Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nina Screwvalla

"To the new employees we present Maitree as a platform where they can showcase their talents (such as in dancing, music, and so on) and engage in various activities (book club etc). Also, Maitree offers the opportunity to engage in social activities (which we call corporate sustainability programmes) like women's empowerment, advanced computer training for the visually impaired, and employment of differently abled."
Nina Screwvalla, Global Head-Maitree, TCS, Mumbai
June 26, 10 am

Nina on the value proposition of Maitree

Nina on today's IT employee

Nina on the impact of Maitree on work quality

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Murali said...


The word Maitree means Friendship. At TCS, this translates it into the “Spirit of Camaraderie” with meaningful social activities for the TCS associates & their families.
TCS has grown tenfold in the last few years with the workforce scattered around the globe in innumerable locations. The objective of Maitree are:
Work-life balance
Employee engagement and Bonding
Creating a support network for Maitree employees in overseas locations
Bridging the cultural divide
Creating an extended family of TCS that includes families of associates
Community services
For TCS-Maitree there are two distinct thrusts:
Information sharing and interaction directed internally within the TCS community (associates and their family members).
Towards social service, working for the betterment of the environment and the less advantaged.
The essence of TCS-Maitree is to come together, share and care in the spirit of friendship in the TCS community, and then reach out with the same spirit to the less privileged
Maitree & the TCS Community:
Since its inception and formal inauguration on 23rd February 2002, TCS-Maitree has gone ahead with very interesting programs for its members ranging from Theatre workshops, Music & Dance Club, Trekking and Adventure clubs, Yoga, Workshops on Business Etiquette and the list is endless!! We also have TCS Maitree Children’s library in our various TCS offices. Sessions on Origami, Flower arrangement, Chocolate making etc are also organized.
Our Cultural Sessions at most locations have a tradition of celebrating Dassera (Dandiya), Deepavali and Christmas or other festivals (region wise) and of course TCS picnics.

Maitree Beyond the TCS Community:

In addition to working for TCS own associates and their families, Maitree has also reached out to communities which might benefit from a helping hand. Our initiatives have ranged from projects for the differently abled, to less privileged children across various schools in Mumbai to our rural community in Vazapur. Many of the programmes initiated by Maitree like employability of differently-abled, HIV/AIDS sensitization and Peer Education, Green Audits to check the excess consumption of paper, water and electricity have now been accepted as best practices by the organization.

Maitree has been able to successfully involve the associates from different geographies in to volunteering across various community initiatives in India and overseas. Technology has helped bridge the geographical distances and many volunteers from India have used their core competency to help the overseas communities. (E.g. associates from India developing a software application to automate various processes of Age Concern, Slough, United Kingdom).
Source: Harsha