Thursday, July 10, 2008

K. Vaitheeswaran

"I keep travelling to Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai. With a lot of activity happening with regard to infrastructure, roads are blocked. When it rains, flooding is common and stops people from moving. Hopefully, people will come to realise that a whole lot of time gets wasted going from place to place, and may therefore begin shopping online."

K. Vaitheeswaran, Co-founder and COO, Indiaplaza

July 10, 5 pm

Vaithee looking back

Vaithee on the scale

Vaithee on logo morphing

Vaithee on L'Oreal and Tata Sky

Vaithee on credit cards for transactions

Vaithee on books

Vaithee on where demand is coming from


Murali said...

Indiaplaza (, formerly known as, is the world's largest India-centric online shopping destination with operations across Bangalore, Chennai, Austin and Seattle. It offers the largest catalogue of over 4 million items online and has a reputation for reliable logistics and outstanding customer service. The site is recognized as the largest online bookstore in India. also powers online shopping sites for leading Indian media companies.

About Indiaplaza Golden Quill Book Awards:
‘Indiaplaza Golden Quill Book Awards’ is an annual award powered by, to be conferred to an Indian author domiciled in India. The award is for an original full length novel or work of fiction in English or a translation into English of an original full length novel or work of fiction of any Indian language published in India in the previous calendar year. The award also actively promotes these authors and their books.
Jaijee Jacob
Corporate Voice|Weber Shandwick
Ph: 9986697457

Murali said...

K Vaitheeswaran, Chief Operating Officer of has a decade of experience in the Information Technology industry and is responsible for marketing and brand management at He was a part of the 6-member team that co-founded Fabmall back in 1999.

Vaitheeswaran, an electronics engineering graduate from Govt. College of Engineering, Tirunelveli, began his career in 1985 with Murugappa Electronics (part of the EID Parry Group) wherein he was responsible for sales and later product management of Test & Measuring Instruments. He joined Wipro Infotech thereafter in 1989 where he held various positions in sales, marketing and business planning of Computers & Peripherals. His last assignment in Wipro was as the Marketing Communications Manager in the Computers & System Integration division where he was responsible for Wipro’s brand development for computers.

Vaitheeswaran is a regular speaker on e-commerce related subjects at various industry forums and management institutes across India.

An avid cricket fan, he is also a registered umpire with Karnataka State Cricket Association and regularly umpires school matches.

Hindsight said...

The Indiaplaza Golden Quill allows readers to vote for thier best book. And each voter gets a free gift coupon to make purchases for books

Gopal Krishan said...

This indiaplaza people are bunch of cheaters, who systematically fraud their consumers of their money and send them nothing. If at all one is fortunate to receive anything, most like it will be defective.
I myself have ordered a camera by paying them about 10 thousand rupees and since then heard nothing from them. It is like that money has gone in to thin air. After repeatedly calling them, you hear it will be shipped, it is out of stock , more of the same thing. A month has already passed and I have seen neither my money back nor the product. You don't even know how to escalate such matters.

And to see these people speak such lofty idea is double standard of highest order. The word is getting around about their practices, soon this fradulent company will be out of business.
If you require more information you can ask and i have all the order details with me.

Murali said...
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Sudhir Mangla said...

I have a very bad experience with indiaplaza. I ordered 2 books 7 days back I was promised 3 days delivery. But still have not got any book. One book is shipped to wrong address and they say that they will reship the book to correct address and send boot is still not being send.

here is the mail I have send to Customer care.

Could you update the status of my order order # 110820080423. its now over 1 week and I have not got my book.

As per your last mail Professional C# 2005 With .Net 3.0 need to be reshipped. Kindly do let me now its status it is shipped what is courier service dispatch\reference no.

And for Professional Asp .Net 2.0, book is not yet even being posted. By when Can I expect my book or money back.

Kindly do also provide me with email address of some person to which I can escalate the problem in delivery as now is too long since I am waiting after paying full amount in advance.


Sudhir Mangla


Solomon said...

Dear Vaithee,

I wish to bring to light the cheating done by You ran a promotion called Gift-4-Sure where people who buy above Rs.5000 in any category are eligible for either Rs.10000 cash or some salon and dining vouchers. The offer ended on June 30th 2008 and I should have received the email carrying the code by July 21 as they state that it will be sent in 21 days from the closure of the contest. But inspite of my repeated mails they are not sending it. All they do is we will revert back in two days for the past one month. ( If you see the mails below you will know the intention of Indiaplaza). I take this forum to advise all the readers to refrain from using indiaplaza as their intentions are clear to cheat customers. I also have marked this mail to Consumer Activist Group - CAG in taking their opinion to file a case in consumer court against Indiaplaza

A detailed mail is sent to you with all past records of mail
Solomon P

Gaurav Gupta said...

