Friday, July 18, 2008

T. Sivakumar

July 18, 11.30 am (ph)

T. Sivakumar, Group Director, Ariba South Asia

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Murali said...


T.Sivakumar (Siva) joined Ariba in 2002 is a Mechanical Engineer & started his career with Deneb Robotics, a Software company – solutions provider in the area of Factory Floor Automation, Robotics, Inventory Management & CAD/CAM.

Subsequent to that, had a very successful 6 years stint at Electronic Data Systems handling their Product Life Cycle Management Solutions, which includes Supplier Collaboration, Creation of Design & Mfg Bill of Materials, Enterprise Engineering & Manufacturing Product Data and Knowledge Management & Computer Aided Product Design & Development.

He has closely worked with Automobile, Aerospace, Heavy Engg, Industrial Machinery & Consumer Goods Industries to help them to formulate strategies for their product design, manufacturing operations & product life cycle management.

In Ariba, Siva has been closely working with many of the large corporations in formulating & executing a sustainable spend management initiative. As Group Director, Ariba he is responsible for the managing the commercial & delivery operations for India & South East Asia.
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