Friday, July 18, 2008

Sangita Joshi

"The world, while getting flatter, is still full of ups and downs in terrain. For instance, while electronics and communications have brought the ends of the world closer and whole industries are springing up based on the outsourcing trend, it is not quite a cakewalk. In our work, we still sometimes encounter scepticism at the abilities of the non-western world to deliver high-quality knowledge-based work."
Sangita Joshi, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Empower Research
July 18, 1.15 pm


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Sangita Joshi is Cofounder and Managing Partner at Empower Research, a Business Research and Information Consulting Firm. She has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Delhi College of Engineering and an MBA from IIM Bangalore.

Sangita worked in the Sales and Marketing functions of various organizations like Blow Plast, Godfrey Philips Ltd., Gillette, Whirlpool for around 10 years. She then took a break from active corporate life in order to raise her daughter. During this sabbatical, she started teaching management courses at different B-Schools including IIM Bangalore, NMIMS, Essae Tapmi, XIME, IIPM. In addition, she did some freelance writing for business newspapers.

However, she got bitten by the entrepreneurship bug when she met her (current) partners Debjani Deb and Shoma Bakre. Debjani was visiting India with the idea of exploring the opportunity to set up a world class offshored research and analytics facility. She roped in Shoma, Sangita and Kyung Han, their fourth partner, and the four began the venture. In the beginning, like most first time entrepreneurs, the partners adopted a boot strapped model, working first out of home, then a “pay-as-you-go” business center facility; with a ‘flex’ (and variable cost) work pool of domain experts. However, the venture has now blossomed into a full-scale enterprise, with 200 people, and offices in New York, San Francisco and Bangalore.

Sangita lives in Bangalore with her family – a banker-turned-software professional-husband, and two “difficult yet delightful” daughters.

Empower Research Services Pvt Ltd is a research and analytical firm with an offshore model. Having a corporate vision “To build the kind of company that we all aspire to work for, and feel proud to call our own”, Empower Research as its value proposition provides highly customized, cost effective, time critical research focused on providing insights rather than just data.

With a motive to be known as Leaders in High Quality; Customized Business Research and Information Consulting, EmPower Research helps global Fortune 500 firms (large and medium-sized companies) to reduce costs and improve efficiency by outsourcing parts of their market research and media monitoring needs.

EmPower Research assists clients reduce project turnaround time, thereby helping them to focus more on higher priority deliverables. EmPower Research's strength lies in Industry Analysis, Company Competitive Analysis, Customer Analysis, Blog Analysis, Media Monitoring and Audit, Custom Research and Marketing Collateral Content Development.

EmPower Research has a mix of high end corporate and professional services clients, across a wide variety of industries. (Few of them mentioned below)

• PR

• Advertising

• Technology

• Marketing

• Consulting

• Media

• Retail

• Consumer Packaged Goods

• Financial

• Healthcare

• Legal

• Pharma

Being a part of outsourcing industry where attrition prevails on a large magnitude, EmPower Research has managed to maintain its rate of attrition to up-to roughly about 10%. In a bid to address the issue of attrition, the company provides a rigorous training calendar; empowerment of employees; a strong Rewards and Recognition program; development initiatives like mentorship/ small group initiatives and also some education loans to meritorious employees.

Being a responsible corporate entity, EmPower Research has actively contributed towards the development of society by sponsoring children from Narikuravar tribe and generously donating to voluntary organizations looking after street children in Bangalore.
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