Dear Mr. Vaitheeswaran,

This mail is regarding the continuous harassment I am undergoing by the inefficient staff at customer care.

I had placed an order for a Canon Digital Camera through the website on 28 Sept 2008 via order number 280920080011. The camera was supposed to be delivered to me in 12 days, but I had to wait for almost 22 days (camera reached on 20 Oct 2008) for the consignment to reach me as the customer care told me that this item is running out of stock. Finally the item was ordered via some "alternate vendor". But, when the camera reached me, to my utter surprise, things had gone horribly wrong.

1. The box was not in sealed condition.
2. The camera was lying loose in the box, wrapped in 2 blunt thermocol pieces tied by a rubber band.
3. There was no manufacturer warranty card with the camera. I got a "dealer warranty letter" in the package with a 1 year "dealer warranty" applicable in Mumbai. I expected an original Canon India warranty card, which was not included in the package. Nowhere in your product listing do you say that a "dealer warranty" will be applicable.
4. The software CD's provided in the box were not for this particular camera model. The software provided in the box was of some other model from Canon.
5. The serial number of the camera does not match the serial number printed on the box.

Effectively, the camera I received was a refurbished piece, not a brand-new one. This fact was not mentioned on the product listing on the website and hence becomes a case of cheating and fraud, which is a serious offence and is illegal.

Nevertheless, I wrote about this to the Indiaplaza customer care on, requesting a replacement of my camera with a sealed item with appropriate bills and manufacturer warranty cards. Ever since, they have been asking me to wait for a few more days as they claim to be "waiting for a reply from the vendor". This has been going on since the past 15 days and I have run out of patience, which is why I am sending this e-mail to you.

I have been buying stuff regularly from since the past 2 years and ordered stuff worth thousands of rupees before and also recommended your website to everyone in my friends and professional network, but never had such a horrible experience with your company so far. If I had known this before my purchase, I would have simply gone to my neighbourhood electronics showroom and purchased the camera from there.

I expect a prompt replacement of the camera with a new one, in sealed condition with the original manufacturer warranty card. If that is not possible, please refund my entire amount, failing which I would not hesitate to take further action in this regard.

I hope I would get a prompt response from you and my relations with IndiaPlaza would continue to be as delightful as they have been since the past two years.

Gaurav Gupta
Phone: 9911951949

(The same has been sent to you to your e-mail address mentioned on the IndiaPlaza website)

N@chi said...

Hi Vaithee,

I am a regular e-shopper on various sites n happened to shop 1st time @, but unfortunately had the most horrifying experience ever.

Would like to quickly summaries the event :
1) Order booked on Feb 4th; Order# 040220090315
2) Status changed to “Ready to ship” & was to reach around 12/13th Feb
3) After several email / phone follow-ups was promised the shipment will be out on time
4) On 12th was told that it will take another 10 days as its out of stock – why was this not communicated to me earlier or updated on the website status
5) Later was promised for 21st Feb dispatch – that also failed
6) 18th Feb I get an email that it will take another 2 days to let me know if this will get shipped out on 21st Feb as its running out of stock
7) Issue was escalated to Gautham (manager) who asked for some time
8) He called me n confirmed that it will be shipped out on 21st Feb
9) Monday 23rd I called up several times to get the tracking details but till late evening did not get any details
10) I sent an email to my attorney to take it legally – 23rd Feb
11) Same evening Gautham calls & asks for a day’s time max i.e 24th
12) 24th I call / email for tracking # no info provided
13) 25th I get the tracking # where the shipment was picked on 25th n not 24th Feb as promised

After almost a month’s agony here is what I get
1) Scratched camera
2) Sony pouch n sling for a cannon product
3) No warranty card
4) No 20% cash back coupons
5) No reply to my email

I have archived all the emails n have my mobile / landline bills where I have followed up with your team.
Was it fair to make a customer go through this?
Is there anything you intend to compensate for or want me to waste my n your time @ the consumer court?
(The same has been sent to you & Lalita's e-mail address)

vaitheetheboss said...

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