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Ramana Venkata

June 4, 4.30 (ph)

Ramana Venkata, Founder, Stratify

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Stratify is one of the largest providers of eDiscovery services for the legal and compliance markets. It was founded in September 1999 by two IITian engineers who worked in Intel research, started as ‘PurpleYogi’. In 2002 it moved into the Electronic Data Discovery space and was renamed as Stratify. It is now among the top 4 e-discovery vendors in the USA and the largest Legal Technology Company in Asia.

Today, Stratify’s solutions are used across multiple projects by 40 of the Amlaw 50 top law firms and many Fortune 500 companies to manage their data for litigation preparedness, maximize review rates in eDiscovery matters, and optimize their case assessment. Attorneys use the Stratify Legal Discovery™ service to efficiently organize document collections, flag privilege and prevent inadvertent waiver, find key documents and players, and track productions and matters – all within an intuitive, high-productivity review and analysis application.

Stratify India, operational since early 2000, employs around 90 people contributing to all aspects of Stratify’s core operations – Product Development, Professional Services and Client Management. The company strength grew over 100% during the last financial year, even as revenue grew by 175% during the same period. Stratify will be investing over $10 M in the coming two years growing its India operations, focusing mainly on fortifying its technology leadership in the Legal Technology domain.

Stratify stands apart by owning and controlling the technology at the heart of the Stratify Legal Discovery service. They continue to drive the market with innovative capabilities to deliver the most easy-to-use, effective and reliable eDiscovery solution.
The Stratify Professional Services team has a distinctive reputation for service and responsiveness. With real-time support for customer requests and customization capabilities to handle unique requirements, Stratify services personnel provide reliable project management for the industry’s most sophisticated and complex cases. Stratify project managers are with you every step of the way and all e-discovery stages. From upfront consulting and training to 24/7 customer service support, their combination of skilled staff, advanced case management tools, and scrupulous processes provides the vital link in eDiscovery. They estimate overall savings for their clients at more than $250 million and 1.4 million hours over the past 12 months alone.

Stratify is headquartered in California with offices in Boston and India, with a total employee strength of 175. Around half the development work and 90%+ of data processing is carried out from its India office at Bangalore.

Key Differentiator

a) Handles all major languages in the world, including English and all European languages, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and Thai.

b) Scalable – Handles up to 10TB of data in a single project

c) Native production evidence to be shared with opposing counsel, native production results in savings for clients.

d) Can handle close to 400 different formats of data (lotus, PDFs, MS office, Tiffs etc.)

e) Hierarchical Clustering (depth of data analysis/discovery)

f) Reviewer/attorney productivity rate can jump from 30-40 documents/hour to 500 which is a 1000% improvement

Hence, SLDS combines accelerated review and superior analysis to reduce e-discovery costs by up to 80%

With corporate scandals hitting the headlines almost daily, responding to the constant threat of litigation is a prime concern for corporate counsel and law firms alike. It is no surprise that discovery and risk assessment are playing an increasingly pivotal role in complex, large-scale litigation.

Introducing Stratify Legal Discovery™ 7.0 — the first electronic (and paper) discovery solution built from the ground up around today’s litigation and regulatory challenges. Battle-tested in the U.S. intelligence community, Stratify’s complete solution provides new levels of confidence, control and insight in discovery.

Broad Portfolio of Products

Stratify Legal Discovery™ service
The Stratify Legal Discovery service is a complete electronic discovery solution, offered as an ASP service, that law firms and corporations use to efficiently organize document collections, flag privilege and prevent inadvertent waiver, find key documents and players, and track productions and matters – all within an intuitive, high-productivity review and analysis application that requires no software installation or maintenance.

Stratify Legal Discovery Alliance Version
Alliance partners such as consulting firms and litigation support companies can share the advanced technologies and time-saving features that Stratify has pioneered in the legal discovery market. The Stratify Legal Discovery Alliance version is a licensed, installable software solution providing alliance partners access to the complete capabilities of the Stratify Legal Discovery solution, including the Stratify Processing Console and Stratify Visual Email Analytics.

Stratify Visual Email Analytics™
Stratify Visual Email Analytics™, as an integrated module of the Stratify Legal Discovery solution, automatically analyzes complex email collections and visually represents relationships between senders, receivers and intermediary correspondents in intuitive, easy-to-use graphical Email Maps to identify important message units.

Stratify Processing Console
The Stratify Processing Console provides a web-based user interface that Stratify service personnel and alliance partners use to manage the robust, highly flexible workflow environment. The Processing Console is available as part of the licensed, installable Stratify Legal Discovery 7.0 alliance version.

Management Team

Ramana Venkata, Founder, President and CEO

Ramana Venkata, founder and chief executive officer at Stratify, is responsible for driving the company's vision and execution. Venkata continues to guide Stratify's product strategy to provide customers the highest-value solutions for leveraging their unstructured information. He has extensive experience in research and development in client-centric data mining, knowledge management, visualization and relational databases. Most recently, Venkata served as a research scientist at Intel's MicroComputer Research Lab. His extensive contributions at Intel included work on the formulation and development of domain-specific data mining methodologies ranging from marketing analysis to e-grocers to CPU simulations.

Venkata has completed five years of Ph.D. research in Scientific Computing and Computational Mathematics at Stanford University, holds a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and a Bachelor of Technology degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai.

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