glance they can see where someone’s strengths and weaknesses might lie

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