Thursday, July 10, 2008

T. T. Srinivasaraghavan

"A casual conversation in a newspaper editor's cabin is now on the worldwide web, thanks to a mobile phone and a computer! I am really amazed at how we have embraced technology; or is it technology that's got us in its ever tightening embrace??!!"

T. T. Srinivasaraghavan, Managing Director, Sundaram Finance Ltd

July 10, 3 pm

TTS on the origins

TTS on the music format

TTS on 'budget'

TTS on a success story

TTS on 'channelising' the concerts

TTS on the inspiration

TTS on the rising interest in music

TTS on the music 'divide'

TTS on Indian governance models

TTS on innovation myths

TTS on the challenges

TTS on the replicability of the model

TTS on how CSR should be

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Murali said...


The Sundaram Finance Sunday Kutcheri in the Park

For the last 2 ½ years(since February 2006), Sundaram Finance has been organizing the Sunday Kutcheri in the Park on the first Sunday of every month between 630am and 730am at the Nageswara Rao Park in Mylapore.

Originally the Kutcheri in the Park was a part of the Annual Sundaram Finance Mylapore Festival that has been taking place for the last 5-6 years. The audience liked this mikeless kutcheri concept and were responsible for prevailing on Sundaram Finance to make this a regular ongoing feature at the park (so more children could benefit) from the one off Kutcheri during the four day Sundaram Finance Mylapore Festival.

T. T. Srinivasaraghavan, Managing Director, Sundaram Finance Ltd., says “The objective was to make this Sundaram Finance Sunday Kutcheri in the Park a launch pad for young children, aged under 15 years, and to perform in front of an audience, and shed their inhibitions. We wanted them to gain confidence through the opportunity we provided them.”

A Mikeless Kutcheri

Says Srinivasaraghavan, “We did not want to disturb the peace of the morning walkers with loud music and hence consciously stayed away from mikes and speakers. It was also our belief that we would be able to bring out the best in the children if they performed without the help of mikes and speakers.”

The Kutcheri in the Park concept has grown in popularity, judging by the enquiries Sundaram Finance receives every month, from children not just in Chennai, but now from overseas as well, to perform at the Kutcheri in the Park.

A few of the children who have performed at the Sunday Kutcheri have gone on to perform at Sabhas, in TV music shows and one or two have even received calls from music directors.

Overseas Participants
More recently, children from the US and Dubai have also performed at the Sundaram Finance Kutcheri in the Park. These children came to know of the mikeless kutcheri concept and applied via the internet by sending CDs, for evaluation by the audition committee.
Prabhu S