Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kang Siew-Kheng

June 5, 1 pm

Kang Siew-Kheng, Regional Director, South Asia, Middle East and Africa, Singapore Tourism Board

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Ms Kang Siew-Kheng, currently Director, InternationalRelations, assumed the position of Regional Director,South Asia, Middle East and Africa at the SingaporeTourism Board in January 2006.As Regional Director, South Asia, Middle East and Africa,she steers and oversees the STB’s promotion, marketingand developmental efforts in these emerging markets.In her International Relations portfolio, Siew-Kheng champions the development andmanagement of bi-lateral and multi-lateral relations and agreements relating to theSingapore tourism sector. She also represents and advocates the STB’s interests atASEAN and APEC.Before joining the STB, Siew-Kheng served at the Singapore Institute of Managementas the Assistant Executive Director for Membership and Enterprise Services. She hadalso held positions at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore as the Assistant Directorfor Malaysia and Brunei, and First Secretary in the Singapore Embassy in Germany.Siew-Kheng is a political science graduate of the National University of Singapore andholds a Master of Business Administration from the State University of New York atBuffalo. She enjoys the buzz of urban life everywhere, the occasional outdoors,contemplative sports and reading. She speaks English, German, and Chinese.
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Phones : 044 - 2495 8002/9229