Friday, July 4, 2008

Shamik Das

July 4, 5 pm

Shamik Das, CEO - South, AirtelTelemedia

Shamik on the company

Shamik on enterprise needs

Shamik on the retail segment

Shamik on the journey as a CA

Shamik on the challenges


Murali said...


Shamik Das is the CEO-South for Airtel Media Services since 2006.

He is an industry veteran with more than 22 years of progressive leadership experience. In the telecom arena alone, he has a rich 15 years’ experience. He has played a significant role in the blazing growth of Bharti Airtel and has held various leadership positions in Bharti. He has successfully transformed Bharti’s Telemedia service business (Broadband, Data & Fixed Line) in the four states of South India – Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. He has also heled in building a sustainable and scalable finance and supply chain organization based on people, process and technology and brings to the table a high level of subject matter expertise in Business Planning and Financial Management, Revenue Management and Assurance, Supply Chain and Commercial Management.

He has previously worked as Finance Administrator in India for Pearson PLC, UK ad ABB. His academic qualification is a CA from ICAI, BCOM (Hns) from Calcutta University, Executive Management Training – SHL, CTL (Colorado, USA), INS from EAD (Singapore) and a certification in six-sigma and process management from QIPM by IQL. He is a guest lecturer for various management institutes.
Vasanth Philip

Murali said...

From: Murali D
Date: 2008/7/7
Subject: Questions for an email interview - Shamik Das

Here are a few questions for a possible email interview:
1) How important is 'Telemedia Services' as a vertical in Bharti Airtel's focus - currently in terms of revenue and headcount, and in strategy?
2) Is there an R&D wing in the company? What are they working on? Has any IP been created?
3) Can you tell us about the offerings from your company, and also what differentiates them in the market, considering that much of technology has become commoditised? Where do you now rank nationally?
4) What are the new products and services in the pipeline - for launch in the near term?
5) Where do you see major growth coming in for the products and services you offer? Are there any verticals of significance in the company? What are the laggards?
6) Over the years, what have been the trends and shifts you have been seeing in the enterprise and the retail segments of your consumers?
7) Are there success stories of how your service has added great value, changed lives and boosted specific economies? (User quotes, preferable)
8) Can you describe your journey as a CA? What have been the career learnings of yours that may benefit a CA student? Again, what skills and knowledge domains would you suggest a CA student to focus on, to succeed in professional career?
9) As a CEO, what are the most important metrics you monitor regularly?
10) With telecommunication booming in the country, what measures are you taking to ensure a sustainable growth of the company? Does growth bring in its own problems?
11) As an insider of the telecom industry, what will be your advice to students on how best to leverage today's telecom technology for their education and growth?
12) Any other points of interest.